Almighty Student – Chapter 6

Hello for those who don’t know me I am the translator of The Great Conqueror and will be relief translating this novel while we figure out what happened to the previous translator. As this is not my main novel I will only be pushing out 1 or 2 chapters a week. Enjoy :3

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Chapter 6 – Street of Antiques

Xia Tian’s perception was many times better than the past. On this kind of stage, everyone’s eyes were full of scorn and ridicule; he could understand their intentions.

The clothes he was wearing were very cheap, thus in the eyes of these people, he could not possibly afford any of these cellphones.

“I want a cellphone with more complete functions,” Xia Tian inquired. He was going to graduate soon, having a cellphone with all the functions would prove to be more useful.

“Cellphones with all the functions are plentiful, what kind of price are you after? I could introduce you to a brand,” the shop attendant politely answered with ten star quality service keeping a very sweet and beautiful smiling. 1

The female attendant was an intern shown by the badge attached to her clothes. Since she had come to this place, she had yet to perform as the other customers would be seized by others.

“Around five thousand eight hundred or so,” Xia Tian had just won five thousand eight hundred dollars and did not plan to leave anything remaining, thus he might as well spend it all on a cellphone.

“Five thousand eight hundred?” The attendant repeated slightly in shock. Just before, she did not expect that Xia Tian would actually buy a cellphone, thus she had only come over to practice her sale’s skills. She didn’t think that as soon as Xia Tian opened his mouth, he would want a cellphone five thousand eight hundred in value.

The other shop clerks also heard the number that Xia Tian had uttered. Stunned, some of the senior female shop attendants immediately changed their disposition to this person; putting on a smile. However, under the thick makeup, the wrinkles that could pinch a mosquito dead showed their age.

“Fellow student, I can introduce you a brand of cellphones that you will definitely be pleased with,” the senior attendant suggested with a smile plastered on her face. It wasn’t until she was in front of Xia Tian that he could see the pock-marks on her face.

“Would it bother you to stay a bit further away? Your Mt.Everest like face has frightened me,” Xia Tian stated as he hated these type of people the most. She had not acknowledged him earlier as his clothing were unpresentable, but she stood forth after hearing that he was going to buy such an expensive cellphone.

“You. You dare to speak to me like this, do you know who I am?” The old lady’s anger welled up, she had never been bullied like this before and even had her face likened to Mt Everest by this person.

The people nearby already gave Xia Tian a look of pity as this lady was the lord of this area. Saying she was lord was not because of her own ability, but as she was the lover of the famed person that owned these streets, nicknamed Tiger-bro. It was rumored that he had killed someone before and had only came back two years ago from a ten year sentence.

This old lady was already almost 50, but she normally made herself up like a 30 year old by applying thick layers of foundation. There was not a single one of the sales people that dared to offend her. Everyone could only swallow their anger, she would stick a leg in and earn some commission when a person was purchasing a cellphone,.

However, this high schooler had dared to oppose her like this.

“Good fellow, just wait here. This old lady will peel off your skin,” the old lady threatened before she pulled out her cellphone and punched in a number.

“Master, five thousand eight hundred will be enough to buy a Shen Wu (Shèn Wǔ) 2, so you might as well buy a Shen Wu cellphone,” Huo Lajiao suggested. Right from the start, she had not paid this old woman any attention as in her opinion, she was not even worth the effort.

“Shen Wu?” Xia Tian asked even though he had already heard of this cellphone before. It had been reported that to buy this cellphone, one had actually sold their own kidney. Thus since, this cellphone was known as Shen Wu. “Alright I’ll choose that one then; set one aside for me, beautiful. Here’s the money, I will have to go and obtain a replacement sim card.”

Only now did the sales intern react, hastily receiving the money and quickly turned on the device for Xia Tian.

“Master, if you want a good cellphone, I can buy one for you. You only need to say and I’ll buy it; you can just treat it as acceptance fees,” Huo Lajiao who followed Xia Tian said.

“I don’t need other people’s money,” Xia Tian replied giving Huo Lajiao a glance, “And I haven’t said that I’ll accept you either.”

“Master, then what do I need to do to make you accept me as a disciple?” Huo Lajiao asked Xia Tian whilst bouncing to and fro.

“In a moment, I’ll teach you two moves. When you have learnt them, then we can talk. I will also need to observe you,” Xia Tian replied after the replacement was ready. The process was very simple. All he needed to do was show his identification card. As this was done, the intern sales girl had also just brung out the Shen Wu cellphone which Xia Tian inserted his sim card into. After trying it out, he thought it to be very suitable.

Be it the exterior or the capabilities of the Shen Wu, they were both better than his old brick. Except for picking up calls and messaging, his old cellphone only had one other ability: smash resistant.

After his purchase, Xia Tian was going to leave; however at this time two people appeared in the entrance. One person was topless with a dragon tattoo that stretched over his shoulder. His head shaven like a pair of calipers, single eyelids with small eyes, and a large belly resembling the buddha.

