Asura Book 2 Chapter 35

 Book 2 Chapter 35: Evening Things Out

Tyler lashes out on Lintian but Lintian saw that his movements were so slow it was like waiting for a turtle to crawl to you. It was powerful but slow. Lintian simply steps to the side and dodges. The fist and flame whistles pass him but due to Lintian’s great affinity with fire the heat was of no consequence. Especially when this fire can only cause some superficial third degree burns on martial realm practitioners.

Tyler himself was trying to drag out the time to five minutes so he would win the most money from the bets placed before the match. Tyler already heard the sound transmissions from his friend. 99 percent of the people place the bet on him winning under 5 minutes. The ratio was 255.3 million to 130 thousand. If he drags out the time to 5 or 6 minutes then the 255.3 million would lose and the 130 thousand will be multiplied by 10 and he would net a profit of 254 million. This was a great scam indeed. With his 10 friends combined getting a loan from the Shark he has enough to cover everything.

Lintian dodges again but this time Lintian’s fist flew as quick and agile as a snake jabbing Tyler right on the left side of his face. A tiny bruise appears on Tyler’s face.

Lintian frowns and said, “f*ck your face is too uneven let me even it out for you.”

Another fist flew out and jabs him right on the left side of the face.

Tyler staggers backward all confuse. What the hell?

“Mhmm the left side seems to be bigger than your right side. Let your grandpa here fix it for you,” Lintian contemplated out loud.

Tyler flew into a stormy rage as pure flames envelopes his body. This place would definitely kill a martial realm cultivator in a couple of seconds.

He threw another punch forward but Lintian dodges again and a jab went pow toward Tyler’s face!

The right side was hit again!

“Fuck!” Lintian shouts and spins to the left dodging yet another flaming punch by Tyler while the back of his hand flew toward Tyler.

Smack! This rang loud and clear to the audience. Those ten friend of Tyler’s face sunk. The crowd went dead silent since they betted all their money on Tyler.

The left side of Tyler’s face burns bright red with a hand print.

“F*ck!” Lintian swore and smack him on the right!


Smack on left!

“Ugly ass b*tch!”

Smack on right!

“F*ck you’re still ugly!”

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Who the f*ck are you!?”

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!

“For my mom!” Lintian yells and launches a kick toward his balls.

“This is for father!”  Lintian yells kicking him right in the lungs.

“This is for being ugly!”

Smack! Smack! Pow! Smack! Smack! Smack!

The crowd was basically dumbfounded right now. What the hell is going? It felt so one sided just now. Some of them were thinking who the f*ck made them switch to Tyler.

“You f*cking c*nt your gonna let a kid whip your ass like a h*e mother f*cka!” a crowd member shouts.

“Piece sh*t can’t even handle a kid!”

“F*ck you and your family!”

The crowd flew into a rage at the sight of this match.

Tyler’s friends face turn completely white like they just saw the reaper of death.

Only two minutes has passed since Lintian started his beating.

During all these slaps and punches Lintian has only infuse 1/100th of his qi. It did enough damage that it cause pain but it wasn’t enough to knock Tyler out due to Tyler’s size and built.

Lintian punches him right in the guts and as Tyler’s body lurch forward Lintian a slap came flying across Tyler’s face like the morning sunrise.

Throughout this whole process Yan was laughing out crazily. Even through he betted 3 million qi stones on Tyler he doesn’t even care right now because this match was an extremely amusing show. It was entertainment at its best. The other mercenaries did not think so through. They did not have that much money too spare.

As for those who didn’t switch over they were so happy they felt like they were in a dream betting on the underdog.

At the four minute mark Tyler’s face was so bruised that his mother probable can’t even recognize him anymore. It was black and blue with the colors of the rainbow. The people who on betted on Lintian losing was now extremely worried. Their hearts were pumping like a rapidly beating drum. Sweat were coming down their forehead.

Tyler staggers around in a daze. Another 30 seconds pass without Lintian pounding on him and he came to his senses.

The moment Lintian saw that he smiled a devilish smile. The clock hit 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

“I give up!” Lintian shouts out loud.

“YEAH!” the crowd cheered out. “HAHAHA we’re rich!”
“I just tripled my wealth!” another person shout out in joy.

“This little boy is the man!” another shout out.

“Whats his name?” another asks.

“Lintian I think?” someone answers.

“Lintian! Lintian! Lintian! Lintian! Lintian! Lintian! Lintian!” every cheers in unison.

