Almighty Student – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Scratch and Win

She attracted the attention of everyone with that scream. Moreover, they had also clearly heard the name she screamed, Xian Tian.

In Jianghai High School, the most powerful people were Huo Lajiao and Xu Shaocong.
But unexpectedly Xian Tian defeated Xu Shaocong’s four King Kong subordinates, harassing Huo Lajiao right after.

This time Xian Tian would become famous, leaving his name in Jianghai High School, much more now that the exam was just around the corner.

“Hey, I didn’t touch you at all. The only one assaulting someone here is you, so could you please release me?” Xian Tian said, and helplessly looked at Huo Lajiao. She became famous for being rude and unreasonable, but he did not expect her to be this unreasonable.

There is indeed some truth in what he is saying. Huo Lajiao said to herself. However, she immediately realized what she should do. “No, I won’t release you unless you promise to teach me martial arts. ”

“Teach you martial arts? Do you see me as someone who knows martial arts?” Xian Tian knew nothing about the subject, the movements he used just now to defeat the four guys were stolen from Old Fan.

“You certainly are, a moment ago you looked like one. You went against Xu Shaocong’s four King Kong guards, and you took them down all by yourself. ” Huo Lajiao remembered Xian Tian’s movement at the fight and became very excited.

Meanwhile, in another place.

“Old Fan, everything was properly investigated. ”

“Hm, let me hear. ”

Xian Tian.

Male, 19 years old.

Mother went missing after he was born.

Father died accidentally when he was 14 years old.

He attends Jianghai High School, his academic record is outstanding. Half of a month ago he saved a person from one of the four top clans in the business circle in Jianghai, Zeng Rou chairman’s daughter. In the end, he did not accept a reward and left the hospital.

Now he is living with his cousin, and usually, he works part-time to earn money.

“Hm, were you able to find any information about his parents?”

“Not found, information is encrypted. His father has an A-level encryption, and his mother an S-level encryption. We can’t access it. ”

“Good, I understand. Are there any news regarding Liusha (Quicksand)?”

“Liusha seems to have noticed him too, however it’s improbable for him to make a move at the moment. Those people seem to want something, but not his life. ”

“Recently Jianghai has become dangerous. I also must leave, but I will leave you behind to protect Small Feng. If someone dares to make a move, kill. ”

“Young master is very sensitive to us, and you are also aware that he is an expert who taught us a lesson. ”

“It’s long distance protection, especially against Liusha. In Jianghai City, nobody except them dares to make a move against my people. ”

At the same time, inside of Jianghai City’s number one killer organization, Liusha.

“Sir.Yinfa (Hidden Bat), when will we make our move?”

“Now it’s not the right moment. Keep an eye on him. In case you discover a secret scroll, get rid of him immediately.” Yinfa was wearing a black Chinese-styled gown that covered his whole person. From around his silhouette leaked a dark energy and from inside it, coldness was emanated.

“Understood. ”

“Oh, that’s right, watch that other boy too. Get rid of other people besides us that may have noticed him. ” Yinfa said with an ice-cold voice, then a tiny decorative flower that stood in one corner of the room withered instantaneously.

At this moment, Xian Tian was not aware of the world-shaking changes occuring in Jianghai City. He was busy taking care of Huo Lajiao. Although she was not hugging him anymore, she still followed him everywhere. Fortunately she drove out her two little sisters but still, she did not take a step back from his shadow.

“Teacher, when are you going to teach me martial arts?” Huo Lajiao jumped in front of him vigorously.

“I said it already, I’m not your teacher. Moreover, I will only ever talk about my martial arts to my wife and children.” Xian Tian said helpless, he wanted Huo Lajiao to go away.

“Teacher, please accept me. ” Huo Lajiao assumed an exaggeratedly pitiful appearance.

“I’m not Buddha, what will I gain if I accept you? ” Xian Tian wanted to buy a new cellphone and also needed to recover his SIM card. Even though he didn’t have many contacts, he needed to have a cellphone for when his aunt and cousin wanted to contact him.

