Asura Book 2 Chapter 31

 Book 2 Chapter 31:Locations

After leaving the pocket dimension Harris brought Lintian to a large bus that was ready to leave. They were all going to the capital. There were actually 5 buses. Each were the size of a double decker bus.

“Harris, Lintian you’re finally here,” the principle yells from the other side.

“Hey Jenny!” Harris waves back.

“Why are you always late?” Jenny snaps back at him when she arrives in front of him.

“Principle Garner,” Lintian greets.

“Lintian how are you?” Jenny Garner replies sweetly and gently. Her personally took a 180 degree turn between Harris and Lintian.

“Hey Jenny maybe we should get on the bus before talking,” Dr. Harris interjects.

“I know that,” she snaps back at him and pinches Lintian on the cheeks. “Just checking up on my star pupil.”

“Alright, alright, alright,” Harris said rolling his eyes.

Once they were on the bus Principle Garner brought Lintian and Harris to the back of the bus where they walked up the stairs onto the second deck of the bus. On the second floor of the bus it was basically a room. There was a table and a bed.

“Why is there a bed here?” Lintian asks.

“Gotta make sure our star is well rested,” Principle Garner answers.

“Oh…” Lintian answers awkwardly and looks around a bit.

Seeing Lintian acting all awkward and whimsical Harris decided to take the initiative. “Hey Jenny do you want to tell Lintian about where his parents are?”

“Oh right, right. I nearly forgot,” Principle Garner replies. “Sit Lintian sit down first.”

“Ok,” Lintian said and sat down on a chair.

“Like we agreed before I will tell you about your parent’s location and every single detail I have found, if you enter the top five of this competition furthermore as an incentive I am putting forth a Flanagan Plume Fruit. The value of this fruit to cultivators under the King’s realm is priceless. It will directly raise your strength by 50 percent. So if you can lift 1000 pounds right now then after eating the fruit you can lift 1500 pounds.”

“Wow,” Lintian answers with his jaw dropping to the floor.

“The effect decreases as your cultivation rises. In the King’s realm the effect is only 5 percent of what it would be in the Master realm. Furthermore if you’re an alchemist master then you can directly use this fruit to refine a pill that can double your strength.”

Hearing that both Lintian and Harris eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

“I’ll only give this to you if you can get number 1 in the competition.”

Lintian and Harris both glance at each other and they seem to be secretly communicating.

We’re getting number one!

Seeing their expression Jenny couldn’t help but chuckle.

This chuckle woke up Lintian from his day dream.

“Principle Garner if I may be so rude as to ask. Is it possible to provide proof?” Lintian asks.

“Of your parents or the fruit?”

“My parents.”

“Sure,” Jenny said and waves her hand. A picture flew out from her interspacial ring. She then injected soft qi into the photo and flicks it towards Lintian.

Lintian saw every single one of those movements and caught the photo. If it was just any normal stage one master realm cultivator trying to catch that photo just now their hand would have been sliced in half.

Jenny Garner silently praises Lintian for his reaction speed, and perception.

Lintian didn’t feel anything from that I knew that she was just testing him. Lintian looks at the photo and saw that his step parents were in this photo. They were both wearing a kimono and was in some kind of festival. His step mom had a long and dejected face like she wanted to be home. There were twenty-two continents on this planet and over 100 countries. The chances of Lintian pinpointing his parents country location from the photo were slim. Since he recognizes the Kimono as from a Japanese tradition and from the fact that Lintian knew they were from the Japan continent helps him narrow down the search but without a large network agency it will still be hard to find in Japan. Since the continent of Japan was the size of China.

In that continent there are also 6 countries competing for dominance. Therefore it will take a while even with the internet to find them. Not because they are not on the internet but because there are over 40 families with the Tsukino family name.

“Top five?”

“Yes, and if you snatch first place I’ll gift you the Flanagan Plume Fruit.”

“Why is it call flanagan plume fruit?” Lintian asks.

“Because the person to discover it was Henry Flanagan and he is also a very self conceited person. Plus he is long dead so it doesn’t even matter.”

“Why don’t you use it for yourself?”

“Like I said it is useless for me. In the King’s realm the effect is only 5 percent. If it was 20 years ago I might have considered it,” as she admits that she flicks her wrist again and a bunch of demonic cores came flying out. “Harris said he will help you refine these thirteen demonic cores for you to absorb.”

“Yes, I did say that,” Harris chuckles. “Jenny I think you should let Lintian begin the cultivation now since every second is precious.”

“Yes, yes you’re right. Lintian I will be going now,” Jenny said.

“I’ll see you later then.”

Jenny turns around and went back downstairs. Harris waves his hand and the walls of the room flashes white.

“I have sealed the room so no one can get in or out. All the energy will be trapped in here so there will be no waste,” Harris explains.

“Lets begin then,” Lintian said smiling as he picked up a demonic core. It really was an upper master realm demonic core. She must have spent a fortune on these.

“Hey boss are you going to let that dream orb absorb all those cores or can I eat some?” Kyuri’s voice rings in Lintian’s head.

“I’ll probable put two in the dream orb and let you eat the rest.” Lintian mentally replies.

Lintian picked up the first one and began to absorb the qi from it. There was no point in using these cores to open up meridian points since he would require at the very least 200 upper master realm core to open his next meridian point. Therefore it is more useful to absorb this energy and refine it to boost his strength.

The bus ride took about four days and in those four days Lintian absorbed 9 of those cores. He could have absorbed more but he had to make sure there were no side effects and solidify his base each time he absorbs one.

The bus arrives at the entrance of Washington DC the capital city of the United States of Ameri continent.

“Everyone we have arrive!” the bus driver shouted through her intercom.

“Everyone in a single passage line and come out!” A chaperone yells.

Inside the room Lintian was calmly absorb the qi in the surrounding air. The density of the qi in this room was quite thick from four days of bus ride. It honestly would have been faster if they took a plain but apparently Principle Garner was too cheap and wanted them to take the bus to save money. Surprisingly she did save about seventy-thousand qi stones which would be enough to buy yourself two tier five demonic cores. Lintian didn’t mind since he got his own private room Kyuri on the other hand was mad and kept cursing at the principle for being cheap because he ran out of food on the second and starved for two days because he could not go out to hunt. The rations they gave Lintian was not enough to support them both but they did share half and half. Normally Kyuri would be able each a whole cow by himself.

“Cheap ass,” Kyuri’s voice rings inside Lintian’s head. Lintian chuckles to himself as he got off the bus.

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