Asura Book 2 Chapter 38

 Book 2 Chapter 38: One Trouble After Another

The underling tries to get out of Lintian’s grip but notices that his arm felt weak.

The moment Lintian gripped his hand Lintian has been slowly releasing lightning essence into this underling’s arm weakening his arm.

“Who the fuck are you?” he growls.

“Just a passerby,” Lintian answers.

The giant next to him raises his fist and swung it towards Lintian at a great speed. Chelsie’s face turn white in fear for Lintian.

Lintian’s dragon eyes gloss it over and his hand flew out and directly block the incoming fist.


“I’ll say it again. I just called the police. If you don’t want any trouble leave now or when the police gets here you can deal with the consequences.”

The giant and his peers were in a bit of a daze seeing Lintian block that fist which contained seventy percent of his full power. They had probed Lintian early and only felt a stage one or two master realm qi. Furthermore his cultivation was four stages above his. This reality should not have happen.

The guy in the black scale dragon suit let out a sneer and said, “lets go.”

The underlings did not question the boss at all and follows.

Lintian had an instinctive feeling that Victor was going to talk again so before Victor could let out a squeak a brick appear in Lintian’s hand and whipped it toward Victor’s face. Bang and it knocked him out.

After they left Lintian turns around, “Chelsie are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine. Are you okay?”

“Yeah. What are you guys doing here?” Lintian asks pretending he didn’t listen in earlier.

“Oh my brother is a representative for a first rate school,” Chelsie said. “So I came to cheer both of you on.”

Lintian couldn’t believe someone this weak could be in a first rate school. If so then this competition is gonna be easier than he thought.

“Oh, ok. Lets get something to eat all that fighting worked up an appetite,” Lintian said cheerfully.

“Okay,” Chelsie said happily forgetting all about her brother and Danial.

The waiter came back looking around all confused. Where did that boy go? After looking again he saw that Lintian sat together with another group.

For a while they ate happily but it was finally time to depart. Lintian still has to get his strength to the second stage of the Master realm.

After saying his goodbyes Lintian departs with Chelsie and her group.

“Lintian there is a group of people stalking you,” Rashu warns. With his superior soul strength he could easily sense these weak stalkers.

“What are their strength levels?”

“Two in the martial realm. 4 in the Master realm. Stages 2, 4, 4, and 5. Barely counts as a rank 1 soul.”

“Their manageable then,” Lintian said playful. As he walks further and further down the street Lintian uses his soul to perceive his surroundings and was walking into an area that was less and less crowded. Then he took a sharp turn into an alley.

“You guys can come out now,” Lintian said.

One appear from right behind Lintian going for a sneak attack. Except Lintian already knew each and everyone of their locations. Lintian simply grabs the martial realm cultivator’s head and slams him to the wall.

“Anyone else want a light beating?” Lintian sneers.

Light beating? Those stalkers thought nearly vomiting blood. The guy was knocked with a bruise that could be it’s own mountain.

Seeing, that they were sent to do a job they could not back down.

Both of the stage four master realm expert appears from the shadows striking Lintian but Lintian simply uses his fancy footwork to dodge. The attacks were too predictable and slow. He hasn’t even activated his dragon eyes yet and he doesn’t even feel threaten.

Lintian instead chose to use the first stage of the soul penetrating first as an attack. Breaking a couple bones here and there. Then Lintian vanishes and appears before the martial realm cultivation and knocks him out too.

“And then there were two,” Lintian said relaxingly but to those two stalkers it sounded like the devil’s whisper. This little boy was the embodiment of the seven hells coming to claim their lives.
A couple minutes later Lintian walks out of the dark alley way extremely satisfied. It has been a whole week since he was able to release the pent up adrenaline in his body. The fight earlier today was not even a challenge since even through that person has a high cultivation. His skills simple did not match his cultivation. These guys were easier but due to how many there were he had to think and move with a purpose.

“Hey Lintian since you got a bit of money now I have a way to increase your cultivation to stage two in a span of 3 days,” Rashu said.

“Uncle Rashu how?” Lintian asks.

“We’re going to make a pill for you.”

“What kind of pill?”

“A pill that will bring you to stage two.”

“Whats it call through?” Lintian kept asking to pry more information out of him.

“Lets go to a medical shop to get the herbs first.”


Lintian got to the medical center. It was a big pagoda like tower that stretches for 20 floors. From the looks of it the building itself does not fit into the modern looking buildings around it.

Walking into the medical shop Lintian glances around at all the herbs, and alchemist items on display. This was only the first floor so the things on display were rather low class.

“Hi sir how can I help?” a young looking man came over asking.

“I need to buy some ingredients I was wondering if you can help me,” Lintian asks politely.

“My name is Josh what is your name sir?” Josh asks.


“Lintian this is Bio Medical Hall the number store for alchemist and spell masters. I can guarantee that if you can’t get it here you can’t get it anywhere. So Mr. Lintian what ingredients can I get for you?” Josh said out proudly.

Rashu began to name the ingredient to Lintian.

“I need a grade one jade phorism, a grade two popo flower, 5 ounce of snake blood,” Lintian continues. He lists of about 25 ingredients. “Last I need a grade 4 longevity bamboo stalk.”

“Right away sir,” Josh replies.

Rashu was in the necklace dead silent and mentally watching for Lintian’s reaction.

Lintian stood to the side humming to himself while looking around as he waited for Josh to come. Lintian did not find Rashu’s silence strange since he is normally silent anyway.

It took about 15 minutes but Josh finally came back with all the ingredients.

“Mr. Lintian here are all the ingredients. This is actually the last stalk of grade 4 longevity bamboo until next month,” Josh said holding up a sturdy brown looking bamboo plant.

“No problem, how much is everything all together?”

“254,633 qi stones sure.”

Lintian’s expression was still calm but mentally his jaw dropped to the floor and were popping out.


Rashu chuckles to himself mentally. The reason he didn’t tell Lintian about the price was because of this reason. If Lintian heard the price and ingredients before hand he would have not likely gone to buy it.

“No problem I’ll take it then,” Lintian said miserably but still kept up the poker face as he fish into his ring for the debit card. The debit card appears in Lintian’s hand and it gave off a deep sea blue sapphire glow. Lintian handed it to Josh for him to take out the correct amount.


A boy about 15 to 16 years old came barging through the door.

“You!” He pointed at Josh.

“Me?” Josh replies in surprise.

“Hurry and go find me a stalk of grade four longevity bamboo stalk. And hurry it up!”

Josh had a complicated look to his face since he was just about to sell it to Lintian.

Lintian had only one thought in his mind right now. Ah f*ck it!

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