Asura Book 2 Chapter 34

 Book 2 Chapter 34: Leading a Wolf In Sheep Clothing Into A Group of Sheep

“Hahaha this little pussy has got some guts. Don’t regret this. Follow me and your daddy will show you what pain is,” Tyler Alika laughs as he turns around waiting for Lintian to follow.

Among the crowd the mercenaries were whispering to each other.

“This kid is dead for sure.”

“Sigh he is so young too.”

“Is this kid retarded? Did his parents drop him as a baby?”

“Should we help him out?”

“The f*ck? Do you know which guild he is from? He’s from Sumirika a rank 8 guild in this city. Unless you don’t want to stay in this city anymore I suggest we just go watch.”

“Brother will he be ok?” a girl that was about seventeen asks a scholarly young man with refine looks.

“Mhmm I think this kid will give this Tyler guy a run for his money,” the scholarly young man laughs heartily.

“Should we help him?” the girl asks.

“For now no. With those limiters on it is annoying to scan a person’s cultivation but its always a good idea to establish a link for now. I’ll probable bet some money on the kid later if that make a betting ring for this match. Lets go check what the odds are.”

“Brother really! Your gonna gamble in this kind of situation.”

“Little sis you gotta learn the best time to make money is when there is a problem,” he laughs heartily and grabs his sister’s hand.

Lintian still coldly stares at Tyler but he had a playful smile on his face. As Tyler walk away Lintian follows.

As he was following Tyler he suddenly heard a calm voice. It was not to deep and it was full of warmth.

“Little brother, I am going betting some money on you later so try to win. If you think you are going to lose raise your hand in battle and I’ll come rescue you.”

Lintian scans the room but couldn’t find who sent the voice message. This voice message is sent by using qi energy. It directs the vibration of the sound released in a specific direction. He turns on his dragon eyes to look for a qi flux.

“Little brother if you understand tap your nose twice.”

This time Lintian using his dragon eyes and found the source of this voice. It was a scholarly looking young man and next to him was a girl slightly older than Lintian himself. The couldn’t be said to be a beauty that will cause Kingdoms to collapse but she was still quite beautiful indeed.

Lintian smiles and sent a voice transmission back at him, “How should I address you sir?”

The young scholarly man had a surprise look on his face but calms down extremely quick and laughs to himself like he just heard a funny joke.

“This little brother can address me as brother Yan. How should I address little bro here?” the young scholarly man replies.

“This little one is called Lintian. Thank you for brother Yan’s concern. If it is not too much to ask would you be willing to let me borrow and empty interspacial ring that you might have? If it looks like mine it would be great?” Lintian asks politely. Lintian has a weird feeling about this whole situation and has a feeling he might need an extra interspacial ring. Then Lintian caught himself, why am I asking him for an interspacial ring to help?

“Little bro sure is funny,” the voice laughs. “I will sent a person to you right now with it.”

It took about 5 minutes they finally arrived in the underground duel arena. The brawny man went over to the desk and told one of the booth ladies there about the duel. The lady then called Lintian over to confirm. Lintian confirms it and brought out his interspacial ring.

As Lintian looks around he notices something peculiar. While everyone has a greedy face there was a group of 10 individuals setting up a betting table. Then Lintian notices one of the guy in the group. It was the same man that yelled out about the underground battle. Lintian couldn’t help but get this feeling that he has been tricked. Then a sudden thought dawn on him.

Lintian chuckles a bit to himself thinking of that possibility. It really is leading a wolf in sheep clothing into a group of sheep. They might think they are the wolves leading a sheep to their dens but I am actually the wolf being lead into a group of sheep.

Lintian realizes there is a possibility that this Tyler purposely provoked him. Then have his friend called out the duel arena to cause him to challenge him to a duel. This way it would look like it was Lintian’s idea for the duel but in reality that is what he wanted all along. They prey on the weak but sadly today the prey becomes the hunter.

“Little brother would you like me to help you place a bet for yourself?” this warm voice asks.

“If it is not too much to ask would you be willing to tell me the odds of the bet first?” Lintian asks.

