Asura Book 2 Chapter 52:Mountain Piercing Blade


Book 2 Chapter 52:Mountain Piercing Blade
Lintian jumps a couple meters back as his Dragon eyes analyzes everything. Due to him entering the Master Realm his eyes were finally able to see the fluctuation of qi. He saw that the wolf had a high density of black qi covering itself. Inside he saw three qi that was not as dense. Then he saw something that surprised him. Beneath the wolf’s stomach the density of qi was actually only one-third of the body.

Lintian after retreating a few meters back Lintian charges forward in a z style. The wolf uses its claws to swipe at Lintian. Gracefully dodging each move Lintian couldn’t help but feel a sense of danger with each passing move. From time to time Lintian would release a sword at it. Like a slash or a stab but it’s defense was strong enough to defend it all. It was like stabbing a steel wall. Lintian would move to the back of the wolf and unleash an attack only to have it be ineffective.

Alex would be using an artillery attack from a distance. Fireball after fireball would be blasted towards it but it was no different from throwing balls of imaginary air at someone.

This time Lintian infuses fire qi into the sword before he found an opportune moment to stab out.


The aftershock from the stab attack causes Lintian to be momentarily stun for less than a second but that was enough time for the wolf to retaliate.

The claw came flying in like a giant hammer that is about to wipe a mountain out. Lintian all had enough time to create a layer of qi shield around his body and have hand in a cross position in from his body and face. While the sword was facing outward.


The impact rings like a church bell.

“He’s definitely dead,” someone shouts out loud.

The Mokoratori twin sword shatters on impact as shards of metal flew everywhere. Thankfully this gave Lintian just enough time to use the Emperor’s step to retreat but the problem was that due to the close proximity of the claw and the activation Lintian only managed to reduce the damage he would have receive to a minimum.

Lintian’s body was like a raggedy doll flying backward creating little potholes as he flew backwards. Alex seeing this happening rushes to Lintian to help soften it. Alex caught Lintian but couldn’t help but feel the impact was a little weird. It wasn’t that Lintian was traveling backwards fast but rather he was heavy. There was some kind of intent left on Lintian.

When they finally stopped they were only about a feet from falling over the arena.

“Whew,” Alex lets out a sigh of relief.

“Lintian are you okay?” Alex asks.

“Ugh, yeah. Thought I got hit by a truck,” Lintian answers in a bit of a daze. The paw that hit him had some kind of erosion and stun qi. That cause Lintian to be temporally paralyzed. “I’m fine now.” If I didn’t move back with the emperor’s step at that last possible second I would be dead Lintian thought which sends a chill through his body.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Alex asks with concern looking at the burn marks, and scratch wounds all over his body.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Distract it as much as possible I got a plan,” said Lintian grinning from ear to ear. During that whole entire process Lintian was using his own body to test the defense of the wolf.

Lintian stood up still feeling a little sore and ran forward while to the side. Lintian’s mind began to pull out his conscious energy and making three spell formations. These were rank three fire spell formations know as fire tornado.

“Get out of the way!” Lintian yells.

Alex hearing that ran away so quick they would have thought he was never there.

“Support it with wind qi!” Lintian yells out again.

The five clones that Alex made all began to gather wind qi and began to blast out wind blades one after the other.

The fire tornado being blasted out from three formation begins to heat up the arena. Furthermore the wind blade became support like gasoline on fire. The fire tornado blazes up as it was like a stampede of buffalos charging across the plain.

The wolf opens up its mouth and a dark hole like orb began to absorb the fire attack.

Lintian wanted to curse out loud looking at that black substance absorbing everything.

Lintian’s right hand began to surge with lightning and then fire began to cover it. Lintian’s hand wants to close together into a first but Lintian tries to force it open which causes it to look like a claw. A sec later fire and lightning were being fuse together.

“I wanted to save this technique for the finals but I guess I have to use it now,” Lintian mutters to himself again.

Boom! Lintian moves like a light forward.

“ARGH!” Lintian lets out as his claw like hands became a spear. Lintian was moving so fast that each step was damaging the floor.

The Chao devouring wolf could not keep up with its speed. It could feel an ominous danger coming towards it as he release a bunch of sword ribbons to cut Lintian down.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Fowish!

Lintian was able to see everything clearly even while moving at the speed. Dodging those ribbons required an enormous amount of concentration and so did maintaining this move Lintian calls the Mountain Piercing blade.

The reason was because the ribbons were moving at such a high speed and with Lintian himself moving at high speed his reaction and prediction had to work overtime. An example would be a bunch of balls flying towards you and you are running towards it while trying to catch them all.

Lintian arrives right underneath the belly of the wolf and since he didn’t have time to stop from the moment he arrive he leaped upwards. His spear like hands pierce right through the belly of the wolf.

When his whole arm was inside the wolf the spear hand became a dragon claw release a storm of Lightning and fire into the air. The lightning pierce multiple holes out of the body and the three phantom phasm members inside was not easily left off either.

Due to being inside the wolf it was very hard for them to move around. Furthermore they had to concentrating on absorbing they fire tornado coming at them. The moment Lintian pierce through the belly they already began to use the formation to protect themselves.

The lightning fire release by Lintian ricochet off of them but each ricochet did enormous strain on their defense and after a couple ricochets the lightning fire finally found it’s way to them.

“AH! UGH!” The audience could hear a bunch of agonizing screams.

Immediately the referee sprints were in such a speed it would shame any speed practitioners.

An overwhelming surge of King Realm qi flew up. It directly rips apart the chaos devouring wolf formation, destroy the three fire tornado spells and rescues the three phantom phasm members.

The members of the Phantom Phasm had third degree burns all over their body and their clothes were burn to a crisp. Some of them even lost all their hair.

“YOU ARE DESPICABLE!” Yells an elder from the Phantom Phasm school after seeing the condition his pupils was under.

Lintian glances over coldly.

“Elder John please calm down,” one of the other elders whispers.

Still fuming he finally calms down.

“Someone bring them to the medic,” the bearded elder from earlier said.

None of the audience or other school thought that Lintian went too far at all. They just thought that the Phantom Phasm was too weak and looked down on them.

After today’s event the Phantom Phasm school lost a lot of face that would take some time to recover unless all the other first rate school in this competition suffers the same fate.

Over at the betting section of the stadium a middle age man sat in his comfy chair counting his money.

“Wahahaha! What comes around goes around, hehehe.” The middle man was giggling and self praising. The moment the door opens his expression turns serious.

“Boss Chang should we change the betting rate?” His assistant asks.

“Yes, lower the ratio for the second rate school to 1 to 20 for winning the championship, 1 to 10 for top three and 1 to 5 for top five.”

“And for the other schools?”

Boss Chang glares and the assistant immediately got scared and said, “I’ll have the research team do the rate adjusting.” Then he ran out with his tail between his legs.

After being left alone he began to contemplate. “Should I tell my son to stop or just forget about it? On one hand he did make lose a lot of money the other day. On the other hand he did make me a lot of money today. Still the medical bills for those underlings were expensive. Still the money made today covers it all.”

After much thought he said to himself, “I’ll just let it see how it plays out.”

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