Asura Book 2 Chapter 33

 Book 2 Chapter 33: A Sheep Provoking A Sleeping Tiger

After Lintian left the inn it took Lintian about 25 minutes of leisurely walking to arrive at the Mercenary Headquarters. The building was huge. It was in a dome shape form and at the top of the dome a metallic v shape sail was placed across it. Just from looks alone it has this magnificent but domineering aura to it like some majestic bloodline beast.

In front of the entrance to the door stood two golden Griffins with azure blue lines spiraling around it’s claws and neck. Even through it looks like a dead object Lintian felt that these two objects were not that simple. This is because the moment Lintian arrive he has already activated his dragon eyes. He saw that there was a faint soul energy surrounding the Griffin statues. His eyes were still too weak to discern the spell formations placed on these griffins. Furthermore this whole dome were full of different kinds of spell formations and qi.

From Lintian’s dragon eye perspective the flow of qi and spell formations were like a symphony of a grand concert.

While it took a while to describe Lintian was only stunned for a second before opening the door and entering. Inside the mercenary headquarters it was quite chaotic. There were numerous people coming in and out of the place and every dressed in all sorts of outfits. This is because while this area is the mercenary headquarters it was also the area where mercenaries come in to turn in their missions or take up missions.

Therefore the upper echelons of the Mercenary Headquarters decided to make some money off of these mercenaries and put in a bar.

From what Lintian could see every one in here were at least 30 years of age and were big and burly. It looked like a gathering of gorillas. The smell of cigarette and alcohol were very strong here.

Lintian scan the area and found the registration booth. Luckily it was empty and no one was registering today. There were actually no age restriction on registrations. Even if you were a baby you can register. Of course the requirements is that this baby is strong enough to complete 25 contribution points worth of missions a year.

Lintian effortlessly weaves through these over grown gorillas and arrives in from of the registration booth. The girl behind the booth looks to be in her twenties and was quite decent looking.

“Hi Miss I would like to register to become a mercenary,” Lintian said politely.

“Huh?” the mid twenties girl at the booth responded. She looks at Lintian who looks like he just hit puberty a year ago. “Sorry what was that again?”

“I would like to register to become a mercenary,” Lintian said again politely. He wasn’t offended that the girl treated him like that because truthfully Lintian knows he is a bit young to be here. He is not even fifteen yet and he still had a childish look to him even if he was very mature mentally.

“Oh sure no problem. Do you have the 500 qi stone registration fee?” The girl asks regaining her composure. It wasn’t any of her business who signs up and who doesn’t. “Just a heads up. You will need to be able to complete 25 contribution points worth of missions each year to retain your mercenary badge. It would be better if your cultivation is at least at the Master realm before registering.”

“Thank you for Miss’s advice but I would still like to sign up now,” Lintian reassure her.

“Hahahaha the mercenary headquarter sure is cunning,” a husky voice resounded next to Lintian. “Even a little runt who hasn’t even hit puberty is allowed to register. This is really a disappointment and a blow to all the mercenaries here.”

Lintian glance to the side and saw a 6 and half feet burly individual with a smug face staring him down with disdain. Lintian didn’t want to cause a commotion since he just arrived so he decided to ignore him.

“Just ignore him. He is a trouble maker here,” the girl behind the counter told Lintian. “There are seven levels to the badge which one would you like?”

Before Lintian had the time to respond the loud husky voice spoke again. “Ignore me? I’m a trouble maker? Hahaha thats a laugh. You can clearly see this kid hasn’t even grown balls yet. Probable still sucking on mommy’s breasts for milk.”

“I would like the level that would allow me to release my companion in public,” Lintian calmly said pronouncing every letter and syllable carefully so the girl behind the counter can hear him over the burly man’s loud voice. Furthermore with each passing second Lintian’s nerves were itching to give this guy a beating. Lintian looks at his facial expression but all he saw for some reason were joy and contempt mixed together. Really weird.

“Haha you want to release your pet in public? Hahahaha tsk tsk tsk a momma’s boy indeed. Now that I take a good look at you your mom must look pretty decent herself. How about this you let me f*ck her a couple times and I’ll help you complete a couple missions. Hahaha oh better yet I’ll bring a group of my friends and we can have a good time,” this over grown idiot laughs.

Lintian’s eyes gleam with a dangerous glint to it. His eyes were like a tiger locked on to their prey and ready to pounce any second. Lintian retracted that gaze because he remembered that he was here for a competition and his cultivation and everyone else’s cultivation here were suppressed. If he makes a scene now who knows what sort of situation will sprout out from this, but he cannot take someone insulting his mom or people who he cares about lying down. What kind of man would he be if he did. Lintian made a mental note of this person’s appearance and aura. If he ever meet him again he will make sure to make this person’s life a living hell.

The burly man didn’t like the way Lintian’s eyes were looking at him.

“What are you going to do about it?” he said giving Lintian a push.

“Hey bastard don’t go to far!” the girl behind the counter said icily to him.

“Me go to far never,” he smile.

Lintian took a step back when he was pushed. His cultivation was suppressed and this man’s physical strength was definitely double Lintian’s or maybe even triple. What purpose does he have picking on me? Lintian questions himself mentally still trying to stay calm.

“Boss why don’t you beat this b*tch?” Kyuri questions Lintian.

Lintian still trying to keep his anger down didn’t respond. Lintian tried to stay calm.

“Don’t go to far,” Lintian growls at the burly man.

“Hahaha what are you gonna do about it?” the man kept provoking pushing Lintian again. “Your dad must be a huge cower to have raise a cowardly b*tch like you.”

This was really like a sheep provoking a sleeping tiger.

This was the final straw that Lintian could not take. Insulting his mother already push Lintian to the brink of the edge but now insulting his father by calling him a coward has tipped him over.

“You want to fight?” Lintian asks coldly. If it was anyone that had a bit of a brain he would have felt that the Lintian right now was exerting an insane amount of killing intent.

Most of the veterans in the headquarter could feel the  killing intent being emitted from Lintian but they did not interfere. This is because they all enjoy a good show. Especially if it is free and it doesn’t involve them.

“Fight you?”

“Do you dare or not?”

The man narrows his eyes, “why wouldn’t I dare.”

“Hey if you want to fight there is an arena downstairs. There are referees down there if you want to bet anything too,” an energetic man shouts out.

“Do you dare or do you not?” Lintian asks again coldly.

“Of course I dare but I want your interspacial ring and necklace,” the man sneers.

“Little boy don’t do it he is Tyler Alika and is in the fourth stage of the Master realm. Even if his cultivation is suppress just his physical strength alone will put you at a disadvantage,” the girl behind the counter warns kindly. “Your in the Mercenary headquarter right now even if he wants to do something he can’t. Don’t give him a reason too.”

“Thank you for your warning but I have to do this. He insulted my parents and as a son I can take whatever is thrown at me but I cannot stand here and take these insults thrown at my parents,” Lintian said and turns toward the brawny man. “I won’t kill you but I will make you regret ever saying those words.”

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