Asura Book 2 Chapter 49:Reunion


Book 2 Chapter 49:Reunion

“Xiaowei?” Uncle Ming blurts out. This was because Lintian’s face looks identical to the replacement’s face.

“Why are you here?” Aunty Ting grunts.

“Uncle Ming, Uncle Lin, and Aunty Ting how are you?” Lintian asks ignoring Aunty Ting’s harsh tone.

Uncle Lin frowns. “Why have you followed us?”

Lintian continues to smile happily. “I saw you guys in the balcony area talking to someone so I came to find you.”

“Xiaowei how have you been?” Uncle Ming asks gently.

“Pretty good,” LIntian replies his. “Is everyone doing okay back home?”
“Why do you care so much?” Aunty Ting asks a bit irritated.

“Aunty its been a long time. I just want to check up on my family.”

“Ting stop being so rude. Xiaowei is just home sick,” Uncle Ming tries smooth things over.

“Ming! What if he was followed? If a connection is made then all those years would have been pointless!” Aunt Ting hisses viciously.

“I’ll try to make it quick,” Lintian said in order to please his aunt.

“Xiaowei don’t be like that. Your aunt is just on one of her mood period,” Uncle Ming said and winks a couple times.

“Uncle Lin that ring you gave me,” Lintian begins. “Is it a teleportation ring?”

“Yes,” Uncle Lin replies smiling.

“So did it work out okay? Hows the family doing?” Lintian questions began to pile. “Is my replacement doing well?”

“Hahaha,” Uncle Lin laughs. “calm down a bit. We have a bit of time. Ting how about you go shopping for a bit. It is pretty rare for us to visit the United States of Ameri. We’ll have a chat with Xiaowei here. We’ll keep it on the down low.”

“Do whatever you want,” Aunt Ting said and left with a raging hormone.

“Hold on,” Uncle Lin said and brought out three pills and gave one to Lintian and one to Ming.

“What is it?” Lintian asks.

“Transformation pill. It will change out appearances. Image someone in your head and you will change into that form. It lasts four hours max,” Uncle Lin said and pops it into his mouth. In less than a minute Uncle Lin changes into an old looking man. Uncle Ming did the same and he too changed into an old man.

“Eh, am I suppose to change into an old man too?” Lintian asks a bit taken aback.

“Here change into this person,” Uncle Lin said showing Lintian a picture of another old man.

“Okay…” Lintian answers and pops the pill into his mouth. In a second he could literally feel his body transforming. It felt like thousands of little bugs crawling around inside him.

Lintian couldn’t help but shudder after that sensation. This was actually a bit more weird than feeling pain.

“Lets go then,” Uncle Lin said and leads them to a restaurant. This restaurant has a private room that is sealed from inside out to prevent intrusions.

Uncle Lin and Uncle did most of the ordering and everything so before Lintian new it there were food and drinks on the table.

“Xiaowei how have you been?” Uncle Lin asks.

“I don’t really mind it. Just a bit homesick,” Lintian replies.

Uncle Ming sighs. “Xiaowei, Uncle is sorry for being so useless. I tried almost everything but the family elders have decided that you’re a potential risk that can’t take.”

Lintian felt his heart throb remembering back to his uncle’s gray hair. Smiling Lintian said, “Uncle don’t worry about it. I am happy here. I made lots of friends. Plus the family that adopted me loves me just as much as much if not more than the people at home.” As Lintian said these words out loud he couldn’t help but feel his chest tightens. His mental state was in chaos. He didn’t know how much he has missed home until now.

“Are you eating okay? Do you need money for food?” Uncle Ming asks gently.

“Yes, I’m eating great and don’t worry I have a decent amount of money,” Lintian smiles genuinely.

“Boss stop lying and get some money for steak,” Kyuri mentally nudges. Lintian removed the seal the moment they got out of the stadium. It turns out Kyuri was taking a nap so Kyuri didn’t even sense Denzel.

Then Uncle Lin and Ming had a surprise look on their face that Lintian couldn’t miss even he tried.

“Whats wrong?” Lintian asks.

“Your already in the second stage of the Master realm?”

“I entered it just yesterday.”

“Hahaha not bad not bad. To be able to raise your cultivation to this level in a second rate school with a family that small you must have worked really hard,” Uncle Lin praises.

“Maybe we can use this to bring Lintian back,” Uncle Ming said excitedly like a little kid.

Looking at Uncle Ming who was in the form of an old man getting excited like a little kid humorous for Lintian to watch. Thus he couldn’t help but chuckle a bit.

“Uncle Ming, Uncle Lin I don’t think I want to go back yet. How is my replacement doing?” Lintian asks.

“You don’t want to come home yet?” Uncle Ming said a bit stun.

“Not yet. Grandpa and everyone might know that we switched but the rest of the family and clan does not. If we suddenly have a change then it would become suspicious,” Lintian explains.

“That is true,” Ming sighs.

“How has replacement been doing?” Lintian asks again.

“He is going to enter the Tian Academy coming year,” Uncle Lin said.

“Thats great. To be able to enter than he must be really talented,” Lintian said feeling happy that his replacement was doing well but than he caught a bitter look on Uncle Lin’s face.

