Asura Book 2 Chapter 36

 Book 2 Chapter 36: General Headstone

After Yan Zifeng and his sister left Lintian went back to the girl and had his beast box seal removed. The girl then puts on a new seal so the guards and police force of the capital would know he is authorized to release his companion into the public.

The next thing he has to do was meet this General Headstone at the mercenary quarters.

“Hi miss I was wondering if it possible for me to meet general headstone?” Lintian asks the girl name Martha behind the counter.

“Sorry, Mr. Wei but only certain people are allowed to meet General Headstone, but I can pass a message to him for you,” Martha replies respectfully. She saw her friend and overheard that this boy was with young Master Zifeng.

“You can just tell him songbird,” Lintian said. He remembers Harris telling him to pass on the words Songbird to him. Either way one of the two task given would be completed.

“Alright. If Mr. Wei can just wait in the waiting room I will sent general Headstone a message and if he wants to meet you I will let you know.”

“Thank you,” Lintian said and went to the waiting area.

A short while later, about 2 minutes to be precise the door opens and a young girl whose about the same age as Lintian came through the door. Her long jet black hair that somehow glistens in this averagely lit room. Her face was like a painting from a divine artist. Her body from top to bottom was like the works of a sculpture God. Even Lintian could not help but be sent into a daze. His heart dancing to the beats of a rapidly played drum solo.

“Is there a boy Lintian in here? My master wishes to meet with you,” the girl announces. Her voice was beautifully tranquil like a siren’s allure.

“Ah, I’m Lintian,” Lintian said waking up from his beautiful daze.

“Follow me,” she said coquettishly that would have sent any men into a stupor.

“Yes,” Lintian replies a little awkwardly.

As Lintian follows behind her he couldn’t help but stare at those nice round and firm rear buns. They were just jiggling up, down, up, down, up down, as she walk it just becomes too entrancing.

Lintian tries with all his might to avoid looking and having any dirty thoughts but he is still a young boy in puberty and couldn’t control himself. Some of the thoughts slipped through. Lintian’s mind tries to become as frigid as possible.

As they walk up those stairs it became even worse. Those round firm rear buns became even more hypnotic. The little bastard between his legs couldn’t help but get stiff. A bulge suddenly appears upon his pant.

After what seems like a decade they finally arrive in front of General Headstones office. Lintian pinches himself to snap himself out of it.

“Master is waiting for you inside,” this girl said to Lintian.

“Okay,” Lintian replies finally in control of himself again. The pressure of appearing like a pervert in front of a powerful figure helped lower his primal instincts.

Lintian opens the door and inside he saw a large glass window, a levitating chair facing the window, a magnificent desk behind the chair, and pictures of beautiful women in exotic poses framed all around the wall.

Oh god what did I get myself into, Lintian thought to himself.

“Your name is Lintian?” a deep voice sounded out from in front of the chair.

“Yes, sir,” Lintian replies thinking that it is General Headstone in the chair.

“What do you think of all these women?”

“Sorry sir repeat that one more time?” Lintian asks not believing his ears.

“What do you think of the women in the pictures I have?”

“I think they are very beautiful sir,” Lintian replies respectfully.

“Haha, still young, still young. Harris should have something for me right?”

“Yes sir.”

“Put it on the table.”

Lintian walks over and placed the 3 by 2 inch chip on the table. Then he took a couple steps back respectfully.

The chip floated into the air and then to the front of the chair. Then Lintian heard a buzzing noise and then it stops.

“Lintian I am gonna ask you a series of questions and I want you to answer carefully,” General Headstone said his tone changes into a more serious tone.

Lintian’s body tensed up.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good first question,” he said as he leaks out an invisible pressure upon Lintian.

Lintian’s body clenched together. It felt like someone took an armor of weights and puts it all on him at the exact same time.

“When were you born?”

“May 12th 4000ZD.”

The pressure increased.

“What level is your cultivation right now?”

“Master realm first stage,” Lintian answers. The pressure was still bearable to him.

The pressure increased again.

“What school are you thinking of attending next year?”

“Tian Academy in the Confederate States of China,” Lintian replies his teeth grinding among each other.

The intensity of the pressure increased again. It was to the point that Lintian began to circulate his qi to his limit and yet his bones still felt like it was being grind together.

“Do you really believe that you a child from a second rate school has the qualifications to enter?”

“Whether I believe it or not does not matter. Its whether I have the ability or not. I don’t believe I will enter. I know I will enter,” Lintian growled.

The pressure increased again.

One of Lintian’s knee nearly bent down.

“Hurry use the Nine Sun Reserve Lintian!” Rashu shouts in Lintian’s mind.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Lintian fuses with one of the Dantian. The increase of Lintian’s cultivation mitigated half of the pressure.

Headstone’s eyebrow raises in surprise.

“Not bad, not bad. Now for the most serious question of all,” General Headstone said his tone turns dead serious.

“Go ahead.”

“Are you a virgin?”

“Huh?” Lintian replies feeling out of place. Lintian instinctively wanted to say no but he said, “Yes?”

The intensity increased again and Lintian fused the second Dantian.

“Not bad. Two more questions left. Do you like butts or boobies?”

“I’m sorry what?” Lintian asks again. All of these out of place questions kept throwing him off.

“Do you like butts or boobs?” He said again. “Answer careful. Answer wrong and I might have to kill you.”

Lintian felt the intensity of this whole situation. What the f*cking hell did Harris get me into again. Lintian calm down, he said to himself. He looks around the wall. Then notices the pictures again. Before he was trying not to look but now he examines each picture inch by inch.

One picture shows an extremely beautiful with her butt out like she was going twerk. Another picture shows a girl with her body flat on the floor and her butt stick up. Another one shows the side of a girl’s melon size boobs and a great view of her butt. In the 21 pictures in the room 4 pictures emphasize the boobs and the other 17 emphasizes the butt.

“I like the butt,” Lintian answers confidently. I really like the boobs a bit more than the butt through Lintian thought in his heart.

Boom! The pressure intensified great. It was to the point that it created two imprints of Lintian’s feet but Lintian withstood this pressure.

“Haha great men do think alike and now for your final question,” Headstone laughs heartily. “Why do you like the butt?”

After analyzing those pictures Lintian had already came to a conclusion. “Great butts equal great health and an intelligent mind.”

This was analyze through the style the women were posing in and what they were wearing. The ones with great butts seems to be more intelligent than those with smaller butt and great mountain peaks. Furthermore the some of those with great butts wore lab coats, glass, and head a more intelligent looking face.

The pressure instantly disappeared after Lintian gave that reply. His whole body was sweating and his muscles and even bones felt sore and aching.

“Hahahaha still young. Still too young. For now I’m satisfied with that answer but in the future you need a better answer. Your answer is just too nerdy,” Headstone laughs and sighs.

As he turns the chair around Lintian saw a little dwarf like man sitting in the chair.

You’re a midget Lintian nearly blurted out.

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