Asura Book 2 Chapter 45

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Book 2 Chapter 45: Shameless


“Mhmm,” Lintian contemplated. “Are you going to use a weapon?”

“For ants like you why would I need a weapon?”

“In that case, I don’t need a weapon either.” Lintian replies, but in his mind he was thinking that if this guy did draw his weapon then he could always use the Armament of a Thousand Transformation skill to defend itself. Lintian could feel that this guy was at the eighth stage of the master realm so he was not someone that he could kid around with.

“START!” the referee roars out loud.

Lintian instantly combines his two extra dantians together, which increases his cultivation from stage two to stage four in less than a second. Furthermore, he uses the mist technique that his step dad taught him when he was younger. Right now, his cultivation still appears to be in the second stage of the master realm to everyone.

Lintian flashes forward, at an impeccable speed that not many could match. Lintian rushes forward in a z shape line. Lintian then throws out his first punch to test this person’s reaction speed, and power.

Jon flicks his wrist pushing Lintian’s fist to the side. Lintian retaliates by ducking toward the floor to do a leg sweep. Jon merely picks up his leg and then tries to stomp down toward Lintian’s leg.

Lintian’s leg increases its speed by at least three to four times which surprises Jon. Then something unexpected happens. Lintian’s leg flies up like a rising dragon.

All the male spectator’s face winces in pain from looking.

“AAAHHHHH!” Jon screams out in pain as his body lurch forward wich his hands holding his groin in pain.

Lintian jumps back a couple steps.

“Sorry, I panicked!” Lintian apologizes.

Alex gives Lintian a thumbs up.

“That is so despicable!” the Toronto school disciples cried out.

Some of the onlookers watched in amusement. This was basically what you got for being arrogant and stupid. Furthermore it was a cheap shot but it was easily avoidable if he was serious. Hand moves down to block it. Jumps backwards. He has no one to blame but himself.

They shook their heads in disapproval.

“Can you still continue?” Lintian asks, which was basically pouring salt on the wound.

Jon’s stare looks like it could kill.

“I’ll take that as a yes then?” Lintian said with the most serious of faces.

The crowd couldn’t help but look in surprise at the dedication and the seriousness Lintian puts into it. It was like he was proud of kicking another guy’s balls.

Lintian runs over like a jaguar and launches a kick at Jon. It was to the face. Jon flinches backwards on the ground.

Lintian already knew that reaction was coming, so the kick was a fake for his next move. The kicking foot smashes to the ground right in front of Jon’s face and then Lintian uses that foot as the pivot foot. His body spins and the heel of his left leg smashes into Jon’s stomach, sending him out of the battle field.

They couldn’t help but feel kind of awkward for Jon. To get beaten in such a way by a stage two master realm cultivation. He can never show his face again in public. Might as well dig a hole and bury his head in it.

Lintian’s school was stun by the results. Actually, not by the results but by the way the results came about.

“Isn’t this kid a bit too shameless?” an irrelevant person asks.

“Che! Your mother! Shameless? He’s six stages weaker than that idiot. What kind of idiot says all the shit, then goes down with a kick in the balls?”

“Winner, Lintian!” the referee yells. There was no rules saying you couldn’t do that, since every cultivator’s first instinct is to protect their manhood.

“We forfeit!” the Toronto middle school head representative shouts out before the ref could even ask for the next contestant. “Get this idiot to the hospital.”

“Quincy Middle School second rate qualifies for the First rate school competition!” the ref announces loudly.


“Hell yeah!” Everyone cheers loudly.

Lintian quietly walks down the stage to be greeted by his school.

“Wow! Lintian, I didn’t know you were this strong!” one of them praises.

“Did you really have to kick him in the manhood?” another asks.

“It was an accident.” Lintian explains.

“Sure it was?” another person laughs. “Did your legs flail? Hahaha.”

“How did you get here so fast?” The principle asks Lintian.

“It’s really a funny thing,” Lintian chuckles while they were all walking back. Lintian glances at Harris for his approval to tell. Harris gave nod.

“Tell us.” an elder of the school urges.

Seeing them urge so much Lintian gave in.

What happened after the call ended with Principle Jenny?

The moment Harris hangs up the phone, Lintian began to contemplate on how to get there faster.

“Should I just get out and start running there?” Lintian asks Harris.

“You can, but the problem is, if your bracelet triggers at a certain speed it will automatically activate and limit your cultivation. Two seconds. If your speed is faster than 80 miles per hour for over two seconds, the limiter will activate.”

“That will still be faster than this slow moving car,” Lintian said. “I can just run at sixty and I should make it in 10 minutes.”

“It’s better that you don’t, since if the police starts being a dick about it they can arrest you and that will definitely take longer than an hour to deal with. At least this way we know we can get there, even if it is gonna take a while.”

Lintian sighs.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Huh?” Lintian gasp in surprise and rolls down the window.

“Hi, are you Lintian?” a middle age man asks.

“Yes, can I help you?” Lintian asks.

“Our Boss Chang said that he would like to help you get to the preliminaries.”

“Ok… How then?” Lintian asks. While in his mind he was thinking, I don’t know any Boss Changs. I’ll use them for now and find out later.

“We will open up the traffic for you. The boss has connections in the police force,” the middle age man said.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

This time Harris’s side of the window was being knocked on.

Harris rolls down the window.

“Hi, are you Lintian?” A young man asks.

“No, but he is.” Harris replies.

“Can I help you?” Lintian asks.

“No, we are here to help you. Our Young Master Shi would like to help you get to the preliminaries on time.” the man said sincerely.

Young Master Shi? Lintian thought. Could it be Shi Zifeng? Why would he want to help me out? Did he maybe said the wrong master? It should be Yan Zifeng helping, right?

“I should be fine with Boss Chang’s help,” Lintian politely declines incase there was something malicious going on.

“Our boss sincerely wants to help you get there!” the man said stubbornly.

“Hey brat! No means no. Get out of here before our clan gives you a beating!”

“Do you truly wish to offend our Master Shi Zifeng?” the young man glares.

“Sh, sh, sh, Shi Zifeng?” the middle age man stammers. “Of course not. How about we work together in getting out guest Lintian to the preliminaries?”

The young man rolls his eyes and says, “How about it, Young Master Lintian? Would this work for you?”

“As long as you guys get me there, then I definitely have no complaint.” Lintian smiles.

Now back to the current time frame.

“So I had them bring me here and when I got to the entrance they removed my limiter once I told them my identity and provided the proof.”

When Lintian finishes explaining everything, they were on the bus going out to celebrate passing the preliminaries.

“Do you know who they are?” Jenny asks in a worrisome tone.

“I know who Shi Zifeng is, but not Boss Chang. I don’t know why Shi would help me but I can think of two reasons. As for Boss Chang I’m sure I will find out eventually, so there is no worries there.”

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