“Tiger-bro, you’ve finally come. If you hadn’t come, I would have been played to death by this bastard,” the old lady said whilst grabbing onto Tiger-bro’s arm unceasingly swaying and rubbing her upper body against it.

“Motherfucker, you dare to play with my woman. You must be tired of living!,” Tiger-bro seethed. His voice was not small, it had made all of the surrounding people look towards him.

Xia Tian stopped his footsteps and looked at the old lady.

“Who’s is this bastard calling for?” Xia Tian demanded. He hated people who insulted his parents the most. Though he had never seen his mother, he knew that his mother must have come across some situation that forced her to leave him.

“That bastard is you,” the old lady immediately reacted, “Tiger-bro see, this animal is bullying me.”

“Who are you calling an animal?”, Xia Tian opened his mouth.

“I’m calling you,” the old lady stomped in rage, “Aiya, Tiger-bro you have to back me up.”

Tiger-bro’s carried a cold complexion, then swayed his strong body before walking towards Xia Tian. “Daring to bully I, Tiger-bro’s woman, you must really be seeking death.”

“Huo Lajiao, I will only perform it once so you must observe well. After you see it, go home and comprehend it yourself.” Xia Tian and Tiger-bros bodies differed by one fold, yet Xia Tian did not have the slightest inclination of retreating and instead stepped forth.

At this time, Tiger-bro kicked towards Xia Tian. His tactic was to use his body appearance to intimidate the opponent along with his voice creating fear in their hearts. In the end, he would suddenly lash out with a kick to catch the opponent unprepared.

He had never failed using this method. 3

When Tiger-bro’s leg had Xia Tian, some people could not bear to keep watching and lowered their heads. Suddenly, Xia Tian made his move. Supported by his right hand, his right leg swept at Tiger-bros left leg.

Tiger-bros tall and sturdy figure was thrown back by Xia Tian, crashing into the business office.

“Master is so strong,” Huo Lajiao exclaimed in excitement.

“Tiger-bro!!” the old lady hastily ran in front of Tiger-bro.

“Motherfucker! You dare to strike back,” Tiger-bro struggled to his feet. The strike before had already caused blood to flow from many spots; however there were not any big problems. Tiger-bro knew that he could not show how alarmed he was. He would usually not be required to do any job and could just rely on this old lady to support him. If he showed any sign of weakness who would ever support him in the future.

“You are the apple in my eye~”

Xia Tian’s cellphone began to ring. This was the ring tone that the female intern saleswoman had downloaded for him earlier.

“Hello, is this older cousin.”

“I lost my cellphone earlier. So I just bought a new one and replaced my card.”

“At night? Must I go?”

“Okay then, send me the address.”

Seeing that Xia Tian was on the phone, Tiger-bro saw his chance again, kicking towards Xia Tian. Xia Tian’s feet advanced and used his shoulder to strongly collided with his opponent’s left shoulder. At the same time, he kicked towards Tiger-bros left leg, resulting in both his legs losing balance and flying out a whole two meters before landing on the ground.

“Master’s too cool,” Huo Lajiao praised in incomparable excitement.

Oh, it’s nothing much, see you tonight,” Xia Tian concluded as he hung up while glancing at the one laying on the ground before walking away.

“Master, wait for me, wait for me ah,” Huo Lajiao skipped over to keep up with him.

“Don’t follow me, I have already shown you two moves. Go home and practice diligently. If you keep following me, I’ll never take you in as a disciple,” Xia Tian warned. In reality, he did not know any martial arts. The two previous moves were stolen from the old man this morning.

Huo Lajiao could only leave after hearing Xia Tian’s words.

Xia Tian took a taxi towards Jianghai city’s most antique street. This was the most famous place in Jianghai city. Here, there were many antique or things of rarity. This was also the number one place on TaoBao 4. Reportedly someone had bought an antique from this place and sold it off for hundreds of thousands in the end.

As this happened regularly, when one came to this place, they would wear a mysterious veil, as a lot of people came with the wish of becoming wealthy.

In reality, Xia Tian knew that most people that had such luck were people belonging to this place 5 only to attract more people to come and spend. However, he still needed to go and take a look as he had x-ray vision, he wished to go and see if he could manage to obtain some real treasures.

As there were people that wished to test their luck, this street was always full of people. In this world there are no shortage of dreamers or people who wish to reap what they have not sown.

The reason that Xia Tian had come was that tonight was his cousin’s birthday party, yet he had forgotten and was scolded through the phone call by her. Thus, he had decided to buy something good as a birthday present for her.

The main point was that his cousin wanted him pretend to be her boyfriend which only added to the awkward situation.

  1. Chinese rate often rate things out of ten. It’ll either be rated in stars or in percentage.
  2. I don’t know if this brand exists in real life. 肾  for kidney, 五 for five
  3. Chinese for this is 百发百中从未失手 Hundreds of tries, hundreds of successes and not a single failure.
  4. This is a chinese online site for purchasing
  5. Chinese connotes that it is for media promotion.
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