Asura Book 2 Chapter 44

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Book 2 Chapter 44:One Strike!

Alex created multiple clones again, each of them spread out into a formation.

Kachi brought out six master realm sabers into his hands. As he sprung forward, he created afterimages of himself.

At this moment, Alex decided just to prolong this fight.

Kachi seeing through Alex’s intentions couldn’t help but sigh a breath of relief to himself. This was because the light element is known for their speed and healing.

Alex wasn’t running around mindlessly but each of his clones were getting into position to finally attack.

“Should I?” Alex began to question himself. Should he show his true strength? Or should he just delay it for as long as possible?

“Fu*k it” he thought to himself. “I’ll just fight to the best of my ability without relying on that power.”

All five of Alex’s clones including himself, touched the floor. The floor rumbled and a shockwave of earth blasted toward Kachi.

Kachi lept into the air to avoid the shockwave but Alex had predicted that already. So two of the clones adjusted their attacks to control the earth, releasing spikes the size of a telephone pole to be shot toward Kachi.

Kachi sneered at Alex for his pathetic attempt. The twenty javelin-like spikes were easily broken with his saber.

Kachi’s voice roared out “Do you know the difference between a first rate school and a second rate school? It is not just the students but the resources too! Have you even heard of the elemental laws?”

Alex didn’t reply because what Kachi said was actually a true fact. Learning laws is a lot harder then just cultivating. This was the difference between a first rate school and a second rate school.

Second rate schools referred to the acceptance of students through the government of the land, similar to Earth’s public school system. While a first rate school were more of a private institution accepted by the Government. Therefore the funds for a first rate school and a second rate school were vastly different.

To hire a teacher that would instruct the students in the elemental laws would cost a hundred times more qi stones than hiring a teacher to guide students in cultivation. Normally a cultivator would personally learn the laws when they reach Heaven’s realm but starting early would give you an enormous head start.

Sadly though that might be true for every other student but Alex’s teacher was Dr. Harris a genius spell master, and a Heaven realm cultivator. Alex continued to smile and defend.

Kachi’s close quarter combat became increasingly savage, but thankfully having five extra clones of himself helped Alex tremendously. Especially since the laws of the earth were well hidden in his defense and attacks.

“He can’t hold on much longer.” Principle Jenny thought to herself. Jenny could feel that Alex’s rate of qi depletion was five times Kachi’s due to the clones. Furthermore, there were five stages worth of difference between the two. Add all that together Jenny figured that Alex would be able to last at least one or two more minutes at this intensity.

Kachi himself was feeling quite surprised that Alex was able to keep him in a deadlock for so long. Besides he could feel that Alex was still holding back and wasn’t using his full strength to compete with him. As he used the light element to heal his arm, his attacks became increasingly brutal.

Two minutes passed and Alex’s eyes had a slight shade of red in them. His physical strength was actually increasing bits by bits.

“Stop!” a voice transmission rang in Alex’s ears.

Like someone dumping an ice cold bucket of water over him he snapped out of it and his eyes returned back to normal.

“I give up!” Alex yelled out as he jumped backwards to evade incoming attacks.

“Winner Kachi!” the referee yelled out. “Final contestant from Quincy Middle School Wei Lintian get on stage! Toronto Middle School do you need to sub?”

Lintian walked up to the stage like he had been there for the whole thing. His hair blowing against the breeze and his clothes fluttering like he was a sage descending onto the mortal world.

“Huh? When did he get here?” Principle Jenny wondered. She then checked her watch and saw that there was still twenty minutes before the said time.

“Hey Jenny, how are the students holding up?” Harris asked.

“How you did get here so fast?” Jenny asked in surprise cutting straight to the point.

“It’s a long story.” Harris chuckled.

“Forty minutes isn’t that long.” Jenny stated sternly.

“Lets watch for now.” Harris said, as he smiled mysteriously. While mentally he still couldn’t believe what had actually happened.

Lintian stood on the stage casting his gaze outward waiting for his opponent.

“We are going to send Adu to sub for Kachi!” the Toronto representative declared.

Adu walked back onto the stage no longer holding that arrogant air anymore. Just from the first two fights, he could clearly tell that the individual in front of him was vastly stronger than the last two that came up onto the stage. If he held that earlier arrogance like Kachi then he might suffer the same humiliation.

Adu felt like he could beat Alex but not that easily. In addition with the way Alex and this Lintian’s eyes interacted, he could tell that there was a vast amount of respect from Alex’s eyes. Therefore he could only conclude that Lintian was definitely stronger than Alex by a wide margin. Whether it’s to the point that Lintian can beat him that was not known until the future.

“Whenever you’re ready.” Lintian said politely.

“Sure, be careful I won’t be going easy on you.” Adu replied getting into a stance.

Lintian’s eyebrows raised a bit in surprise. He was actually expecting Adu to be haughty and arrogant like the other first rate school students here.

“That’s fine. I like a challenge.” Lintian responded.

“Start!” the referee yelled out.

Lintian’s dragon eyes activated and he carefully watched Adu’s movement like an eagle stalking its prey.

Adu used his movement technique to the limit and his quickest strike. Creating multiple afterimages of himself trying to get a surprise drop on Lintian.

Little did he know Lintian’s eyes made it so that Adu might as well not even bother using a movement technique.

With zero waste in movements Lintian took one step and unleashed a palm strike.


Adu didn’t even have time to react before the strike appeared on his chest sending him flying out of the arena and into another arena a hundred meters away.

“Oops.” Lintian didn’t expect a stage six Master realm expert from a first rate school to be this weak.

The referee stared in a dumbfounded manner. Never in his wildest dreams did expect a first rate school student to be struck out in one hit. “Could it just be luck?” The referee wondered.

“Hey ref, can you call out the winner?” Alex called out loudly, interrupting the referee’s daydream.

“Huh? Uh yes. Winner Wei Lintian!” he shouted. “Toronto send up your next fighter!”

The representative looked at Kachi and then at the youth next to him. “You’re gonna have to go up. Kachi’s arm is still injured.”

“Useless” the youth swore.

The youth got up and walked onto the stage.

“My name is Jon Vladimith, and I will be the next participant.” the youth said to the referee.

“Battle begin!” the referee shouted out loudly and proudly. Since he saw that more and more people were gathering around this platform. This was due to Adu being sent to another battle field that was a hundred meters away. Even a battle between first rate schools didn’t cause such a scene much less a second rate school.

“I’ll give you a chance!” Jon’s arrogant voice echoed across the platform. “Draw your weapon and give me your best because this will be the last battle you fight.”

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