Asura Book 2 Chapter 47:Absolute Dominance

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Book 2 Chapter 47:Absolute Dominance
Lintian stares and stares in shock at the meeting between Denzel and his uncles and aunt. If he remembers correctly Rashu told him that Denzel needs at least ten years at the fastest speed with rare medical herbs, and pills. Rashu said that some girl told Denzel six to seven years but that is simple not possible with the attack he employed.

Should I sent a sound transmission to talk with my uncle? Lintian thought to himself. No I probable shouldn’t the distance between us is too big and can easily be intercepted or accidentally sent to the wrong person.

This was because when sending a sound transmission it would travel in a linear line and someone just happen to step right in between them then it could easily be intercepted. Furthermore there was at least a thousand meters of space in between them which doesn’t help at all.

Sensing that Lintian was about to do something stupid in the heat of the moment Rashu’s voice rings out in Lintian’s head.

“Don’t worry about them for now. Focus on the competition. Even if he is still injured your strength is basically insignificant in front of him. Don’t do anything foolish.”

Hearing that Lintian calms down a bit. My uncles and aunt are good people they probable have their own reason for meeting up with him Lintian told himself. It was similar to a feeling of seeing your girlfriend talking with a you personally hate on an intimate level and you happen to walk in on it without prior knowledge of them two ever knowing each other.

This all happened in less than 3 seconds so the battle has not even begun.

“Principle Garner,” Lintian said in a serious tone. “Can you tell the referee that Alex and I will be switching places?”

Lintian was going to finish these battle fast and get to his Uncle and Aunt as soon as possible. Not having seen his family for six years has basically sent him on a rollercoaster ride. This was especially true since seeing his family and enemy meeting in such a naturally and friendly manner cause his imagination to go a bit wild. Furthermore logic sometimes goes out the window when a person gets overly emotional. Therefore Lintian came up with the conclusion to finish all three battle as quickly as possible. Then sneak away from his group to meet with his family. This completely violates the reason why he was exiled to this land to begin with.

Principle Jenny yells out to the ref, “We would like to switch our first fighter!”

Alex turns around and gave a look of surprise.

“Who would you like to sub?” the girl asks.

“Too our team captain Wei Lintian.”

The ref looks at the Archaic school representative, “Are you guys fine with that?”

“Does it matter?” the representative states with an air of arrogance. This was because the move they just made was the worst move possible. Normally it goes from weak to strong in order for the weak to chip away at the opponents strength. This way they can at least win a battle and not lose face. To be completely honest when you are facing absolute strength no matter what strategy you employ will be completely useless.

“Fighter change for Quincy Middle School second rate. From Alex Giovani to Wei Lintian,” the female announce shouts.

“Good luck,” Alex said to Lintian as they walk by each other to switch places.

Harry Middleton stood on the stage with his bright gold hair and his muscular body that resembles that of an adult.

“Are you going to bring out your sword?” Lintian asks with an aloofness to his voice that would piss off anyone that may think he is stronger.

“Would I need it for you a brat like you?” Harry growls.

“Up to you it doesn’t really matter to me. A win is a win.”

“Battle start!” the ref roars out.

Lintian was always paying attention to the movements of her lips and the moment it moves to the moment it finishes Lintian combined all of his Dantian which directly brought his cultivation to the four stage of the Master realm. Then when she finish saying start Lintian used the Emperor’s steps to do an instant movement Jin to invade Harris’s personal space and then launches a palm strike that contains a hint of the laws of fire and lightning.

Boom! Harris was instantly pushed off the stage. Not even a second has passed by since the ref roars out start.

“Winner Wei Lintian!”

“THAT ATTACK IS IN VIOLATION OF THE RULES!” the head representative shouts losing his composure in the fit of the moment. Then he looks over at Harry to realize that Harry was already unconscious.

“It was fair,” the ref said back with an air of irrefutability to it. This causes the representative to be taken aback. Then she explains. “He has already asked your student if he wanted to take out his weapon and he did not. Then was probable looking down on this boy and didn’t expect such a fast attack and couldn’t react in time. Lastly Lintian made every movement after I said start. So it was not a violation of the rules. Just damn stupid on your end. Who are you sending up next!”

“I will go up,” a brown hair boy said. He wore an azure robe and his eyes contains a wildness to him that a youth should not possess. It was like he was has seen and face man life and death situations.

“My name is Ryan Forthright,” the youth said to referee.

“Next battle Ryan Forthright verses Wei Lintian,” the referee yells. “Are both sides ready?”

“Yes,” Lintian and Ryan both answer simultaneously.

“START!” the ref yells out.

This time Lintian didn’t do the same thing because the opponent would be expecting it. Furthermore this youth in front of him was not underestimating him at all. He was staring like tiger on a prey. The young brought out a sword in his hand.

Since he wasn’t being disrespectful Lintian did not feel the need to do the same either. Lintian brought out a Master realm sword that he received from General Headstone. The Mokoratori twin sword. This sword was made from using the demonic core a twin Mokara shark. It is said that when these two swords are used at the same time their strength can rival a King Realm sword.

Lintian brought only one out but its strength was probable comparable to Ryan’s sword.

“My sword is called streamline. It has been a long time since I met someone who has given me a feeling of danger that I can’t help but come up,” Ryan smiles.

“I’ll try my best to not disappoint,” Lintian passively said since he doesn’t want to waste time on useless conversations.

An ancient like aura began to assemble near Ryan.

Lintian’s eyes shifts around as he saw a strange energy assembling itself around right. Behind Ryan was a spirit dragon holding a sword. This spirit dragon was invisible to other’s but it was visible to Lintian due to his eyes but it was hazy.

“Spirit manifestation?” Lintian murmurs. Sadly you manifest the wrong spirit to fight me Lintian giggles to himself.

Since this wasn’t the semifinals yet the amount of experts paying attention to these fights were basically none. At most they would probable watch it on a recording later.

Lintian activated his dragon bloodline. The Yinyang God Dragon’s spirit resonance through this whole arena but Lintian controlled it to the best of his ability to just directly aim it at Ryan. Lintian already knew about his dragon bloodline since he has researched it during his spare time but he just doesn’t know how powerful it is and it just so happens today that someone was able to manifest a dragon spirit causing him to want to test it out.

Crack! Phwoosh!

The spirit dragon behind Ryan completely crumbled away like a shattered glass. Ryan himself cough up a mouth full of blood as he fell to his knees. His heart palpitating and sweat pouring out like a broken dam.

“I admit defeat,” Ryan shouts without an ounce of resistance. What the hell was that? He wonders. He has never felt anything so scary before. It was like he was standing before a huge mountain and that mountain was alive. That feeling of being crushed without the ability to resist. He was absolutely dominated. He thought he was the strongest in the younger generation but who knew that before this boy he doesn’t even have enough strength to be an ant before him.

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