Book 2 Chapter 46:We Meet Again

So Guys sorry for the late chapter. I was going pretty hard at Pokemon Go the last couple of days. Also if you know where to catch some legendaries hit me =D

Book 2 Chapter 46:We Meet Again


When Lintian got back to the hotel from the celebration he was originally going to go back to cultivating but decided to check something on the computer. He needed to do as much research on his opponents as possible.

Once Lintian opened up a browser he checked for the qualifying schools, and clans in this tournament.

A list of schools and clans appeared. There were fifty schools that were listed as qualifying. Quincy Middle school was the fifth name to appear.

There were 37 first rate schools, 12 sects, and 1 second rate school.

Lintian then surfs the web a bit and looks for last year’s winner. He finally finds an article on last year’s winner.

(Archaic Middle School emerges victorious among the fifty schools that came through the qualifiers. Tyler Andreas 15, Nicholas Waas 15, and Ryan Forwright 14, dominated the tournament. Their momentum was unstoppable with Ryan Forwright’s nonstop wins at the age of 14 and Tyler Andreas coming in for the finish. Nicholas Waas only had two chances to fight in this whole tournament. With Ryan Forwright’s stunning performance they are bound to win the tournament next year too to cement the first seven win streak record. At age 14, with a cultivation base of the sixth stage of the Master realm who knows what his cultivation base will be like for the next years. Furthermore, at such a young age to have such a high insight into the Archaic Dragon Sword Arts, it’s unfathomable for him to not be a winner next year. Then again, anything can happen so we will all have to wait until next year to see the result.)

Archaic Dragon Sword Arts? Lintian thinks in his head. Lintian then begins to search through the web for any videos or information on it. He found two videos, but they were all too blurry, to the point where you can barely make out the movements, which basically made them useless. He then found an article but it only gave a basic outline of the origin of the Archaic Dragon Sword Art.

After reading it, Lintian found that it was a pretty strong sword path but it wasn’t anything he had to be overly worried about. This was due to his Dragon bloodline.

After reading through it he found two people that might pose a threat to him. One is the Shiko Saint who is known as the undead warrior because of his high regeneration. It was said that he was able to regenerate a whole arm in the middle of a fight.

The second person that might pose a threat is Sarah Quick. Like her name implies she focuses most of her time in speed and attack. She is known to probable have the highest attainment in speed and agility in this tournament. Lastly, her cultivation base is at the seventh stage of the Master Realm, so her base attack power is already higher than Lintian’s from a normal perspective, but in truth they are probably on par with each other.

Mhmm, Lintian looks around for a bit and walks over to the bed and goes to sleep. In his sleep he was slowly cultivating.

In the morning they all got on the bus and went to the competition together. At the competition the workers there took off Lintian’s limiter and Alex’s limiter. As for Joe, he was still injured pretty badly and they can’t find a replacement for him.

“Its up to you two!” Dr. Harris cheers. “We are going to be the first.”

“Who are we facing?” Lintian asks Principle Jenny Garner. She had this anxious look on her face. It was like she was suffering from an anxiety attack.

“The Archaic school,” she said in a stress tone.

“We’re gonna have to face them eventually, so facing them now or later doesn’t make that big of a deal,” Lintian comforts.

“Sigh, that is true but if we are the first to lose, then our best ranking would be twenty five,” Principle Garner sighs, “but try your best. We were originally aiming for the championship anyway.”

“That’s the Jenny we like,” Dr. Harris cheers while patting her on the back.

“First battle of the day! Quincy Middle School second rate versus Archaic Middle School first rate! Please attend to stadium one!” a symphonic female voice echoes over the intercoms.

When their group arrives at stadium one they can’t help but be surprised by the size and audience. It was totally different from yesterday. The stadium was at least three times yesterday’s size and the audience was at least 100 times yesterday’s audience.

They can’t help but have a look of shock in their eyes. Watching this battle from a television is a completely different feeling than being here. The energy from the spectators and the pressure they emit can’t help but penetrate into your heart giving you the desire to give the audience a shock they have never experienced before.

“You wanna go first or should I go first?” Alex asks mischievously.

“You can go first,” Lintian says. He needs to conserve as much of his strength as possible before going up. Since he knows for sure that even if Alex takes one out, Alex definitely can’t beat another one. Secondly, it gives Lintian some time to study the Archaic school’s Archaic Dragon sword style. This way it would help him conserve energy when fighting.

“First up from Archaic Middle School is Harry Middleton ranked thirteenth on the countrywide first rate school list! From Quincy Middle school is Alex Giovani,” the announcer was shouting out but his voice eventually trails off when it came to Alex.

Lintian smirks a bit and activates his Dragon eyes to watch but then something out of the corners of his Dragon eyes caught his attention.

“He is here,” Lintian murmurs under his breath. No wonder he couldn’t sense Rashu’s presence at all.

High up in the balconies Lintian sees Denzel Pylif Menphis. He is wearing a white robe and looks completely healthy.

What is he doing here? Lintian thinks. For now I should ignore him. Did Kyuri sense him yet?

Lintian’s hands moves so fast that unless someone was paying attention they would not see. He places a seal on Kyuri’s beast box to prevent him from coming out of the beast box without permission. Then, he seals the beast box’s senses from being sent to Kyuri.

Lintian’s mind then splits into two. One was paying attention to the battle while the other was paying close attention to Denzel. Then something that is totally unexpected takes place that gives Lintian such a shock that both of his minds can’t help but look. Even his face turned toward’s that direction. It’s effect was like someone throwing you a hot pot while you were chopping vegetables.

Lintian sees Denzel meeting up with his Uncle Lin and his Uncle Ming. Even Aunty Ting was here. Lintian sees them shake hands and Uncle Lin leading all.

“What the hell is going on?” Lintian wonders anxiously.

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