Asura 2 Chapter 53:The White Rose Clan

Book 2 Chapter 53:The White Rose Clan
After going back to their section Lintian sat down with two demonic cores in his hands. His body began to absorb the demonic cores like a dry sponge. He couldn’t take qi replenishing pills due to his special body. A lot of pills are fine but for some reason qi replenishing pills don’t work as nicely. Furthermore with the demonic cores he can even try to open up more meridian points.

“Lintian eat this pill first to heal your injuries,” Harris warns as he hands Lintian a spherical green pill.

Lintian’s eyes pops open and pops the pill into his mouth. A warm feeling spreads throughout his body as saw the wounds on his body healing at a rapid pace. Not even a minute passed by before all the superficial wounds were healed. The only wounds left were the internal wounds which will take a little longer.

“Wow this pill is awesome,” Lintian praises sincerely.

“Hahaha this pill costs two thousand qi stones per pill. Its effects better be at least that good,” Harris brags.

“Two thousand? Isn’t that a bit expensive?” Lintian asks.

“Che, the ingredients alone costs one thousand seven hundred if not for my hassling skills it might have even cost as much as five thousand per pill.”

“Alright, alright stop bragging so Lintian can get back to recovering his qi,” Principle Jenny reasonably said to them.

After hearing that Lintian went back to recovering his qi.

While Lintian was recovering the battle rages on.

The next battle that took place was between the Divine Academy and against the seventeenth ranked school Yale middle school. It was a quick and precise battle that took less than two minutes two finish. Out of the Divine Academy group only one girl stood forward and finished them off.

After that the Saint Guardian group went and they happen to take a lot longer than normal. To be precise it was twenty-four minutes and thirteen-seconds. The reason is because they are a defense orientated school making their attack power the weakest among the top twenty. Even through having a weak attack might be deadly weakness their defense is so overwhelming that it greatly depletes the other school’s qi and can no longer keep up with their attacks.

The Azure Phoenix school went next and they were arrogant enough to not even sent up their first and second member. They sent up their weakest member to fight. Even through he was the weakest member he still overwhelmingly destroyed his opponent in less than a minute. This was the thirteenth school. To be able to use their weakest member it shows the overwhelming disparity among the schools.

The medium built boy wearing a black overcoat sighs to himself, “that took a lot longer than I thought.”

He then walks off of the stage.

These battles continue on until the Atlas school went up. They too also sent up only one member to fight. Sadly it wasn’t Micheal Valiant that went up. The person that went up looked like he took steroids everyday since elementary school. Surprising his speed and movement were very agile, almost fairy like. People seeing this shudders in their heart. Still this battle took roughly three minutes.

“At this right it will be our turn in an hour,” Principle Jenny said anxiously.

“Relax the school we will be facing is the White Rose Clan,” the Harris said calmly. “Most of their Martial Techniques are based off of the wood element. Which is weak again fire. Right now even with Lintian’s comprehension it is to late to give him a formation for him and Alex to practice. We can only wish them good luck for now.”

“Sigh, I guess your right.”

All the matches after Lintian conclude in roughly two hours.

Lintian’s eyes shot open and he could feel that his body was in his optimal state again.

Lintian stood up and looks at Alex who was already ready to go.


LIntian and Alex both race onto the stage.

The White Rose clan has also arrive. LIntian and Alex both looked a little surprised. This was because all three of the members were female. Not only that but they were hot. Like from a scale of 1 to 10 they would be like an eleven.

“Hey Lintian are you sure they are our opponents?” Alex whispers in his ear.

“I think so?” Lintian replies not to sure of himself. It is not like he cant bring himself to hit girls but he felt like hitting girls were a bit degrading. Especially when there was not a single guy of the team.

“Hey what are you staring at!” one of them shout out rashly.

Alex who was caught drooling face turns absolutely red like a strawberry.

“MATCH START!” the referee yells out not wanting to see them argue back and forth.

