Asura Book 2 Chapter 41

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Edited by: Ward

Book 2 Chapter 41:Fifteen Year Old King Realm Cultivator

Hearing Rashu suddenly shout Lintian accidentally swallowed them all down.

“Uncle Rashu! What are you shouting for!” Lintian yelled back in the heat of the moment.

“Quickly sit down and start refining it!” Rashu shouts back. “Who eats profound pills like candy?” Rashu curses rolling his eyes. Originally Lintian was supposed to eat one pill every thirty minutes, not all seven at the same time.

Lintian realizes how stupid it was to pop seven profound pills into his mouth, but Rashu had such a calming, everything will be okay voice, that he somehow subconsciously wasn’t cautious of the consequences. It just felt so right at the time. It was like watching a very interesting show on TV and by the time you realize it you have literally ate, and drank everything in the room.

“Quickly activate your qi dan to absorb it.”

Lintian went into his qi dan smoothly and as the seven pills gushed out tidal wave after tidal wave of elemental, and yin yang qi, Lintian could feel his stomach bloating up. Normally a person should only refine one sort of qi at a time but this was like a tsunami, tornado, and all of the natural disasters you can think of happening at the same time.

Lintian activated his the qi dan in his dantian. Immediately the grade 11 qi dan known as the galaxy dan began to rotate. Once this rotation happened the qi from the seven set rainbow pill were sucked into the galaxy like a great whirlpool.

While that happened Lintian began to pick out the yin yang qi to refine. He was refining them at a rapid pace, but he notices that his cultivation technique cannot keep up. He only managed to refine one strain for every hundred, the rest went straight into his Galaxy dan.

Then another weird event happened that Lintian did not expect. The yin yang qi were also shooting toward the two dantians from the nine sun reserve divine ability. Also about 3 percent of the elemental qi were divided up into seven different elements and each one was flowing towards the six egg shaped dantians that were still locked. The lightning element shot into the first nine sun reserve dantian that Lintian opened up along side the yin yang qi. While the fire element shot toward the second dantian Lintian awoken alongside the yin yang qi. The other five shot out at five of the egg shaped seeds. The last egg shaped seed was alone and didn’t absorb anything. It just floated there like a lifeless moon.

Another thing, that escaped Lintian, was that his dragon blood in his system was feeding off the energy. The remnant was entering his blood, bones, and muscles.

Due to Lintian being completely focused he didn’t even notice Dr. Harris coming in. Dr. Harris saw the elemental fluctuation in Lintian and decided to just sit there and watch in case anything happened to this treasure of his.

Meanwhile while all this was going on, the six people that Lintian beat up in the alley way were crawling back to their boss to report their failure.

“Boss Chang he is too strong,” one of the robbers cried.

“F*cking trash!” Boss Chang cursed at them. “Six on one and you couldn’t do sh*t. I got four idiots who can’t even set up a gambling ring properly. Now I got six b*tches who can’t even take out a stage one Master realm cultivator. Did you at least find out who he was before you came crawling back like a dog?”

The martial realm person immediately came out and reports, “Yes we did our research into him. His name is Wei Lintian. He is from a second rate school and will be turning fifteen soon. He came from a second rate school call Quincy Middle school. He is also participating in the upcoming first rate school competition.”

“Is that all you got?” Boss Chang glares. “Even a monkey can find that information on the internet. I NEED DETAILS!”

Another person from the beaten group came forward. “From what I gathered he is the strongest contender for his school. Furthermore he is a fire elemental cultivator. He has no known girlfriends.” The guy went on to blather a bunch of useless details.

Boss Chang looked at them coldly. They could feel themselves freeze just from their boss’s glance.

“Go call my son Karlier,” boss Chang coldly said to his assistant. “You six have lost a lot of face for my Sumirika sect. I won’t kill you, but you will spend the next six months in detention.”

A couple minutes later a young boy that looked to be eighteen or nineteen years old came walking out. He was actually only fifteen years old. His body exuded a sharp qi that could easily be identified.

“Father, why have you called for me?” Karlier asks.

“Son, you broke through?” Chang asks in surprise.

“Yes, I broke through just this morning and was waiting until tonight to tell you in private,” Karlier said respectfully.

“How confident are you in winning the first rate school competition?” Chang asked his son.

“As long as no other King realm appears then I am one hundred percent certain I will win.”

“Then I have a task for you. I need you to cripple a certain boy from a second rate school for me. Sending out high level experts to deal with this boy might attract the city protector’s attention. If you can get one of your friends to intervene and cripple him during the match then naturally the city can’t do anything about it,” Chang said slyly.

“Who is this boy that would stress out father so much?”

“His name is Lintian,” Chang said and sends a picture to his son through the watch on his wrist. “His current cultivation is only stage one but he has the ability to fight against stage three and possibly stage four cultivators too.”

“Cha, only stage one and these servants can’t even deal with him,” Karlier said in disdain. “Father I will immediately message my friends to take care of him. Furthermore I will not be at the competition opening day, my teammates will be able to win tomorrow’s opening battle.”

“That is fine. Take care of it well.”

“How is big brother Jolon doing in the Tian academy?” Karlier asks.

“Your big brother is a big disappointment. He is still a follower in the academy and has not been accepted as a formal disciple. I hope you don’t disappoint me too.”

“I will do my best not to,” Karlier said emotionlessly. “I will take my leave for now father.” He bows and left.

Two days later Lintian emerges from his cultivation, his cultivation broke through to the second stage of the Master realm. Furthermore his dantian was already half full. Normally medicinal pills are only fifty percent effective for Lintian due to his Asura body, but for some reason he was able to absorb all 100 percent of this seven set rainbow pill.

The moment Lintian woke up from his cultivation Harris was there to greet him.

“Are you hungry?” Harris asks Lintian.

“Actually I am starving,” Lintian replies back happily.
“Then let’s hurry up and eat. The competition has already started. We need at least an hour to get there. I didn’t want to move you due to your state of cultivation.”

“WHAT IT ALREADY STARTED?” Lintian gasps in surprise. “How are they doing?”

“So far we are doing fine but in another hour we will be facing a first rate school as our last match.”

“Let’s go then,” Lintian said anxiously. He didn’t make this breakthrough to lose without even participating.

As Lintian opens the door to leave a wave of qi came rushing in. This was due to Lintian draining the room of qi when he was cultivating.

Harris leads Lintian to a car at the front of the hotel. Once they got in Harris brought out a feast from his interspatial ring.

Harris’ phone began to ring, he picked it up, “hello?”


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