“You can marry me and start with the lectures right away.” Huo Lajiao’s brain was filled with learning unique martial arts and becoming a peerless chivalrous woman.

Xian Tian took a look at Huo Lajiao and said, curling his lips upwards: “So you say, but I want my wife to have big boobs, which you don’t have, I want her to have a good figure, which also you don’t have, I want her to be good looking, that also you don’t have, so by which means should I take you as my wife? ”

Huo Lajiao looked first at her own chest, then at the rest of her body.

“Teacher, you must not set your standards so high. For better or worse, I am still a woman. You just got to live with it. ” Huo Lajiao pulled Xian Tian’s arm, begging him.

“Okay okay, when I have time I will teach you two movements. ” Xian Tian moved towards a bit more desolate area.

“Teacher, they have lottery tickets there, let’s get some. ” Seeing the ticket stall, Huo Lajiao became excited.

“You aren’t short of money, so what is the use of you doing this kind of thing?” Xian Tian frowned. Although he didn’t know Huo Lajiao’s true identity, he had heard some stories about her.

It was said that Huo Lajiao’s family was wealthy, that they even had connections with the underworld, and that she had a habit of spending money like it grew from trees. How could such a person be short of funds?

“I like the feeling of expecting the result.” Huo Lajiao pulled Xian Tian towards the stall.

That’s right, I can test whether I’m able to use the X-ray ability to see through the ticket or not. Xian Tian suddenly had an idea. So far he had only used his X-ray ability to peep or to fight, he did not experiment with other things.

“Boss, give me those. ” Huo Lajiao, in incomparable excitement, started scratching. She scratched several in succession but she did not win.

“Bad luck. ” Huo Lajiao said, blaming her luck, then she saw Xian Tian grabbing three tickets.

“Teacher, are you going to play?” Huo Lajiao looked towards him in doubt.

Xian Tian did not speak. He scratched the first ticket, a fail. Then he scratched the second, but still a fail.

“That’s not the way to do it. You two scratch everywhere randomly, so it’s impossible for you to draw a win. ” A person next to Xian Tian said with disdain. He was also scratching a ticket, the same type as Xian Tian.

“Every child comes here dreaming of becoming rich, but you are simply wasting money.” He spoke with irony.

“Wow, so you dare to speak like this to this older sister. ” Huo Lajiao was prepared to attack at any moment, but then she saw Xian Tian’s third lottery ticket, a winner.

‘Win, 800 yuan.’ It said.

“A win. Teacher, what a surprise, you drew a prize-winning ticket. ” Huo Lajiao gave a loud cry of excitement.

“Hmph! Damn lucky. ” The person beside Xian Tian saw this and was jealous from the bottom of his heart. Just a moment ago he saw two brats scraping some tickets, so he wanted to show off like an expert, however he did not expect the other party to draw a winning ticket so easily.

“Help me exchanging this for 700 in cash, I’ll buy ten with the remaining. ” Xian Tian pointed towards the tickets that he wanted: “I want these. ”

“Teacher, I have heard that when you win, your luck runs out, so you shouldn’t continue playing.” Huo Lajiao advised Xian Tian as if she were the Goddess of Gamblers.

Xian Tian slightly smiled. He had already completed his experiments, he knew that his X-ray power was able to see through the lottery ticket. He saw through the one with the winning prize, however, if he bought only it, it would definitely bring other’s suspicion. But if he bought three, they could say that it was because of his luck.

After drawing the prize, he used his X-ray ability once more. This time he put his eyes on two tickets with winning prizes of 2000 and one of 1000, but because they were unexpectedly near he deliberately choose to buy ten.

“Customers like you that buy lottery tickets this way end up returning all the money from your prize.” The person scratched all the tickets that he had but not even one was a winner, so he become more envious of Xian Tian. Hence, following Xian Tian’s steps, he also bought ten tickets of the same kind that Xian Tian picked.

Xian Tian scratched seven of the tickets, but neither had a prize. Seeing this, Huo Lajiao who was near shook her head. The other person had won 50 yuan.

