Asura Book 2 Chapter 43

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Book 2 Chapter 43: Everything Is Not What It Seems

A couple seconds later a rough middle age looking man came jogging over.

“Hey, you called?” the man asks.

“Yes. The participants are asking that we repair the field.” the referee lazily answers.

“Oh, no problem, give me like two minutes.” the field fixer replies.

Jenny who was relaxingly drinking water spits it all back out at the stranger next to her.

Alex’s ear twitches like it was having a spasm hearing the words two minutes. What the hell? How the hell are you going to fix a field that looks like it got gang banged by a hundred guys? Alex thought silently to himself with his eyes fixated on the field.

When Joe heard that it would only take two minutes for them to fix his rampage he fainted on the spot from the mental damage.

The field fixer guy raises his hand and presses something on his watch. The field shook a little and a metal ball flew into the air. Then this ball began to gather the rumbles in the field around it. Then, step by step, the field was rebuilt. In about just two minutes the field looked brand new.

Alex and the principle couldn’t help but let their jaws drop. They didn’t know whether to laugh or cry looking at this situation.

“Both of you get up now!” the ref shouts out irritated.

Principle Jenny pulls Alex to the side a bit and whispers, “waste as much time as possible.”

Alex nods his head and slowly walks up to waste time. Kachi and the other participants lightly jump up onto the stage. His movements were so smooth that it looked like the descent of a god.

The referee rolls his eyes in contempt. Why are these people wasting my time today? This whole match that should have only taken ten minutes had already moved to twelve minutes. This was only the second battle too. At this rate it would be thirty minutes before they are done. Ugh!

Once they both arrive on stage the ref yells out “Start!”

Kachi raises his arms and a sword made out of light forms in mid air.

Alex seeing this ran to the side and began to run in a circle around him.

The light sword flew forward chasing after Alex like it was a game of cat and mouse. While being chased Alex reaches into his interspatial ring and brings out a sword. His body then began to split apart creating multiple images of himself.

“Mhmm not bad,” Kachi murmurs. This was because these were genuine clones. Even first rate students would have a hard time mastering this martial skill. Not only that but Alex created four perfect copies of himself.

Kachi couldn’t tell the difference at all, but sadly the difference between the two was still too large. It was not something that could be filled this easily. Therefore it doesn’t matter how many perfect clones Alex creates because at the end of the day his qi is still limited.

In total Alex created five extra clones because that was his limit. If someone was to pay attention they would notice that Alex’s face remained calm and steady without a trace of anxiety or fear. One of the clones was battling against the sword and even managed to put it to a stalemate. The four other clones including Alex himself charges toward Kachi.

Kachi merely smirks, and ten more light swords appear.

Alex simply smiles in amusement. Right now he could feel that Kachi was simply playing around with him and because Alex had so many mock battles with Lintian he doesn’t feel threatened at all if Kachi does not go serious. For now Alex didn’t want to reveal his full strength so he used a footwork technique to dodge the light swords. This set of footwork was taught to him by Dr. Harris. The Reverse Nine Trigram steps.

Even though the light swords were fast Kachi simply couldn’t figure out the footwork technique that Alex was using. This caused all of the light swords strikes to completely miss him by a wide margin.

A cold glint appears in Kachi’s eyes as he summons nine more light swords making a total of twenty light swords. This was not his best attack but these twenty light swords were equivalent to his current six stage Master realm strength which should have easily overpowered Alex’s first stage master realm strength.

One of the clones escapes the light sword and charges towards Kachi. The earth follows that clone as the materials on the ground began to slowly cover Kachi’s body. Even though I say slow, to normal human eyes it happened in just a second.

Kachi didn’t even bat an eye before his hand flew out to grab the clone’s incoming fist. Once they made contact Kachi sent out a shockwave of qi, directly canceling out all the martial technique it used.

The clone spasmed and went poof, disappearing into thin air. Three more clones followed running in. They were all using the earth body armor technique.

They all flung out a punch that could have crippled a first stage master realm cultivator but in front of Kachi it was nothing but a punch. In less than a breath of time all three clones were gone, like smoke in the wind, but the moment they disappear the real Alex and a clone appears out of the smoke and both sent out a fist technique that felt ominous to Kachi.

He channels thirty percent of his qi to strengthen both of his arms for defense against Alex since it would be pretty embarrassing to dodge or run away from a stage one master realm attack when he is at the sixth stage.

Both Alex and the clone smirks in amusement at Kachi’s action.

Both fists made contact with Alex’s hands and the next scene caused everyone who were watching to go into shock. Even Kachi himself was shocked. This shock eventually turned to rage.

The clone and Alex chose to use the stage two of the soul penetrating first. This technique bypasses the outer defense and directly attacks the internal defense. Furthermore Alex used stage two of the soul penetrating punch which incorporates elemental qi. Not only that, but Alex used two different qi types to attack Kachi. The real body used the fire element which is best known for its offensive strength. The clone used the wind element best known for their speed and sharpness.

The viewers and ref heard a crack sound and both of Kachi’s arms broke. Falling to the side like a raggedy doll.

Kachi tried to sense his arms but he could not muster a single ounce of strength. Panic set into his eyes unknown to everyone else. Not having one arm was still fine but not having two, even if his strength was another realm higher it would be pointless. He would have to rely on ranged attacks which comes from his soul control. Furthermore, this punch from a stage one master realm cultivator somehow affected his soul too.

Alex came out of this without a single scratch. Alex muses to himself, “I might not be as strong as Lintian but that doesn’t mean you can underestimate my strength.”

All of the Quincy middle school audience presently watching had their jaws dropped to the ground. What the hell? When did he get this strong!

Principle Jenny’s eyes nearly popped out of her sockets when she saw this. She grew excited and knew that she made the right choice picking him. Then again, he was stronger than everyone else in the school so it wasn’t a hard decision.

Kachi had a mad glint in his eyes as his qi fluctuated wildly. The ground beneath him began cracking in a spiderweb like formation. Six beast like arms formed by the condensation of proton light became a solid existence giving of a tyrannical aura. This formidable aura sent spiderweb like cracks throughout the whole field.

Alex could feel the oppressive aura that Kachi gave off and his face turned serious, because right now it meant Kachi would be fighting at full power minus the arms of course, but those six arms made from light seemed even stronger than anything he had seen from Kachi so far.

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