Asura Book 2 Chapter 48: Lefted Out

Author: Jzhang1

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Book 2 Chapter 48- Lefted Out
Lintian stood before Ryan like a God before a mortal.

“Since Ryan has admitted defeat then the winner is Lintian!” the ref announces. “Would you like to sent up your last participant?”

“No, we will admit defeat,” the head representative for Archaic Middle school sighs.

“Master can I give it a try?” the third participant asks.

“Why?” the representative asks in doubt. “It is not like you will be able to win when Ryan just lost without being able to lift a finger.”

Even he felt something weird from that. For an explicit half a second he could feel the weight of a mountain crashing down on him mentally. He then dismissed it as a misconception of an extremely strong individual passing by.

“I just want to give it a try. Just for experience purposes,” the third participant explains.

“Thats fine then. I will sent up John Frost!” the representative yells out.

“Next match Wei Lintian verses John Frost!” the ref shouts out.

John frost walks up the stage and brought out two swords.

Out of respect Lintian brought out a sword too.

“Start!” the ref shouts out.

John struck out first. Sprinting forward in a z like style.

Lintian stood at his spot without a care in the world expression on. His face was tranquil but his eyes contains a profoundness that was as sharp as a sword.

John launches his first attack and Lintian parries it to the side. As John attacks Lintian continues to be on the defensive. This was because the pressure he was experiencing right now was completely different from the one he had with Dr. Harris. How can a Master realm cultivator compare with a Heaven Realm cultivation in terms of experience and strength?

For a millisecond Lintian saw an extremely huge opening in John’s sword play. At that moment Lintian was about to strike only to realize that something was off.

John purposely left that opening hoping for Lintian to strike. When he saw Lintian’s movement to strike he felt elated. That elation to win was short lived since Lintian withdrew his attack and continues to defend.

Feeling that this was enough to give Archaic school team face Lintian moved in to finish them off. Lintian used his emperor’s steps to close in. This threw off John’s movements since from what Lintian could see he felt that the Archaic Dragon sword style focuses a lot on large movements with a hidden mystery to it. It leaves huge openings but the power behind the sword was five to ten times the strength behind an average sword attack.

Just as he got into their space dark spikes pops out of John’s body. Lintian uses the emperor’s step again to dodge. In another second Lintian’s sword arrives before John’s neck.

“Winner Wei Lintian. Quincy Middle School Second rate will move on!” the referee yells out.

Before anyone could even say anything Lintian hops down from the stage and disappears.

“Eh? Wheres he running off too?” Principle Jenny mumbles.

“He probable has diarrhea or something,” Harris chuckles making an excuse for Lintian. He too saw earlier that Lintian noticed his aunt and uncles. It might be good for his mental state if they meet up again.

Lintian began to weave through the crowds before reaching the end. Lintian’s dragon eyes saw that there were too many cameras for him to use the fazing technique from the Divine Lightning Body God’s Art. He saw that his uncles and aunt were still at the balcony on the seventh floor looking down onto the competition.

Since he came in like he was rushing Lintian does not have full understanding of the stadium. Either way he was always bad with directions.

“Don’t go meet with your uncle right now. Meet with him later when he is alone. There are too many people here watching. I’ll watch them you go back to your school,” Rashu advise mentally.

“Sorry, got a little excited,” Lintian said finally calming down. Meeting now would cause many questions to come up and for that Denzel guy to notice my existence.

Lintian weaves through the crowd again and back to their group.

“Where you go?” the principle asks.

“Bathroom, hahaha,” Lintian laughs a little awkwardly.

“Hey guys I’ll be right back too,” Alex said sheepishly.

“Whats wrong with you?” the principle glares.

“Um I kinda betted all my money on our school winning. It was a 20 to one ratio. So I need to go collect my winnings.” Alex then looks around at Harris who coughs and turns away. Then he looks at four other kids who betted with him.

“Oh lets go collect your winnings then,” Principle Jenny said out happily walking towards the betting booth.

“Did you guys all made bets and not inform me?” Lintian asks feeling a bit letted out.

Everyone who betted began to walk faster.

Then someone pointed and shouts, “Oh! Look! A flying rank 7 mammoth!”

Lintian rolls his eyes at this person’s stupidity and walks out of the arena. This was a perfect opportunity to leave.

While Rashu was meticulously tracking Lintian’s uncle’s and aunt. Lintian then went into a hiding spot and waited.

An hour passed by. Then another hour passes by. It wasn’t until a passing of five hours that his Uncles and Aunt finally separate from Denzel.

Lintian began to hide his presence little by little until his presence was completely gone. The moment Lintian saw his family members leaving he began to follow. As Lintian follows his Uncles and Aunt he kept a great distance away. As they kept on walking Lintian notices something strange. The crowd was thinning.

There were less and less people around the further he follows. It seems like that already knew he was following.

After about an hour of following they finally arrived at a desolate location. They even took a car which made it extremely annoying to follow and even exhaust fifty percent of Lintian’s qi. Luckily he possesses two extra dantians which refilled his qi extremely quick.

As the three of them got out of the his aunt Ting shouts out, “whoever is following us you can come out now!”

Since he was caught already Lintian made his presence appear again and he used the emperor’s steps to appear before them.

“Uncle Ming, Uncle Lin, and Aunty Ting how are you doing?” Lintian asks with a big cheerful grin on his face.

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