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Chapter 8 – Lost Valuable Treasure

While Xian Tian admired the buddha statue, same time in Jianghai hospital.

“Director Lee, what happened?”

“Mr. Xu, we don’t know what happened to young master Xu. We tried every possible test to find the cause of young master Xu’s condition but to no avail.”

“Is this the side-effect of some medicine?” Xu Qinghua asked.

“We analyzed it, but there is no trace of any drug in his body. His body weight is constantly decreasing, it may probably reach 5 kg in the afternoon. If that happens, then I’m afraid we would be unable to save young master Xu.” Director Lee tried to find a solution, to diagnose the illness.

“5 kg? What is the meaning of this.” Xu Qinghua was Xu Shaocong’s father. Shaocong was his only son. Although he only caused trouble for him, how could he not worry about him? Money didn’t matter if he could save his only child.

“Master,” one of the servants of Xu Residence spoke, “we asked the young master a moment ago. He said that he got involved with a student name Xian Tian in the school. After the fight, he had told him: “When you return, be careful with your diarrhea.” ”

“Someone brings that kid to me,” Xu Qinghua’s gave a satisfied nod to the servant.

“Yes Sir, at once, I’ll let A San lead two people to go,” the steward emphasized A San especially. This A San wasn’t an average person, he was a veteran from a special troop. It was said that he had killed a large group of people while carrying out his duties and had obtained a class two merit commendation. However, after his left leg got injured, he was forced to retire from the army.

Xu Qinghua happened to have rescued A San’s life. Therefore these years, A San would give his life for Xu Qinghua.

Make A San go get Xian Tian, he feel relieved.

All of this were not known to the Xian Tian. He was busy with the ancient buddha relic which he brought from the street.

The matter of ancient buddha relic was something his father told him, but the ancient Buddhist relic only appeared in the legend.

It was said that in ancient time, to elude the evil of the world, buddha passed away and the relic vanished in the horizon of Kitakyushu.

Before this MC thought that this is a fairly tale story which his father told him never he imagined that this type of thing actually existed in reality, the affirmative that he did actually see the magnificent ray coming out of the relic.

For Xian Tian, this has been the happiest thing happen to him in his life till yet. How many people could get the priceless treasure for only 500 yuan?

“I overheard, you had a great conversation with Grandmaster Xu moment ago.” Xian Tian looked around to find the source of the voice but to no avail. However, even though he didn’t find the speaker, he did meet eyes with the so-called Grandmaster. Although he did not wish to stir up trouble, this mister refused to let off him.

“Who are you?” Xian Tian said.

“Huh! On this antique street, which person here doesn’t know me, Xu Dechuan?” Mr. Xu proudly said. His reputation on this street was very resounding, it was something he was very proud of. He’s from one of the four most renowned family, the Xu family, but the family business was taken over by his elder brother while he spent his youth playing on this antique street.

Xu Dechuan had striven for the position of head after the death of his elder brother, but in the end, the position was taken by his nephew Xu Qingghua. Qinghua sent him money every month for living expenses, but that money was just a drop in the bucket for the Xu family.

Therefore, he sets his goal to recapture the industry in the family, but who would want to start any quarrel with Xu Qinghua? Which was why, to obtain money and influence he wanted, the antique street was the best place to be.

After all these years of striving, he had enough prestige and status.

“How about you and I compete?” In the Xian Tian shows a faint smile, Since this old fogey’s status here, was high, he could use him in future.

“Compete with me, in what?” Mr. Xu has a very amused feeling.

“We compete in skills. You select any five objects and I will try to discover from the five which of them is a good one. If I failed, I’ll lose.” Xian Tian knew that in order to do this, one need to have a very strong skill.

“Ha! Boy, you are trying to show off in front of an expert. What will you do his you lose?” Mr. Xu giggles while saying.

“If I lose? You have my life.” Xian Tian’s mouth slightly slanted. “If you lose, I will take the treasure.”

“Really one does not know the immensity of heaven and earth.” Mr. Xu disdainfully looked at Xian tian. “If I win, I don’t want you dead. I want you as my henchman.”