The ten scammers however had an extremely ugly face right now. They were ready to vomit blood and have their intestines explode!

Tyler however was still quite daze and couldn’t comprehend what has happen. Even through he came to his senses it was his sense to fight not comprehend. He looks around in a daze thinking why the hell is everyone cheering?

Lintian walks down the stage to collect his money. Everyone made room for him since this kid right here was their gold mine. Tripled their wealth in less than 10 minutes.

“F*ck! If I knew this was gonna happen I would have betted everything,” some of the people grumbled. Others were just happy they won but still even through some of them were grumbling they were happy they won.

“Hahaha little bro that was a classic,” Yan voice transmission sounds toward Lintian. “If you ever need a sparring partner come find me. I’ll be in the city to watching the first rate school competition.”

“Then I will have to bother brother Yan to watch after me then,” Lintian replies.

“Hahaha little brother Lintian come upstairs.”

Lintian went upstairs and found the scholarly youth with his sister.

“Little bro Lintian come over here,” he said in a voice transmission while waving to him.

Lintian lightly jogs over to them.

“Brother Yan how are you?” Lintian said warmly. He doesn’t know why but from the moment he heard his voice till now Lintian couldn’t help but feel a sense of intimacy. Like he has known him forever.

“Good, good, good. You just made me an extra 6 million qi stones hahaha,” Yan said and then brought out six hundred thousand qi stones. In his hand were six golden stones. These six stones were bright yellow. “These are worth 100 thousand each stone. Here are six of them. I should advise little brother Lintian to open up a debit card with the Mercenary association when he go get his Mercenary license.”

“Thank you for brother Yan’s advice but I original borrowed two hundred thousand qi from you to make the bet. Therefore I should only receive the difference which is four hundred thousand.”

“Hahaha no need to be so polite,” Yan said patting Lintian on the back. “From the moment I saw you I knew we were gonna be great brothers whats a little two hundred thousands qi stones to me when you helped me make 6 million qi stones in under ten minutes. Think of it this way if you didn’t tell me what to bet on then I would definitely have lost two million qi stone.”

“What about the interspacial ring I took?” Lintian asks.

“Think nothing of it. Interspacial rings can be brought for as little as 10k a brother like you is priceless.”

The girl next to him smacks her own face seeing her trying to con a little boy’s emotion. Good intentions but it seems a little overly friendly to the point if someone didn’t know any better it would like a grown man leading a child into his van.

Lintian saw that he could not change this person’s mind so Lintian decided to accept.

“Then I will thank brother Yan for his gift. If there is anything I can help with thats within my power then I will definitely help.”

“No need to take it so serious. Come I’ll help you get your Mercenary license,” Yan said warmly.

“Then I will have to thank brother Yan again.”

Lintian follows behind Yan as he approaches the window again.

“Young lord Zifeng,” the girl behind the counter greets.

“Beautiful miss if I can bother you for a couple seconds,” Yan Zifeng said gentle and warmly.

“No trouble at all,” the lady blushes. “What can I help the young lord with?”

“My younger brother here needs to register for a mercenary license,” Yan said, “and I was wondering if you might be able to help with that.”

“No problem at all. Can your brother fill out this form?”

“Of course. Little bro Lintian once you fill out this form and hand it to her you will be all set.”

Lintian receives the form and fills it out. At the bottom of the paper there was a section for him to embed his qi into it.

“Also if you don’t mind can you get him a debit card too? This will be deposited into it,” Yan said as he hands the girl the six golden qi stones.

“Yes young lord Zifeng,” the girl replies respectfully as she receives the six golden qi stones and Lintian’s form.

In but 3 minutes Lintian’s badge was formed along with a debit card. The badge was a class 4 badge. It was golden with a blue pearl in the center. The debit card on the other hand was made out of sapphire crystal that gave off a deep sea blue glister.

“Thank you very much for your help,” Lintian said sincerely.

“No problem at all. This is but a small problem,” Yan said and then suddenly his face frowned. “Little brother Lintian I am sorry but there is an emergency at home. I have to leave quickly. If we have a chance to meet in the future lets get dinner together.”

“Oh no problem at all,” Lintian replies. “It just so happens I have another task I must do so brother Yan is not rude at all. We will see each other in the future then.”

“Then we will meet again in the future,” Yan smile as he left with his sister.

After seeing Yan leave Lintian realizes something about the stupidity of those common people’s bet. If they had people an equal amount on both players then it wouldn’t matter who lose or wins. They would have made money on both. Even if the profit wasn’t maximized.

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