Asura Book 2 Chapter 39

 Book 2 Chapter 39: No Value

Josh looks at Lintian and then looks at the young master that just rushed in. His face was scrunch together implying his dilemma. Seeing his facial reaction Lintian could already tell sh*t was about to go down.

Josh finally took a deep breath and said, “Young Master James, I am sorry to say that the last stalk of the grade four bamboo is being brought by Mr. Lintian right here.”

From Josh’s perspective he handled this situation very smoothly, but Lintian saw the cunning meaning behind his words. Josh basically delegated the problem from him to Lintian. By saying the last stalk is being brought by Lintian he is telling James that he has no control of the situation since the company policy is first come first serve and he does not have control of the situation. The key word was “being” since that implies the process is still going on and Lintian has the power to say, “no don’t want it Young Master James can have it.”

“Hey peasant,” James shouts arrogantly.

Lintian frowns in disappointment.

“I’m generous today. Give me the stalk and I am willing to pay double the price you paid.”

Lintian sighs to himself and then said in a calm tone that was not to fast and not too slow. “I am sorry but I need this stalk at the moment. I will have to respectably decline since money is the problem.”

“You!” He shouts in rage. “You don’t know whats good for you. I am being nice by giving you a mere peasant face and you throw mud on mine?”

Give me face? Calling me a peasant is giving me face? Lintian thought. Still being nice Lintian replies, “if I have offended you somehow I am sorry but currently I do urgently need this. How about you come back another time and they might have it or go to a differently medical store.” While Lintian was saying all that he was handing Josh the money to pay for everything.

“If you’re not willing to hand it over then you force my hand peasant.”

Stop with these clique lines please, Lintian mentally rolls his eyes. “Force your hand? I’m sorry but if your gonna cry to your dad then you have no qualification to even talk to me.” Lintian was through playing nice.

“Hmph! Who needs my daddy when I got the owner of the bio-medical hall on speed dial.”

Lintian finish the transaction with Josh and handed Jon a thousand qi stone as a tip. It was bit extravagant but for Josh to be willing to even continue the exchange in front of this pampered buffoon shows his honest personality. A person can be cunning but they must only have loyalty and honesty if not they would be no better than a thief or villain.
Once the exchange was finish Lintian began to walk out the door ignoring the raging buffoon.

“You stop right there!” A deep voice echoes through the room. The voice was lace with qi making it appear domineering.

Lintian stops in his footsteps because this voice that was lace with qi was actually in the King’s realm. Lintian turns around and saw someone that nearly made him gasp in surprise. It was a guy about 34 years old dressed in a black scaled dragon suit. The reason Lintian knows it is real dragon scale is because the scale resonance with Lintian’s dragon bloodline. This was that boss from earlier. So he wasn’t just some gang boss after all. No wonder he left so easily after being threaten when I said I called the police.

“Its you again,” the man in the black dragon scale said amusingly. “James is this the kid that took what you wanted?”

“It is him brother Shi,” Josh replies in a respectful tone. It was a lot more mature than before.

“Kid I suggest you hand him the grade 4 bamboo stalk and apologize. If not you might lose the cart chasing a horse.” It seems that he was still mad about earlier today.

Lintian could read between the lines easily since he didn’t even try that hard to mask his threats. Basically he was saying this is my territory and if you don’t listen to what I say not only will you get a beating but you will also lose the everything you have on you.

“Is this how the Bio-Medical hall does business? No core values everything is done on a whim? Begging like a whore for a sausage,” Lintian said mockingly. He had no grievance, hatred or any negative thoughts toward whores since even they have their values. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to survive.

Lintian could see Shi’s facial feature change showing that he was enraged.

“Guards take this brat to the dungeon!” Shi shouts.

Two King realm pressure came flooding out restriction Lintian’s movements and puts him under immense pressure.

Lintian felt threaten and that his life was on the line. That might have been a stupid move on my part, Lintian thought to himself. He didn’t think that two King realm experts would be guards.

“Hahaha sister Ting Ting what are you complaining about. It was hilarious. Did you not watch him fly like an idiot,” a familiar voice snuck into the room.

“Can you be mature! Dad said that if you keep fooling around like that he will remove you from the succession.”

“You know I don’t care about that crap. I’m like 9th in line let Shi and elder brother Fei compete for it or Tifi is not that bad either,” a scholarly looking youth said while strolling in. “Mhmm whats going on here?”

Lintian saw that it was actually Yan Zifeng that he met this morning or earlier today. What are the chances?

“Oh brother Lintian what are you doing here? You’re not some crazy stalker that fell in love with me are you? I don’t swing that way…”

“I don’t swing that way either…”

“Yan! Calling an outsider brother? Have you no shame!” Shi said in disgust.

“Big brother Shi chill. Whats the big deal. I can call whoever I want brother,” Yan replies in a happy tone while secretly helping Lintian bear the pressure. “So whats going on? Why is Lintian my friend being pressured by two King realm guards?”

“Your friend here is a thief. Taking things that don’t belong to him. Then disrespecting the bio-medical hall.”

“Respect is earn not given,” Lintian criticized.

“Brother Lintian what happen explain it to me,” Yan asks.

“That kid over there came running in here when I was in the middle my transaction with Josh and demanded that I hand over the grade four bamboo stalk to him. He offered me double the price but I refuse. Then he could this guy here down and since he doesn’t listen to reason and decided to be a bias asshole.”

“Brother Shi if my friend Lintian already brought it then he is not a thief. Let him go or our family will lose a lot of face if this goes public. Dad will probable be piss. This idiot your helping hasn’t even grown hairs yet. Your like 35 this year why are you even helping a 15 year old fight his battle. Even I might have to look down on you if you keep this up,” Yan said. He already had the gist of the situation when he came in. He saw the momma’s boy James and he saw his brother on the stairs and had a vague sense of the situation. Further Shi is engaged to Jame’s older sister so helping out her little brother is right but sometimes you can’t be bias.

“James leave for now. I’ll have a little chat with my little brother.”

“Brother Shi I will take my leave for now. Please help me out,” James said.

“Are you still in love with that arrogant b*tch?” Yan asks. “You do know she will never love you back right? All you have is your daddy’s money and nothing else. No talent, no drive, no maturity, no brain. There are no redeeming quality to you. While she is the number one student in the first rate school and has a background only slightly weaker than your’s. Take my advise forget about her you have no chance. You need to grow up and mature.”

Jame looks at Yan hateful and left.
“Why did have to say that to his face?” Shi glares.

“It was the truth. You can’t baby them forever.”

“And you can’t fool around forever. You don’t know that I know what you are doing everyday outside?

“Eating and f*cking? These are two of life greatest joy,” Yan shrugs.

Ting Ting was watching from the side. She can’t stand the way Yan always demeans himself. She saw Yan for what he really is. A talented, brilliant, gentle and loving brother who doesn’t want to get into the family succession conflict. Who just wants a peaceful life and that is the reason he always does stupid things outside, and gets into trouble but none the trouble he gets into defaces the Zifeng clan in the slightest.

“So can I go?” Lintian asks.

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    But this looks interesting too!

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    How’s the schedule for this novel…when’s d nxt chapter coming out…I am really enjoying it….

    • Since its an original, the author actually thinks, plans and writes it.. 🙂
      He is trying to do a minimum of 3 chapters per weak, but could be more depending on his time…
      But the thing is, These past 2-4 days, he has been travelling due to some personal reason, not allowing him to have time to release a chapter.. 🙂
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