For now we will call them beauty one, beauty two and, beauty three.

Lintian and Alex’s face turns extremely serious.

“I’ll take two and you take one,” Lintian said to Alex through a voice transmission.

“I want to have the threesome!” Alex said back.

“Can you even handle two?”


“Then its settled.”

“Your dick is small.”

“Still bigger than your’s.”

Lintian saw a huge mist of flowers rise in the field. Immediately Lintian activates his Dragon eyes and surprisingly the moment he did one of the girls appears in front of him with his rack nearly knocking him out. They got a close quarter combating with Lintian trying not to hit her face.

“Hey I know this is kinda being a little sexually biased but can you surrender? Because some of my attacks might be a little embarrassing to do in public on a girl,” Lintian tries to explain.

Feeling discriminated against beauty one increase her attack speed like a savage.

Lintian glances over at Alex and saw him bleeding out of his nose and then flying out like he got KOed somehow.

“Useless,” Lintian sighs to himself.

“Ladies we can talk!” Lintian shouts as all three of the beauties started to chat among themselves while paying careful attention to Lintian.

“Hey how come that technique didn’t work on him?” beauty one asks beauty three.

“Che! How am I suppose to know? It worked on his teammate so I definitely casted it successfully.”

“Could he be you know?” Beauty two tries to say.

“Could he be what?” Beauty three asks.

“You know the type that likes men?”
“Gay?” Beauty one said.

“Hey I can hear you! You know!” Lintian shouts back.

“He wasn’t even fazed through.”

“Extremely gay?”

“Lets ask him,” Beauty three suggests.

“He might not have come out of the closet yet through,” Beauty two explains.

“HEY! I’M NOT GAY!” Lintian shouts back feeling a little out of place. He doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry right now.

“Lets finish him off first and find out later,” Beauty one said.

“Hey can you guys not gossip in the middle of a fight?”

A formation diagram pops up beneath each of their feet.

Lintian ignites his fire qi and infuses it into his Armament of a thousand transformation. Two blazing fire staffs appears in his hands. The way he held it was like he was holding a sword.

Beneath those formations plants began to grow from them. With three formations the growth of those plants came at an extraordinary speed. Imagine planting a tree your backyard and instead of a normal growth the growth speed is multiplied by a million. Meaning one-second is actually a million-seconds.

It was still a slow growth when used in an actually battle but even through it was slow when three formations are formed three trees were growing out. Lintian ran forward as three fire arrows forms above his head to be shot out at the three formations.

It seems that they already had a plan as beauty one, two and three stepped forward to defend the formations. The funny thing was they didn’t even need to be spell masters to cast this spell because it was a martial spell which uses conscious energy and qi to use.

At this moment Lintian didn’t bother with the trivial gender stuff and only focus on winning. Each of his attacks were lethal. The arrows shot out with deadly precision.

All three of them came together attacking Lintian in union. Beauty one was using a spear, while beauty two was using a whip and the third beauty a sword. LIntian’s was originally defending but gradually he transform the two star in his hands into sword.

A whole minute went by. Lintian managed to injure them a couple of time but those were only skin damage and nothing lethal.

“What the hell is with his weapon?” Beauty three ask beauty one. “I could feel my hand paralyzing with each hit. If his cultivation wasn’t lower than mine by five stages I think I would be done for.”
“I think he is infusing lightning qi into his weapon and each hit he would channel them into our weapon.”


The three formation grew out three giant trees.

“Its ready get ready for the next stage!” Beauty one shouts out as she retreats.

Standing before Lintian was two giant trees. It stood all the way up into the ceiling and the trunk was at least 6 feet wide. The branches shot out at Lintian. One branch becomes three, three becomes nine, and nine become twenty-seven.

Lintian for the first time in this competition felt overwhelming pressure.

The audience couldn’t help but gasp. The elders of each school nods in approval. The white rose clan sat there enjoying the bath of glory brought on by their disciples.

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