Asura Book 2 Chapter 40

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Written by: Jhzang

Edited by: Ward

Book 2 Chapter 40 – Seven Set Rainbow Pill

“Yeah you can go,” Yan said. “We’ll have to hang out sometime to whore and eat.” Yan winks at Lintian. Ting Ting’s expression turns from a calm smile to a disappointed smile. In that one change of expression Lintian could not identify the reason but he could tell it was not contempt but disappointment.

“Definitely Brother Yan,” Lintian replies sincerely.

“Did I say you can go?” Shi asks in a commanding tone.

“Shi you don’t want father to get involved in this do you?”

“Are you going to keep threatening with father every time you can’t get your way?” Shi glares.

“No, if you weren’t in the wrong then you wouldn’t care even if I called father right now.”

“I’ll let him go this time, but if I see him again,” Shi said with a sneer. “I won’t be so kind.”

“Thank you, I will take my leave now,” Lintian said mockingly and left through the front door.

“Uncle Rashu what was their level of strength?” Lintian mentally asks.

“That James kid was only 1st stage of master realm. The two guards were both fourth stage of the King’s realm but they were at least one hundred and fifty years old. That Shi kid was in the third stage of the King’s realm. Not bad. That Yan Zifeng kid is only seventeen years old and he is already half a step away from stage three of the King’s realm. He probably entered the King’s realm when he was around fifteen years old. A talent that is one out of one hundred million by your human standards.”

“So he is really that strong?”

“Definitely, unless you’re in the first stage of the King’s realm I highly doubt you will be able to even beat him. You running away with your tail between your leg is possible, but beating him, unless some miracle happens, I highly doubt it. You can already tell from his mentality and movement that his combat prowesses is extremely high and might be comparable to yours.”

“Mhmm, I’ll take things one step at a time,” Lintian said profoundly. “There’s no need for me to compete with him.”

“Thats right. So let’s go make that pill,” Rashu grins.

“Aren’t we going to need equipment, like a cauldron?”

“Oops forgot. Then let’s go buy one.”

It took another hour or two before Lintian finally bought everything and headed back to the hotel.

“Uncle Rashu, I’m poor again,” Lintian pouts.


After closing the door and sealing the whole room with a rank two spell Lintian began to set everything up. Kyuri was helping too in his dragon form.

“Boss, good thing it’s a big room,” Kyuri said.

“Yeah, I didn’t think I would be making pills before the competition. Uncle Rashu how come you’re able to make pills, an extremely talented spell master and even a genius cultivator?”

“I thought I told you this before, I lived for a long time and you tend to get bored easily. Plus nine tail fox are innately intelligent. That’s why it’s hard for us to reproduce and any child is regarded as a treasure. Well alchemy isn’t really anything. Just gotta study and practice a lot. Your talented in all three fields too, why even bother asking me.”

“True. So how do I get started? This is a rank four pill so I don’t think I will be able to make it. I’m not even rank three yet.”

“Don’t worry if you can’t make it, I wouldn’t even recommend it. Kyuri will be controlling the fire, and you do the ingredients, I’ll help you along the way. Make sure to bring out all the firewood you bought, there’s no time to bring it out from the tele ring. Plus you’re gonna have to be one hell of an alchemist when you forge me a new body,” Rashu teases at the end.

“Alright,” Lintian said and brought out everything he bought from the store.

“Start blowing the fire to four thousand degrees to heat up the cauldron, Lintian throw in 10 fireworks,” Rashu commands.

The temperature of the room heated up instantly. If it was anyone else in the room they would have suffered third degree burns. Good news is that this room has a godly air conditioning system, the window is also open and Lintian laid down a cooling array in advance. Therefore the temperature in the room right now is only around 200 degrees.

“Take the basic ingredients and throw them into the water to be heated.”

“Now use your qi to mix the ingredients into the water.”

“Kyuri lower the temperature to three thousand degrees and Lintian throw an oak smoke wood log into the fire.”

These instructions continue on for ten minutes until the liquid inside the cauldron became a purplish color.

“This is the most important part, you need to control the liquid inside this cauldron into tiny streams that will enter into the bamboo itself. Kyuri keep the temperature stable.”


Lintian split his mind into two. He controlled the bamboo with one mind and with the other mind he sent his qi into it to map out the veins of the bamboo. Then he placed mental energy in certain spots so he doesn’t have to actively control each vein of the bamboo since there were actually more than a thousand veins and each were less than a millimeter thick.

“Good job so far. Keep it up.”

When the one thousand two hundred and thirty-six veins were completely navigated and had his mental energy Lintian began to control the water to enter.

If this was any other alchemist they would be mentally exhausted by now. It is thanks to Lintian’s rank three soul that he wasn’t mentally exhausted. In life everything is interconnected with one another you just have to figure out the how.

The liquid began to circulate the bamboo like it had a beating heart. As time passes both Kyuri and Lintian’s qi were dwindling.

The bamboo began to glow purple and bloom. Seven balls of rainbow color energy flew out.


Hearing Rashu yell Lintian knew this was an important step. He immediately did it.


Lintian did just that.

“I’ll take over from here,” Rashu said. “Now watch carefully.”

Rashu invaded Lintian’s body and mentally took over. Lintian went into a deep part of his mind and watched Rashu’s movement like he was watching TV.

Rashu controlled all seven at the same time and began merging and condensing the energy and physical object into a pill. Then he controlled the liquid inside the cauldron and had the pill absorb every single drop of essence in it. In two minutes Rashu condensed seven of these pills. Each Pill was a little different but all seven had a rainbow stripe to them.

“This is call the seven set rainbow pill. After you finish eating all seven your qi dan will be nourished with all seven element of nature and you will be in stage two of the master realm. The main thing is your qi dan being nourished. As for your cultivation it will rise no matter what anyway. It is just a matter of time.”

“I only have two days left before the competition starts. I don’t think I will be able to ingest them all in time,” Lintian said in a worry tone.

“Don’t worry about it. Your dan tian is very different from everyone else’s. What applies for them does not apply for you.”


“You will be digesting all seven of them and take two days to refine all seven of them,” Rashu said with a cunning smile like he was genius.

“All seven?” Lintian replies in disbelief. Just from refining it Lintian could already tell how potent the energy inside was. Lintian was imagining himself bloating up like a puffer fish after eating it.

“Lintian relax a bit, your uncle Rashu has thought everything through,” Rashu chuckles.

“Okay then,” Lintian said, and took all seven pills and popped them into his mouth like he was eating candy.


“Lintian spit them back out!” Rashu cries out in alarm.

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