Asura Book 2 Chapter 50:Team Battle

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Book 2 Chapter 50:Team Battle
After Lintian reverted back to his original form Uncle Ming gave Lintian a chip that contains information on the top ten family. When Lintian stepped out it was already night time. He said his goodbyes and snuck off into the night.

Ming and Lin who were still inside sigh a sigh of relief.

“I guess he is doing well,” Ming said breaking the silence.

“If only the family wouldn’t be such a pussy about these small matters,” Lin replies. Normally he would never use such words but he is with his brother so theres no need to put up a front. “If not he would definitely be in the Kings realm by now. His strength as spell master is not that bad either.”

“Why didn’t you tell him what was really going on?”

“Was there a need too?”

“He looked like he came for that specific reason. Everything else was a plus hahaha.”

“Ming sometimes ignorance is bliss.”

“He is going to find out eventually you know.”

“When that time comes then the time might be right. The world has a way of working itself.”

“What do you mean?”

“His strength is too weak right now. Knowing might affect his cultivation negatively. Lets hope he finds out when he is at least in the Heavens realm,” Lin sighs. In the past few years he has aged considerably.

“Why did you tell him about the top ten family then?”

“To tell him his current strength is insignificant. Plus he is living in the USA and it is the Olympian family’s main base of operation. If he is anything like his father then there will be no doubt that he is gonna piss of many people,” Lin laughs.

Lintian went back to his room and enter into his dreamscape.

The very next day was Lintian was first to arrive to the stadium. There were only twenty-five teams left today. Since it was an odd number of teams they decided to draw a lottery. The lucky team would not need to fight today.

As Lintian’s school sat down in their section they saw the announcer at the middle of the stage today. Around the platform were many sections with teams in them.
“Ladies and Gentleman!” the announcers shouts. “We will be beginning after we draw some lotteries. Due to having twenty-five teams one unlucky team will have to battle twice today. So lets get started. Would each team pick a number between 1 to twenty-five?”

Then a green screen appears before the stadium. The principle selected a number for Quincy Middle School and everyone else selected a number for their school.

A minuted later a giant virtual screen appears before the stadium. It listed out the twenty-five teams and it’s matchup.

Lintian scans through the teams and saw that his team was somehow the unlucky team that has to battle twice in a row. Meaning his battle will be first and will be the last team to battle. This is definitely rigged Lintian thought. This was because the aside from some mediocre teams the top three teams all have semi easy opponents and one of them was his team.

Then he saw the team he was looking for. Micheal Valiant’s team. His school was the Atlas school. The school that came in the top three last year.

Micheal sitting across the stadium lethargically sat there napping like the world has nothing to do with him. Lintian and Micheal sat about one thousand five hundred meters alway from each other. Therefore they could not see each other. They both however could see the giant virtual screen in the middle of the stadium. The schools were listed out in ranks with a number next to them indicating their first match.

Azure Phoenix-4
Olympus Academy-7
Phantom Phasm-12
White Rose Clan-13
Saint Guardian-3
Black Rose Clan-1
Divine Academy-2
Devils Clan-8
Hesse Clan-5
Brave Stallion-7

The list continued on until Lintian saw his school as rank twenty-fifth and the number next to his is twelve. He will be facing the Phantom Phasm school. Right after that he will face rank sixth group White Rose.

So if I prevail through all this by tomorrow I will be facing Micheal Valiant Lintian thought to himself.

“The group to go first will be Phantom Phasm middle school and Quincy Middle school. Can the participants get onto the stage?” the Announcer shouts into the microphone.

“Lets go,” the principle said gravely. Even she knows how tiring this competition is going to be. To face two school in the top ten will not be easy. Even if there are twelve battles in between. Just imagine playing two full games of basketball without substitution with only a two hour break in between. Furthermore it’s not just any game but also imagine that your team is physically weaker than both your opponents. The mental energy and physical energy needed to overcome all of it is immense.

As Lintian’s group arrives before the stage the crowd was silent. More than a hundred thousand eyes were staring them down. Enemies and friends alike within this massive stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen as you all know every year we battle it through as one verses one but this year we would like to change that. We would like to start doing team battles. This will showcase the overall ability of the school rather than just one school having a lucky year. AM I RIGHT!” the Announcer shouts out.

“HELL NO!” someone from the stadium shouts out.

There was a long awkward silent and every turn to stare at the man that shouted it out.

“Hahahaha sorry guys got a bit carried away,” the man said awkwardly. The problem is that many of the people their felt the same way. This was because they all made bets on the school that was most like to win based on individual talents rather than groups.

Now that it became a team battle many new variables comes into play. Formations, teamwork, compliments and so on. An example would be a teammate would be able to cover your weaknesses.

Furthermore its not like any of the audience can complain. Secondly the first rate schools have all voted and approved the team battles. A majority of them voted for the team battles.

“Without further ado can we have both teams get on stage!” the announcer yell out.

Lintian and Alex both got up onto the stage. Their third teammate was still injured and in the hospital.

“Hey you got any plans?” Alex asks.

“No, how about you?”


“We’ll wing it then,” Lintian laughs. No body knew this was going to happen so no one made a plan. Even Harris couldn’t predict this.

“So you take on three and I’ll support?” Alex asks hopefully.

“The f*ck, your the one with the clone technique.”

“Hey you’re the only OP character here.”

“I’ll take two and you take one then.”

“I’ll distract them and you take them out one at a time?”

“Come on how are you gonna be the strongest with that attitude?” Lintian goads.

“You can’t be the very best dead can you?” Alex shrugs.

“Hey what are you whispering about over there!” another kids voice shouts over. These were the Phantom Phasm kids.

“Shut up!” Lintian yells back. “We’re making a plan!”

Principle Jenny looks to Harris and whispers, “aren’t they taking this too lightly.”

“Relax Jenny.”

Jenny obediently sat down and looks at the battle with high intensity. If staring could take down enemies you would have the deadliest weapon here.

“Arrogant shit! Say that in my face!” a skinny kid about five feet six wearing all black yells back.

“I said shut the hell up! We are making a plan!” Alex shouts back this time.

“Alright all of you calm down!” the announcer said. “We have over here Kain Afred, Jothin Monty, and Adam Fall. Over here we have Wei Lintian and Alex Giovani! MATCH BEGIN!”

The moment she said that the three from the Phantom Phasm school instantly shuts up and spread out. The skinny kid was called Jothin Monty while the tallest kid there was called Adam Fall. The last guy a medium built teenager was Kain Afred.

Two of them came running toward Alex.

“Switch!” Lintian yells. Lintian and Alex instantly swap places. The two that was originally running toward Alex came to be running toward Lintian.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Multiple shadows came out from behind the three of them. These shadows then transform into wolves. The three of them merges into those shadow wolf beasts. Beneath their feet multiple diagrams appears covering them with a dark purplish light.

“Oh shit! We fuck!” Alex grumbles.

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