Book 2 Chapter 51:Chaos Devouring Wolf Formation


Book 2 Chapter 51:Chaos Devouring Wolf Formation

While this took a while to explain it all happened within a single breath of time. Lintian’s body surges with lightning. Alex summons five clones of himself.

During the whole entire process Lintian’s dragon eyes never left the Phantom Phasm school. Taking in the whole scene Lintian observes and analyzes the whole process. With a mocking smile on his face Lintian moves forward instead of backwards.

“Has this kid gone crazy?” Some of the people in the crowd said.

Four sharp ribbon shadows pops out from the body of the wolves. These shadow looked like a solid black sword weaving through the air.

Lintian dodges the first one and then the second one. Three kunai knives appears in Lintian’s hands. These weren’t just any kunai knives but ones form from the thousand transformation armament technique. These three kunai knives were made from lightning qi suppressed to Lintian’s mental limit right now. Which makes its strength equivalent to a first stage King’s realm cultivator’s damage output.

Lintian swings his hand behind his back and the kunai knives flew like a fish through water. The kunai knives flew right between Alex’s leg and armpit and the third one right pass his neck. The first kunai stabs the shadow wolf right in the heart. The second was dodged by the wolf and the third kunai was swiped away. Just this bit of help allows Alex to gain the upper advantage.

Another kunai appears in Lintian’s hand and he tosses it at the shadow wolf running toward Alex.

Half of Lintian’s consciousness was watching the black sword like ribbons trying to trap him. Lintian decided to use a combination of Emperor’s steps and moonlight dancing technique to move around. While he did that Lintian’s hand kept on touching those shadow ribbons. In less than a single breathe of time Lintian managed to dodge everything and escape the encirclement.

Then Lintian brought two swords out of his interspacial ring the Mokoratori twin sword. Without a second thought Lintian sent a surge of qi into the swords. Lintian slashes out the first attack. This slash parries one of the shadow ribbons. Then Lintian charges forward using the emperor’s step and dancing moonlight to dodge and deceive the phantom phasm school of his actually body location.

Seeing the impending disaster coming at him the student that was facing Lintian sent a voice transmission to his two teammates. Due to that one of the teammates left Alex and came to help him out.

Out of the corner of his eyes Lintian saw him coming to help. Except Lintian didn’t care and continues to charge forward.

The one that came over to help released an energy arrow technique. This arrow soars through the air like a hawk lock onto a prey.

“You should you want to take this gamble?” Rashu asks Lintian.


“You’re still going to do it, aren’t you?”


As the spectators watch the scene unfold they couldn’t help wince. The reason is because they could see the devastating aura from the arrow itself. Even if they would facing it they wouldn’t have the confidence to directly take the attack.

Lintian could see the trajectory of the arrow coming for his spine. Lintian crouches down a bit and moves his body to the right. He wanted to minimize his risk as much as possible. He activated the phasing technique of the God’s Art.

The two phantom phasm members watching this had a gleeful smile on their face. Their smile grew wider as the arrow with all its force digs into Lintian’s upper left shoulder. This smile did not last long. The arrow passes through Lintian like he was a ghost.

Lintian let out a sigh of relief as the arrow rapidly approaches the Phantom Phasm member.

That Phantom Phasm member on the other hand seems like he has been slapped silly. He bit down on the tip of his tongue to spray out some blood. Then he used that blood to increase the strength of his shadow. Then he jumped backwards as he shield. The arrow touches the shield and cracks began to appear on it before it flew through with one third of it’s initial speed. This arrow then penetrated a three inches into the shadow wolf’s shoulder.

This member releases his technique. He stood before everyone with an arrow in his shoulder. His hand moves across as he pulls it out. Blood gushes out but was quickly sealed.

If this was a normal battle Lintian would have rushed up to kill him but strangely enough Lintian had this ominous feeling that something wasn’t right. While this phantom phasm member was pulling out those arrows six lightning kunais appear in Lintian’s hand as he whips them at his opponents.

Right before it hit it him there seems to be an invisible barrier that blocked all six kunais.

“Everyone Chao Devour Wolf formation!” the person that Lintian was facing shouts out.

The other two members retreats and spell formations began to glow on their body. The field shook and even if Lintian and Alex want attack they could not since some sort of dark energy was assaulting them nonstop.

The world energy began to gather around them as it surrounds them like a cocoon around a caterpillar. This cocoon stood 20 feet high and had a diameter of 70 feet. It was like a majestic storm brewing.

“Their done for,” chuckles a member at the Phantom Phasm school.

Boom! The cocoon exploded and out pops a wolf with bat wings and three snake heads out of its rear end. Its fur was black with blood red streaks across its body. It gave off a tyrannical aura.

Lintian stood before it like he was standing before a tyrannosaurus rex.

“So how we gonna fight this?” Alex asks.

“I have no clue,” Lintian replies grimly. It would be one thing if it was a demonic beast but its another thing when it’s a demonic beast controlled by humans. This is because demonic beast with intelligence makes killing a hell of a lot harder. Furthermore it is not a living being so the crucial killing points are gone.

Denzel sitting high up in the stadium eyebrows went up in surprise.

“This third rate school actually has a chaos devouring wolf formation?” He thought to himself.(It is a first rate school but where he comes from they wouldn’t consider them a first rate school.)

Lin sitting with him had the same thought with a few changes in words. Even through the Chaos Devouring Wolf formation they are using is actually a simplification of the original it was still a significantly powerful diagram in this country. Further it has the essence of the actual beast itself.

Denzel himself was actually quite impress because when he was little he actually traveled to the void dimension with his father and that was where he saw the Chaos Devouring Wolf for the first time. It even gave his father a bit of trouble.

“Should we move in and save them?” Ming asks Lin through a voice transmission.

“No, just keep watching. His expression doesn’t say that he has given up. It looks like he is amused.”

Around the whole stadium people were gasping in surprise or making their own judgement.

Lintian looks at the wolf towering over him.

“Whats so special about getting fat,” Lintian mutters.

Some of the elders at the Phantom Phasm school were fuming with raging after hearing that comment.

“Does this kid have brain problems?”

Some of the people with keener perception and hearing couldn’t help but think that Lintian might have been drop on the head when he was a child.

“ROAR!” the wolf roars. Cracks began to appear on the platform they were on.

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