Asura Book 2 Chapter 30

 Book 2 Chapter 30: 70 to 75 Percent My *ss

“A spell array? Like a cooling spell array?” Lintian questions.

“Yes this is a rank two spell array,” Harris answers flexing his hands. The spell array rotating around his hand like the moon orbiting the earth. Then he flicks it toward Lintian.

Lintian releases his soul energy and caught it.

“Study it while I explain,” Harris said.

“Ok,” Lintian answers and parts of his mind began to dissect the rank two spell array apart.

“This array is not an attack array. It is a dissection array. I reformed it into what I call a laser wave array. It took about two to three months for me to complete this array. The laser that I programed it to send out will be in waves. It allows the user to control the frequency of the laser frequency. For this to work you will have to find the right frequency for your qi. Once the frequency is sent in the qi inside your body will release the heat that it possesses. Which in turn would cool it down without losing all their energy,” Harris explains and then makes another array out of thin air. This one was huge. Visibly it stood about 8 feet high and wide. Inside Lintian saw about at least 16 other arrays working together in harmony. “This array is called the fusion array. You will create this array in your dantian. Once the qi is frozen solid you will use your mental energy and move the qi into this array. After that when you absorb the opponents energy you will also use your mental energy and bring it into this array. Once this array activates it will smash the two energy together and creating a fusion of pure yang and pure yin qi. Once these two combine together you will feel the hot and cold effect like before.”

Lintian’s eyes grew wide in excitement. His body trembles in excitement.

“Study this array too. I’ll give you 5 hours to study both arrays. Just a warning. Do not try to absorb energy one whole realm higher than what your current soul tier is. Even if you can fuse it the fusion array will be a complete mess and break down. Once that happens the foreign qi will wreak havoc inside your body,” with that said Harris disappears into the distance land.

Lintian sighs to himself and that thought that absorbing energy 9 stages higher than his current soul rank is already more then godly enough. Lintian sat down onto the ground and begins to study the two arrays. Lintian found both arrays extremely fascinating. It was something he never thought of before. It was using light waves. By using tuning the array it also tunes the light waves that it sounds out. Little by little Lintian was beginning to understand the method. By using a light wave frequency that is lower than his qi he would be able to draw the heat energy away from his qi. While if he increase the intensity of the frequency to be higher than his qi then his qi will naturally heat up. With this method he can actually increase his fire style attack by a whole new level.

For the fusion array it was even more profound. The array purifies the qi into their most basic essence of yang or yin. Each individually small array has their own purpose which corresponds with the overall array.
Lintian could have just taken an hour to have a complete grasp of the array but he wanted to completely understand and know the cause and effect so he used all five hours leaving him no chance to actually practice it out.

Harris pop back out of nowhere while Lintian was still absorb in studying the arrays.

“Alright show me your insights into the arrays,” Harris commands.

“Ok,” Lintian replies respectfully. Lintian got back up and a whole bunch of spell formations flew out. These formations then began to combine and fuse together. In another second the Laser wave array was composed. In another second it began to work and sent out a frequency. This was a low light frequency targeting the lake. In a mere fifteen-seconds about half of the lake was frozen.

Harris’s eyes nearly pop out of his head. What the hell is wrong with this kid, Harris thought to himself. I know its only a rank two array but it has only been 5 hours since I gave him the array to study. Furthermore I gave him two arrays. He must have spent all 5 hours studying this array and didn’t focus on the fusion array. He is happy that he has such a talented disciple but isn’t this a little too much of an exaggeration?

“Not bad,” Harris compliments, “how about the fusion array?”

“I only managed to understand about 70 to 75 percent of it so I don’t know if I can complete the array perfectly.”

“No problem show me what you have learned so far,” Harris said calmly while in his mind he was thinking. Only 70 to 75 percent my ass! It took me a whole two years perfect it and 15 years of spell array knowledge to complete it and you’re telling me it took you five hours to completely learn the laser wave array and 70 to 75 percent of the fusion array? Mother f**ker what kind of little monster are you?

With Harris’s poker face on Lintian was not able to read any of his expressions. Lintian raises both hands and began to formulate the fusion array. This one took a whole lot longer to form than the laser wave array. The laser wave array compared with fusion array was like child play. After a whole minute Lintian managed to form a somewhat decently balanced fusion array. It wasn’t perfect but with a few tinkering it would be operational.

Harris began to study the fusion array Lintian made and was bit shocked. It was actually 82 percent of completion. By this rate if I give him another 1 hour to study it then wouldn’t he master both arrays in six hours? Harris thought to himself.

“Take another hour and complete the rest of the array. I’ll give you this to study,” Harris said and sends Lintian another array but he didn’t tell Lintian that this one was actually an improved version. It was a rank 4 array. For every rank a spell master rises this array would also rise up a rank unless the user intentionally suppresses it.

“Okay,” Lintian replies and went back to studying it. To be completely honest Lintian didn’t really learn the whole array but he was able to copy the array. Copying and understanding are two different factors. Even a monkey could copy but the fact of the matter was Lintian’s copy was near perfection even if he didn’t completely understand it. Lintian however did manage to understand 50 percent of the fusion array and 90 percent of the laser wave array.

Lintian spent the next hour studying up on the arrays. After that his mental energy was spent and he doze off into a deep slumber. His unconscious mind was actually also studying up on the array. For tonight Lintian did not enter his dream orb and instead sleep. While the dream orb is a treasure for martial training it requires the use of mental energy to use and right now Lintian was completely spent of it.

The next day Lintian spent about 3 hours tuning his laser wave array to his qi. After that he manages to practice the laser wave array on his qi and even got the cooling time down to 8 seconds. For the whole entire day Lintian just practice cooling his qi down. It was only after 3 days did he manage to cool his qi down to absolute zero is one-tenth of a second.

Then for the next 16 days Lintian focused his heart into mastering this technique. Lintian barely slept at all. During the night time he would practice his sword, martial skills inside the dream orb. By day he would practice the first stage. On the last 4 days of the 16th day Lintian was actually practicing the manifestation stage. The white Lotus.

There was actually still 6 days left before the competition but it required 2 days of travel and just to be safe Harris did not want to take the chance of being late.

“Come we are leaving today for the capital today,” Harris said to Lintian.

Lintian who was still in the white lotus stage got up and releases all his Pure Yin yang qi into the air.

“Okay, but you promised me that the Principle where tell me the whereabouts of my foster family,” Lintian reminded Harris.

“She will. She already found them and will tell you on the way there. For the last 6 six days I want you to absorb demonic cores to raise your cultivation,” Harris said.

“I don’t think I will be able to absorb enough demonic cores to raise my cultivation to stage two in six days.”

“By my estimates you need at least 13 upper master realm cores and a lower king realm core to raise your cultivation to stage two. Or 67 upper master realm cores but I don’t think we will be that lucky. Luckily I have a lower king’s realm demonic core with me and I managed to convince the principle that if she gave me 13 upper master realm cores I would help her refine a King’s realm demonic core for her to absorb.”

“Isn’t refining a demonic core really annoying to do?” Lintian asks.

“If your like me no,” Harris laughs and opens a door to the real world.

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