Xu Dechuan felt that the boy in front of him was very interesting. He reminded him of Qinghua’s A San, perhaps this was heaven-sent opportunity. He must win this competition with a 100% genuine treasure.

However, there was a problem, his success ratio was only about 10%. Otherwise, he would have already become rich. Because there were many fake antiques and treasures, as long as he discovers a genuine antique, then making him lose by selecting others would be really easy.

Simple plan, but the real problem was finding an authentic antique. He went inside a shop while Xian Tian was waiting in the same place. The surrounding people heard that Mr. Xu bet with the young guy to guess the antique, they all surrounded Xian Tian in a circle.

Xu Dechuan did not know how the event would take place, nor did he know what this child gambled on, but he chose very earnestly. He selected a small gadget in an antique store, then had a look at all that he took. It was very difficult to distinguish between the genuine and the fake with the naked eye.

The onlookers placed bet with one another, almost everyone betting on Xu Dechuan to win. In the meantime, Mr. Xu casually bought small thing from the stall.

“Boy, the things are here, you can start to examine.” The bodyguards behind Mr. Xu placed five objects in front of Xian Tian on a square table.

The surroundings started to discuss with one another. The majority said that Xian Tian acted recklessly, daring to compare himself with Mr. Xu.

All the pieces were set by him, It is impossible for Xian Tian to guess. The five treasure on the table put separately were a wooden box, a big porcelain insulator, a tray, a glittering and translucent carved stone, and a bracelet.

Xian Tian used his X-ray vision to look at the five treasure on the table.

“How is it? Boy, want to admit defeat now?” Mr. Xu touched his beard. Touching his own beard represented his confidence in having the victory in hand already.

Xian Tian took the wooden box, threw it to Xu Dechuan and said, “Really…”

Xu Dechuan was really surprised.

“Good, this is copy of Qing Dynasty Empress Cixi crown .” Mr. Xu did not act shamelessly. This was related to his reputation, although he knew that it could be Xian Tian just trying his luck.

At the same time, in the crowd, some people started showing contempt towards Xian Tian for acting all proud after one lucky guess.

Xian Tian did not pay any attention to these people. He took the porcelain this time, seeing this Xu Dechuan showed a faint smile. The piece of porcelain was a sham. He was confident the Xian tian could not able to see though, the replica was of really high quality.

He was confident that Xian Tian wouldn’t be able to see the truth of the treasure.

Xian Tian showed a faint smile taking up the vase “Mr. Xu, if I guessed correctly, this vase is the real sham, can I damage it?”

“That is natural, these goods are not of any value to me either.” The moment Mr. Xu said that the vase fell on the ground. This action of Tian shocked the onlookers. No matter what, the vase seemed like an original good. The surroundings immediately rose with the sounds of regret.

Xian Tian didn’t pay any attention to these people, picked up a fragment from the ground. When people saw the characters ‘Fang Quzi’  written on the side of fragment, they realize that Xian Tian had guessed correctly.

Who was this Fang Quzi? He was a famous imitation master who was renowned for making fakes that were so identical to the original antique, they cannot be distinguished by the eyes.

“Did Fang Quzi made this?” As Xu Dechaun saw these characters, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “How did you guess correctly?”

Xu Dechuan’s surprise was not because Tian had guessed correctly once more, but because he was unexpectedly able to see through the replica Fang Quzi had made himself. If appraisal skill could divide into five ranks from one to five stars, he should be considered as three stars, since replicas from Fang Quzi’s hand was said to be identified only by five star appraisal masters. Xian Tian should have a great master behind him.

Again, Xian Tian did the same with the tray, revealing the truth. Everyone naturally knew that Tian guessed correctly, but Xu Dechuan was shocked thoroughly this time.

Doing the same once more to the stone, everybody naturally understood his meaning. The stone was also a sham. Now, the bracelet was the final good left on the table.

“Young fellow, you won the contest. As agreed upon, you can buy anything, I will pay.” Xu Dechuan didn’t let Xian Tian go on because he had already decided that he must become friend with this boy.

If Xian Tian becomes his friend, perhaps his plan could also succeed.

“Then many thanks to Mr. Xu. This bracelet, I like it very much.” Xian Tian smiled while looking the bracelet in his hand.

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