Asura Book 2 Chapter 32

 Book 2 Chapter 32:Mercenary Registration

“Welcome to Washington DC City!” the guard at the front of the entrance greets.

As Lintian came out of the bus he glances at the giant magnificently shiny metallic wall that engulfed the entire city. On the surface of that wall Lintian notices there was a glister that was reflecting some of the sunlight right off of it.

Harris noticing Lintian checking that glister out immediately said to him, “that is a grand spell formation that is placed to protect the city. The glister you see is due to the reflection of light. The strength of that formation could withstand a blow or two from a titan realm cultivator.”

Lintian couldn’t help but admire this wall. Still he was a little perplexed. If the wall was so great can’t cultivators just fly over it? Once a person reaches the Heaven’s realm they have the ability to fly.

“Haha no one is gonna be able to fly over it. The formation is a dome shape. The wall is actually behind the formation. While the formation is power there are still ways around it if you are intelligent enough. The wall increases the difficulty of getting a giant army in,” Harris calmly answers Lintian like he knew what he was thinking.

Before Lintian even notices he was at the front of the line.

“Here is your limiter,” the Guard said handing Lintian two bracelets. Lintian accepted the limiter and puts it on. Like the name suggests the Limiter suppresses a person’s cultivation. This Limiter was actually able to suppress a person from releasing even a whiff of qi. With a limiter on it is even possible to make a King Realm Cultivator into a mere refinement realm cultivator. Furthermore a more powerful limiter could theoretically reduce a King’s realm cultivator to become a mere mortal.

These limiters only work on King Realm practitioners and lower because their spirit soul has not been born yet. Once the spirit soul is born they cannot be suppressed by a limiter. Another thing is even if a limiter works on Heaven Realm cultivation is doesn’t mean that a Heaven realm cultivator would willingly accept it. Since in this vast world they might not stand at the top but for this portion of the continent they are the supreme existence here. The probability of an individual being a Heaven realm practitioner is 1 in a million. This probability might be different in an extraordinary large clan, or sect but among average cultivators of the world this probability is already quite decent.

The moment Lintian place those limiters on he could feel his qi being suppressed. The limiters were actually absorbing and using the absorbed qi to power itself.

One by one the students and elders of the school puts on the limiter. Even Principle Garner had to put one on. Only after that was everyone able to enter the city. Due to this the city lord had absolute control of the city. No one unless you are in the Heaven’s realm will be able to revolt or cause a disturbance. This is because with everyone’s cultivations limited the police force of this city sat at the top of the city food chain.
Even through this is true this is still the capital city therefore there are many Heaven realm cultivators residing here. Especially since the United States of Ameri’s first rate middle school competition is going on right now. Therefore many elders and principle are here as spectators or supporting their school. Those elders and principles are generally in the King Realm or Heaven realm.

Too make sure there will not be a huge disturbance incase of feuds the city lord even invited an Ancestor realm powerhouse to help oversee this event.

“Are their anyone with companions or pets?” the guard asks loudly. “If so come forward now.”

Lintian, seventeen other kids, and a bunch of teachers came forward. They all brought out their beast box and the guards specifically place a beast seal on the box. This seal just prevents the box from being opened inside the city.

The principle and Harris shows the guard some kind of badge and did not have too.

Once everyone puts on their limiter and the beast box were all sealed the bus proceeded into the city where they head for their inn. It was another 30 minutes later when they finally arrive in their inn.

Lintian got his own private suit along with Alex and their third participant.

“Hey boss why can’t I get out of the box?” Kyuri asks mentally.

“There is a beast seal on the box right now. I’ll try and get it removed later.”

Once Lintian got into his suite he began to unpack most of his belongings. A few second later Harris came through the door.

“Dr. Harris hi,” Lintian greets.

“Hi. Does Kyuri want to come out?” Harris asks.

“Yeah, why do you ask?” Lintian asks.

“Haha because my companions were like that too when I first came to capital with my companions.”

“Oh, so do you know how too?”

“Its simple actually. You just have to join the Mercenary group here in the capital. Those who join will have the special privilege of bringing out their companions in the city.”

“Then why doesn’t everyone just register so they can release their pets?”

“The reason is because every year you have to do a mission or missions that would net you 25 contribution points. Furthermore you have to pay a fee of 500 qi stones a year to be a mercenary in the USA or else your badge would be terminated. Furthermore once your badge is terminated you cannot reapply for one without going through the hassle of doing missions and a fine of 1000 qi stones.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” Lintian was thinking of applying and never coming back. Furthermore Lintian didn’t know when but his back account suddenly jumps from 7000 qi stones to 207,000 qi stones overnight. He just assumes it is from Katrina paying him for the job, which it was.

“I’ll head over there right now then. Kyuri is dying to get out,” Lintian laughs. “I’ll see you later.”

“Oh before you go I need you to give this to someone at the Mercenary Headquarters,” Harris said as he brought out a 3 by 2 inch chip. “Give this General Headstone at the Mercenary Headquarters. Tell him it is from Songbird and you can do it after you get your Mercenary badge since only mercenaries are allowed to enter the inner parts of the headquarters.”

“Okay, anything else?”

“No that will be all. Might want to hurry they close in 2 hours. Here is a map of the location,” Harris warns as he sends Lintian the coordinates.

Lintian’s watch beeps for a second and the map appears before Lintian. The map shows that the Headquarter was actually only 30 minutes of walking distance from where they were now.

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