“Whats wrong?”

“Xiaowei even through he might get into the academy it is not a great thing. Due to you being assessed as having the Heavenly Meridian points the family and clan assumes a certain potential growth rate that he simple can’t meet easily. Your Uncle Ming and I has been secretly helping him raise his cultivation and everything. Right now he is at the sixth stage of the Master realm but that is simple trash in their eyes. His insight ability is far too weak and that part he can only depend on himself.”

“So basically he is being ridiculed due to jealousy?” Lintian asks. He felt a little guilty for the events that transpired.

“Something like that. Furthermore your grandpa won’t name him as the first successor this caused further ridicule,” Uncle Lin continues. “A heavenly meridian child not being named a successor causes people to talk and stuff. People are thinking something might be wrong with Xiaowei. So in order to help him your uncle Ming and I have managed to get his name into the Tian Academy testing list. If he is able to pass all those test then naturally it will clear away all doubts.”

“I am also heading to Tian Academy,” Lintian said. “I don’t know if I am able to pass but if I can I will try my best to help him.”

“Whether he pass or not is up to him. We can’t possible baby him forever. Eventually this will come to light. His talent is far to weak compare with you,” Uncle Lin sighs.

“If I can help then I will. If I can’t then I won’t.”

“Lintian listen. You don’t have to try so hard for the family’s sake. Your parents wouldn’t want you to live this way,” said Ming.

“Uncle Ming, Uncle Lin this is what I want. I will strive to be the strongest. I want to be able to live a carefree life that is not control by others. Since little I have always depended on others to decide my life. This Asura meridians will not define my future. I will not stop until I have the strength to control my own life,” Lintian said out resolutely.

“Well said,” Uncle Lin claps. “Your parents would be proud. We can’t have any connections towards you so you will have to do it yourself.”

“I know.”

“Win this tournament. This will serve as your resume for their selection,” Uncle Lin explains. “Don’t take it too lightly. Even through this is a second rate martial continent competition there are still a couple here that would give sect disciples in China a run for their money. Hehehe.”

“Lets not talk about that. Xiaowei tell us how you have been over the years,” Uncle Ming said.

“Oh I almost forgot. Let me introduce to you my companion. Kyuri,” Lintian said happily releasing Kyuri out of his seal.

“Is that the dragon that hatched out of that egg?” Uncle Ming asks.

“Yes. He is very strong,” Lintian winks at his uncles.

“Mhmm not bad. It seems he is about to become a tier fourth companion,” Lin praises.

“Yeah. Kyuri this is my uncle Ming and Uncle Lin.”

“Grrr, grrr,” Kyuri growls happily.

“Kyuri said hi and if you can order more raging cow steak,” Lintian translates.

“Hahaha of course,” Lin laughs heartily and orders more food.

Lintian began to tell his story starting from when Uncle Ming left him in the care of Tsukino family. He also left a lot of stuff out. He letted out the event with Rashu. He left out the part of the God’s Art inheritance. He left out a lot of Harris’s part too and the fact that he has a galaxy dan.

“Oh Uncle Ming, Uncle Lin who was that person you were talking at the balcony?” Lintian asks sneaking in his original intention for meeting up.

“Oh you mean Denzel Memphis?” Uncle Lin asks.

“Sorry I don’t know who that is,” Lintian replies.

“Hahaha oh. I thought you would know him since he operates a lot in the United States of Ameri. His family is one of the most powerful family in this world. On the top ten family list his family is ranked as the ninth family right behind the Egyptian family.”

“Oh thats cool.” Lintian has never heard of any of these families before. They were not on the internet or anything. “If they are so powerful how come I have never heard of them before?”

“Have you heard of the Olympian family whose rank fourth?” Uncle Lin muses.


“This is because these are secrets only Ancestor realm cultivators and higher will know. We only know because of your grandpa,” Uncle Lin explains. Why was he telling all this to Lintian? This was because he didn’t want Lintian to live in a well.

“Xiaowei listen carefully. Do not offend any of these top ten family. I’ll give you an example the Olympian family contains twelve main branch family. The family names are Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes and Dionysus. This is part of the reason why you have never heard of the top ten family is because at the center of the family is the main name while they have main branch family that lead to the origin. I will give you a book containing details on all ten. Destroy is when your done,” Uncle Ming explains.

Lintian suddenly remembers something about Katrina Apho. She said she was a branch family of the main family Aphrodite. Could she be part of the superpower families?

Feeling that they were getting a little off topic Lintian asks, “so why were you with him?”

“We are doing business together,” Uncle Lin replies.

Lintian could tell that something was up from all the facial recognition training that he was given. Lin’s face says that there is more to the story that just that. There was stress and worry and a hint of disgust. His voice level also indicated he was hiding something.

Lintian was about to pry further into it and decided not too. If his uncle is trying hide it then there is no point in trying to pry it open. When they are ready he will know. Furthermore his strength is by far to weak. He might be able to bully these kids but against people who has train for years Lintian would be no match at all.

Lintian changes the topic and they began to discuss on all sorts of topics. From training, to martial skills, and demonic beasts.

For the first time since he could remember he felt relaxed and happy from the bottom of his heart.

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