Asura Book 2 Chapter 42

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Written by: Jzhang

Book 2 Chapter 42: Prolonging

“Traffic is gonna be about an hour long! Try to delay as much as possible until he gets there,” Harris shouts back anxiously.

“How!” Principle Jenner shouts back angrily.

“I don’t know think of something!”

“I have might have an idea,” Lintian said with a devious grin.
At the tournament twenty minutes after the call!

Principle Jenny, the coaches, Alex, and Joe Philip the third contestant were all standing around actively listening to be called up. There were at least 20 platforms being used for the elimination round. There 200 first rate schools from all over the country in this competition. There were 300 sects in the country that were participating too. Furthermore there were 100 second rate school in this competition too.

“Quincy Middle School second rate and Toronto Middle school first rate head to platform three.”

“We’re up. You guys remember the plan?” Principle Jenny asks Alex, and Joe.

“Yes,” they answer in union.

As they walk toward stadium three most of the people were sneering at them.

“Why do these second rate schools even bother coming to these competitions?” Said a student from another school.

“Yeah, all they do is show how pitifully weak they are.”

“Brothers you are right. I heard in the past one hundred years not a single second rate school were able to get pass the elimination day.”

“Hey are heard they are the strongest out of all the second rate schools you believe that?”

“So what if they are the strongest?” Another said arrogantly.

“You know there is a huge difference between us. Our martial arts, skills, cultivation technique are all vastly superior to them. Our talent is also superior.”

A scholarly young man, and his sister walks over, “what are you guys talking about?”

“Senior brother Yan, and senior sister Tingting,” the gossiping group greets. “We’re talking about the second rate schools.”

Yan Zifeng smiles and said, “this year might surprise you.”

The gossiping group stares in a bit of bewilderment. What made this young master say such a thing. No matter how they probe or look at this batch of second rate school their cultivation strength are way too low. None of them even pass the second stage of the Master realm.

As the group arrives before the platform Principle Jenny, Alex, and Joe had an anxious expression on their face. There was difference of three stages. The weakest contestant of the first rate school were at least stage five. It was not a difference that can be made up with second rate martial skills.

“Quincy Middle school choose your first fighter,” the referee calls out.

“We nominate Joe Philip to be our first fighter,” declares Principle Jenny.

“Toronto Middle school choose your first fighter.”

“We nominate Adu Jaba,” the representative for Toronto declares.

“Then head to the stage now.”
“Can my fighter have three minutes to prepare?”

The referee looks at Jenny Garner with disdain in his eyes. F*cking second rate trash wasting my time he seem to swear in his head.

“Fine!” he shouts since the rule book did allow it.

“Becareful,” Principle Jenny whispers to Joe. “His strength is at the sixth stage of the Master realm. Follow the plan and we might still win this.”

After three minutes has pass Joe Philip went onto the stage. He looked to be about six feet tall with a very muscular body that did not seem to belong to a child of fifteen.

Joe intensely glares at the boy walking up the steps. He was a pale white skin boy. His face sunk in like an undead. His body looked like it would shatter into pieces from a light flick.

Just from the outside look alone anyone would have thought Joe would easily win, but in the cultivation world looks can be deceiving. Even through his appearance was frail his vitality wasn’t.

“Start!” the referee shouts.

Joe’s qi spikes and multiple afterimages of himself appears.

Adu stood their like a mountain unyielding and immovable.

Joe saw he wasn’t attacking so Joe launches the first attack. Normally he was a close quarter combat individual but the principle has advise him on two things. One is to hold on as long as possible. Second is to destroy as much of this stadium as possible, but even he has his own pride. So he complied with the principle’s wish and decided to probe this boy’s strength before going into a close quarter combat.

The stadium floor rock flew into the air and were like shurikens flying toward Adu.

There were no rules on destroying the platform.

Adu didn’t even both dodging at all and simply extend his hand out and grabs the rocks flying towards him. The ones he did not catch hits the formation that was placed around the platform.

“Is that all?” Adu asks with neither contempt or pride. There was just pity in that voice that seems to say, with your measly ant like strength I pity that they sent you up here to face me.

Joe coldly glares at him. He finally knows how large of a gap there were between him and Adu. Even through he was not the brightest of all the participants here he was not dumb either. Joe’s strongest aspect was his innately gifted strength but even then he does not know if it will overcome a differences of 5 stages.

Joe decided to redecorate the entire stadium by raising up walls of rock and making huge pot holes while whipping stone after stone at him. Adu didn’t even seem anxious at all. He simply stood there taking all of Joe’s attack like they didn’t even exist.

Alex and Jenny stood below the field a little amazed at the difference but only a little since they expected it like this anyway.

Two minutes later Adu said, “Play time is over.”

He took one simple step and his body vanish like a ghost. Reappearing in front of Joe grabbing onto his throat.

Since this was close quarter combat Joe did not hold back at all and unleash one hundred and ten percent of his strength. His fist flying forward with strength comparable to a stampede of bulls. This was one of his martial techniques he learn known as the earth shattering fist.

Adu raises his hand and caught it like a catcher catching a ball. He felt a surge of earth qi rummaging through his arm and through his body causing him to be surprise.

Joe seeing his attack getting caught so easily was not discourage but continues to use his other fist to launch another attack.

Adu instinctively let go of Joe’s throat and dodged.
Ad’s face was calm but his heart was in chaos. Innate divine strength? He couldn’t help but wonder. The hand he used to block was still in shock. It was to the point where he couldn’t even muster an ounce of strength into it.

“I would like to apologize for sorry display earlier. I will take you on seriously starting now,” Adu said seriously. He no longer had that your beneath my feet notion in his eyes.

Joe hearing that and watching Adu’s change in expression sent a chill down his spine.

Adu took a step and disappeared again but this time he sent out a full power punch toward Joe’s stomach area.

Joe didn’t even have time to react. In the next five seconds Joe became a punching bag Adu.

After the attacks ended Joe simple fell to the ground.

“Not bad. For you to last that long you should feel proud,” Adu said. “Whose next?”

“Winner! Adu!” the referee yells out loudly. “Quincy Middle school sent out your next contestant.”

“Our next contestant will be Alex,” Jenny shouts.

Alex hearing his name walks up to the stage.

“Sir, I was wondering if you can have someone fix the stage before I start my match,” Alex said as he looks around the stage to hint at the distraction Joe caused.

The ref rolls his eyes in contempt. It was similar to how a waiter or waitress feels when a customer asks for fifty different things and the waiter or waitress knows that they will not be tipping.
“We will be subbing out Adu for Kachi,” Toronto Middle school head coach shouts to the ref.

Kachi walking up arrogantly said, “Ref I would also like the stage restore to its proper form. A great master like me can’t simply fight on such a messy stage.”

The ref rolls his eyes but did not refuse. “Fine then.”

His hand glows red and a beam of energy was shot into the air.

This was Lintian’s plan all along. In order to waste time he told Principle Jenny to have the participants destroy the stage in order to have them fix it. It should take about twenty to thirty minutes just enough time for him to get their even with the traffic.

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