Asura Book 2 Chapter 29

 Book 2 Chapter 29: Control Heat

“The way you are doing it right now is very different from how that teacher of your’s did his. The heat in his dantian seems to be released outward. You are absorbing the heat from the outside and then changing the course to one dantian and then using the difference in temperature to cool your dantian,” Rashu explains to him.

“I know but it is a lot harder than it seems. I thought I can take a shortcut. I don’t cultivate water qi so there is no way I can just simply cool my dantian without take this extra step. Also I specialize in fire and lightning which are both heat base qi,” Lintian sighs. With his high perception he already realized it but there was no other way that he can think of currently.

“Well you don’t have time to cultivate water qi into your system. Not only that but until your spirit is born there won’t be any improvement to your perception of the elements. I’m surprise this teacher of your’s did not notice this problem you have.”

“He probable did and intentional not tell me. Probable trying to kick me down a notch. He likes it better when I struggle a bit. He thinks having someone telling me the answer will limit my growth in the future. It not a bad way to teach I guess.”

“So he has a plan for you? Your tight on time and he is gonna be stingy about this?” Rashu comments.

“For now there is nothing I can do. I’ll just have to try different methods out to get a result similar to his.”

“I’ll give you a hint,” Rashu’s smiling voice rings in Lintian’s head. “Control the heat.”

“Control the heat,” Lintian murmurs under his breath.

The concept of heat is from high to low. Lintian applied this concept earlier. The way an air conditioner works is because of a coolant in the pipe. The coolant would absorb the heat and the fans in the ac when then blow the heat out. This is why Lintian said he needed to cultivate the water qi. Water qi allows you to create ice. Therefore with water qi Lintian’s coolant would be the water qi. Right Lintian does not possess water qi at all.

“Control the heat,” Lintian ponders.

Smack! Lintian’s hand hits his forehead. “Of course!” He shouted out loud.

“I can simply go to the Arctic and hunt down a demonic beast that has a divine ability for controlling heat or creating cold.”

“Eh, Lintian that is not what I mean,” Rashu said awkwardly.

“Yeah its a dumb idea,” Lintian replies realizing why it was dumb. Since he read a lot up on demonic beast he knows most of the informations about demonic beasts. This is because the weakest demonic beast with divine ability is tier 6, a lower King realm demonic beast. A divide ability is different from a genetic ability. For example Kyuri’s ability to blend into the back ground is a genetic ability while the nine sun reserve ability from Rashu is a divide ability. Both are inherited but one is blessed from the heavens while the other is blessed by the earth.

Furthermore demonic beasts that possess a divide ability are not actually called demonic beast. They are called bloodline beast. Demonic beasts refers to an animal that can cultivate qi through the use of a demonic core. A bloodline beast on the other hand are much more rare and they have intelligence equivalent to a human. Kyuri and Rashu are both categorized as a bloodline Beast. Now the difference between a demonic beast and bloodline beast asides from the divine ability is their cores. You can remove a demonic core from a demonic beast without killing them but doing so is the same as killing them anyway. For a bloodline beast the core is basically their heart. Once removed they will die. Inside the body the core will be like a heart and the blood and qi will flow through them. Once it makes contact with the naturally air they will crystallize. Lintian can of course find a baby bloodline beast but killing a child is just cruel and unusual.

Lintian sat down onto the ground and began to meditate over a couple ideas. He would imagine the scenario and the results from those experiments. An hour passed and then three more hours passed. The day became night.

Lintian slowly opens his eyes. He still has no idea what he should do.

“Since I can’t think of anything I am gonna cultivate for a bit,” Lintian sighs. He reaches into his interspacial ring and brought out a tier three demonic core.

Lintian then begins to suck the core dry. As he was sucking it dry and idea flashes before his face. Controlling heat. Thats what he meant by controlling heat.

Heat is just a type of energy that is given off when there is a chemical reaction, Lintian remembers Dr. Harris teaching him during chemistry. Hmm if I can use my qi to create fire then I would technically be releasing the heat from the qi.

Lintian got up and began to agitate his fire qi in his system. Then he used his qi to light a fire on his hand. The fire burned above his hand.

Lintian’s face turns into a frowned since he realizes that he was actually burning his own qi along with it. Lintian begins to go through several self thought out methods of releasing qi but none of them were quite right. Either it works but the rate of speed is way too slow or it doesn’t work at all. Normally this kind of experiment cannot be done without a master supervision since the chance of a cultivator messing up their own meridian points is high. Except with Rashu watching his system the chances of that happening is slim to none.

After another hour Dr. Harris came back. He wants through the portal bring with him a giant metal stick and a bunch of silk shirts and pants.

“Whats that?” Lintian asks.

“Its for your training,” Harris grins mysteriously.

“With a giant metal stick and silk clothing?”

“Yup,” Harris said and throws the giant metal stick onto the floor. Then he brought out something clip those silk clothing into the air. Now they silk t-shirts floated in the air like ghosts.

“Alright Its all set up now,” Harris said happily as he claps his hand together in success.

In front of the giant metal stick looks it looks like someone was hanging out their silk clothes to dry.

“So how much have you learn from my performance earlier?” Harris asks.

“Not that much,” Lintian replied a little dejected. “I have the general idea but the process of cooling down my qi I have not been able to get pass. I don’t believe I possess the abilities necessary to cool it down to absolute zero or close to in this case.”

“Its alright I didn’t think you would get it any way. It took me a while to get pass that part anyway. It would have require years of research. I am going to give you the methods now but you will still have to work hard and master it.” Harris flicks his hand and a tiny spell array forms in his hand.

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