Almighty Student – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Mercenary Ah’San

“This bracelet?” Mr. Xu was stunned for a moment. He thought he heard wrong. This was a fake treasure, isn’t it?

Xia Tian did not said anything, bit his own finger and put a drop of blood on the bracelet. Instantly, a scarlet ray came out as his blood red glowed. The crowd present there were totally shocked.

Blood Jade Stone.

“Little brother, I will give you 1 million for this bracelet. I want it!” A nearby shop owner exclaimed.

“Old Kang, don’t joke. 1 million for the Blood Jade Bracelet, I will give 2 million.” Another shop owner joined in. The Blood Jade Stone was a very rare treasure and this bracelet costed more than a city.

The origin of this Blood Jade Stone bracelet must not be ordinary.

“Excuse me, I am not selling it.” Xia Tian said with a smile, it was time for him to leave.
Mr. Xu followed Xia Tian out of the antique street. Behind him, his four bodyguards also followed. “Little Brother, what should I call you?”

“Tian, Xia Tian.” Xia Tian answered.

“You really are a humble person, it would be my honor to be your friend.” Xu Dechuan saw hope in Xia Tian as his skill to examine treasures was absolutely not luck. There must be a great Master behind him.

Xia Tian did not know any before figure before he had obtained the X-ray vision eye. Now that he had discovered the different changes in the entire world, he wanted to know the truth about his mother.

Where did his mother go? Why did his father forbid him to talk about her? Furthermore, his father’s death was also very suspicious. He did not even get see his father’s remains. His aunt was the one who took care of his father’s funeral.

He cannot with his strength alone find the truth, but if he adds Mr. Xu, an appraisal master, then he would be a bigger assurance. After all, Xu Dechuan’s connection network was considerably more vast than his.

He considering the advantages as well as disadvantages carefully.

“To be able to become a friend with Master Xu is naturally my honor as well.” Xia Tian revealed a smile. He has decided that he must become friends with the Xu Master, but also stay cautious of this old fox.

“Little brother, your appraising skills are top-notch. Before an expert, I’m truly showing off my meager skills.” Mr. Xu put forth one hand across the chest slightly.

“Seeing little brother’s skill, you must be taught by an expert master, right?” Mr. Xu wanted to know the person behind Xia Tian. Since Xia Tian had such fierce technique, his master must absolutely be an antique expert.

Xia Tian found the replica made by the famous sham expert Fang Quzi, making his later achievements potentially limitless.

At this moment, a Land Rover stopped in front of Xia Tian and the others. The antique street was quite remote, although there were many people inside, but outside, few people would pass through.

Seeing this Land Rover, Xu Dechuan frowned.

The door of the vehicle opened and three people wearing black suits came out. One of them walked lamely, a cripple with very short hair. Although he wore the same black suit as the other two, it was distinctly different from the other two’s western-styled clothes. He wore a black gym suit with no fancy decoration and a pair of military style black leather shoes.

Seeing this, Xu Dechuan cannot help, but take several steps back in retreat as his four bodyguards stepped in front of him.

The lazy black man glanced at Xu Dechuan before eyeing Xia Tian. “Are you Xia Tian? Follow me.”

“Follow you? Who are you?” Xia Tian was not a fool. He knew he was in big trouble.

“He’s called Ah San, Xu family Patriarch Xu Qinghua’s personal security guard.” Xu Dechuan whispered behind the Xia Tian as he was very clear about Ah San’s ability.

“Xu Dechuan, this is not your business, so you’d better not intervene or else, do not blame me for not giving you face.” Ah San came forward as he is not afraid of Xu Dechuan. However, if Xu Dechuan intervened then things would become quite troublesome.

“Ah San, do not think that just because you have Xu Qinghua’s support, you can be so presumptuous to me. I am Xu Qinghua’s uncle.” Xu Dechuan came up and stated tt Ah San. He was very clear that Xia Tian was not an ordinary person. There must be an expert behind him.

Now that Xia Tian is in trouble, he should stand out to strengthen the relationship between him and Xia Tian. Although Ah San was very powerful, the expert behind Xia Tian would certainly not be afraid of Ah San and his team.

Behind Ah San, the two black-clothed people walked toward Xia Tian and Xu Dechuan’s four men also came in front of Xia Tian. The conflict was imminent, at this moment Ah San warned them. “You are quite good, but you don’t want to be wasting my time.”

“You four, do not underestimate him, he is not an ordinary person.” Xu Dechuan frowned. Others do not understand Ah San’s strength, but he knew

Xu Qinghua could hold on to his position as Patriarch because of his big relationship with Ah San. Ah San was the one who removed all his enemies and barriers for him.

Xu Dechuan’s four bodyguards are all professional bodyguards that have went through special training. Each was able to go against two to three young opponents, usually for the safety of Xu Dechuan.

Ah San moved toward Xu Dechuan’s four bodyguards at a moderate pace. Xia Tian was deeply curious. Even though he’s semi-disabled, he was still an expert. At this time, Ah San made his move. His left foot flew out, the speed quite odd as he kicked a bodyguard’s chin. Then his foot made a huge sweep to directly kick another person.

“This?!” Seeing Ah San powerful flying kick, Xia Tian was shocked. Powerful enough to kick people flying, even Taekwondo absolutely can’t do this.

“It seems that I still underestimated Ah San. Brother Tian, I am afraid I can not save you. You should request your master to come forward. The people Xu Qinghua have his eyes on do not have a good end.” Xu Dechuan wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to let Xia Tian call out his master, so he that he would have the opportunity to make an acquaintance with him.

“This old fogy is planning something.” Xia thought secretly. He could not let his guard down in front of Xu Dechuan. This old guy was certainly not good to deal with: he was a double-edged sword.

The reason Xu Dechuan was willing to act and wanted to become friends with him was because he thought there was a very strong master behind him. However, Xia Tian did not want to expose anything. “My master is very busy, he won’t come forward for such a small thing. ”

At this moment, Ah San’s moved his feet. In just a few seconds, four people had been all kicked to the ground, but the four of them were not ordinary people, they all endured the pain and stood up once again.

“Ah, there is a little backbone.” Ah San did not leave them any face, his feet flew again.

“Hmph, at least you guys have quite the backbone.” Ah San mercilessly kicked two bodyguards with both legs and sent them flying. Stomping the ground powerfully with his right foot, he somersaulted backwards and slammed his ankle into the third enemy’s head.

The body again somersaulted and that bodyguard was directly thrown out flying.

“Come with me.” Ah San eyes looked coldly at the Xia Tian. His task was to bring back Xia Tian, not to hurt him. As for Xu Dechuan, he did not pay him any attention.

In his eyes, the reason why Xu Dechuan was still standing here was because Xu Qinghua was told by his elders did not touch him.

“Are you still waiting for me to ask you?” Ah San frowned. Behind him, the two black-clothed people walked to Xia Tian, both of their hands moving to seize him.

As they did so, Xia Tian’s body moved backward slightly. His hands gripped the two guards’ shoulders and forcibly pulled. The two were directly forced to the ground. Although his action was very light, but everyone present saw it clearly.

Ah San was slightly surprised and stared at Xia Tian.

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