“Little bro Lintian the odds are 1 to 200. If you win the amount of money you bet will instantly multiple by 200. If he wins within the 5 minute time limit the people who place their bet on him will only get 3 times of what they betted. So the betting ratio right now is 3 percent hoping you win and 97 percent hoping you lose. These ten has register this betting table with the administrators so there is no way people can run or cheat the money. Would you care to make a bet?” Yan asks.

“Yes, I would like too. Can you bet two hundred thousand qi stones for me. If I lose I will definitely pay you. Many thanks in advance brother Yan,” Lintian said in the transmission. The reason he placed a bet is because he might as well make some money right now.

“Alright and good luck. If you need saving I will come right away and you just need to stay alive for 5 minutes and you will win 10 times the amount. Stay alive for 10 minutes the amount is 30 times. Win it the amount is multiple by 200.”

“Thank you. Actually before you place the bet can you tell me how much the total bet is for me to lose under 5 minutes and how much the bet is for me to win?”

“Currently from what I can tell it is 1.3 million to 43 thousand.”

“Keep me posted until the final ten minutes and I will tell who to bet on. Another two question through.”

“Go ahead ask away,” Yan replies amusingly.

“How is a winner determined?”

“When either you or him is knocked unconscious.”

“Ok cool also if he doesn’t have the money to pay up what would happen?”

“For him to make a pot this big down here he has to have enough money to cover everything.”

“Good and can you keep track of everyone who betted for me?” Lintian smiles evilly.

About another 50 minutes went by and the betting table were calling for any final bets.

“The total right now is 249 million if you lose under 5 minutes. 1.9 million if you win.”

“Bet on me losing under 5 minutes and tell the people who betted for me to switch over and if they don’t listen then it is their lost,” Lintian replies smiling like a devil thinking you want to play with me lets see how your daddy plays with you.

About another ten minutes pass before Lintian and Tyler were both called up onto the stage.

“Hahaha little p*ssy, it is not to early for you to admit defeat like a coward right now or I might have to rough you up a bit.”

Lintian rolls his eyes already noticing his play on words before his tongue flew like a professional piano player, “hey over grown gorilla if you have the ability just stop talking and fight. Just listening to yelp already made me want to kill myself. No wonder you have such a big mommy issues. Did your mommy not loved you enough as a kid? Oh wait did she run off to become a prostitute because your too god damn ugly.”

“You’re courting death,” Tyler yells out. Inside he was extremely happy because if this kid really did admit defeat he would lose a lot of money.

“Whats with the clique lines. You’re courting this you’re courting that. No wonder your girl friend left you too. Your intelligence is at the same level as a goldfish and your face is uglier than a hippos butt. Also you reek of sh*t,” Lintian shouts back. He was also receiving information about Tyler from Yan at the same time. The power of internet is really wonderful.

“I’m gonna enjoy ripping you a new hole!” an enraged Tyler shouts.

“Hurry it up. Your grandpa doesn’t got all day.”

The arena lit up brightly and the limiters on Lintian and Tyler’s hand deactivated.

“Huh?” Lintian gasp in surprise. He originally thought that he was gonna have to fight with a stage one martial realm cultivation base but he was fine with that. With the limiter gone Tyler’s cultivation rose up to the fifth stage of the Master realm.

He is a stage 5 master realm cultivator? I thought he was only stage four Lintian thought. Oh well this doesn’t make much of a difference anyway.

As Tyler charges over Lintian already began to circulate his master realm qi all over his body.

Not even three hours with the limiter and its already deactivated Lintian chuckles to himself.

As Tyler charges over his body began to emit a fire like glow.

The crowd gasp in surprise. He is already activating a fire element martial skill against a fifteen year old boy? Does he not have any shame?

Lintian looks at him in disdain. This fire was clearly for show. Any true expert can see that this fire was only capable of some third degree burns that can easily be healed by some second rate pills.

If you want to play I guess I will play with you Lintian muses to himself. He smiles a wide grin that gave the audience a shock.

This kid is probable so scared he went retarded on us most of the audience was thinking.

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