At this moment, Xian Tian scratched the eight. A win. The amount was a thousand. Not waiting for Huo Lajiao’s amazed expression to disappear, he scratched the ninth, and again a win. Two thousand. The boss of the stall was also shocked, and even the person who was at Xian Tian’s side forgot to scratch his own tickets, looking dumbfounded at the winning tickets in Xian Tian’s hands.

He scratched the tenth, a win. Two thousand more.

The result of the three consecutive attempts, 5000. This kind of situation was rarely seen, even Huo Lajiao who was beside Xian Tian was unable to speak.

Until Xian Tian exchanged the tickets, Huo Lajiao did not respond.

The person who bought ten tickets of the same type as Xian Tian only won 50 yuan. Ashamed of this fact he stealthy left. After Xian Tian won 5800 yuan, he entered into a selling area with a large business hall, the kind of place where cellphones were sold.

Seeing that two kids were entering, two people nearby began a discussion.

They did not appear to rich appearance wise, but Huo Laijao’s clothes astonished everybody.

Nobody went towards them.

“Ah, kids nowadays. Now each and every one of them, no matter their age never buy things for their girlfriends. Look at his appearance, too quirky. ”

“That’s right. Lately there are too many NEETs. ”

“What kind of cellphones would they be able to buy? It would be surprising if they could spend even a few hundred of yuan for one.”

The shop employees were unwilling to deal with Xian Tian. This was a large selling area, where they conducted large business, selling different brands of cellphones which were over thousands of yuan.

At this moment, a girl who looked like a new employee approached Xian Tian. She was not very attractive, but her smile was especially sweet: “Student, what kind of cellphone model do you want to buy?”

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  • Cupcake Ninja

    okay fam, my thoughts on the new novel? I like it. Its just, i mean, im fine with ecchi stuff. But here…its just that its too obvious? Or rather, i think it wasn’t done well? I think its cuz he keeps on saying stuff like what kind of bras they’re wearing and shit. And that makes people think he was peeping, or that he’s a perv, and that kinda stuff. Maybe he even is a bit pervy, but…like, there’s a difference between bein’ a rogue and bein’ just a perv. And the author makes it look like he’s the latter, or at least thats what other people are prlly startin’ to think of him as.

    So if he could stop that, then that’d be great. If not, im fine with it, doesnt matter all too much to me, really. That aside, i kinda dislike the ex. She seemed nice, but just weak? Like, she wants to take things the easy way, and so practically sold herself to a person who, from the MC’s words, is known as a playboy. And she thinks he’d treat her well? That he’d be serious with her? Thats naive, and really anyone should be able to figure it out. It would be fine if she was a bad person from the start and just got with him for some extra bling and shit, but expecting more out of the guy than that is just making me think she’s touched in the head.

    Giving up a good guy, for some douche, really is annoying. It happens in RL too, so im not blaming he rfor that, but its just abad move on her part. And her seeming to think that no matter what they do they will still always be poor, is just ridiculous. If she worked hard and studied, then even if she didnt make it big, she’d still have the capability to be a highly trained professional that would easily get a decent job. She’d probably be upper middle class in that case, but no, she’d rather all but whore herself out instead.


    just sad, fam, just sad.

    • Mimi-dono

      She was just tired of being poor so she choose the easy way

      • George Young

        Haha she choose the easy way but she’s gonna learn that life isn’t that easy the hard way

      • Cupcake Ninja

        Oh, i understand that, fam. I really do. Aint no excuse, though, for choosing someone like that. Being so naive as to not see what kind of person they are. People are like that, blind at times when its convenient for them. It happens in real life, so i cant blame her for this. But i find that whether its in real life or a novel, that people should have a certain awareness of others. Staying with the MC would be optimal, he’s a hard worker and cared for her right.

        But it would still be fine to me even if she didnt stay with him. I think she should have chosen someone better, personality wise, than that other guy. And if there arent any decent enough rich guys, then i think she should have just stay with the MC. Better that than the alternative, in my eyes.

        But again, i understand her side of things. Its her choice of man that i have a problem with, as i said. To me things are black and white here, so i find her a bit weak-willed, but not exactly a bad person. At least, she hasnt shown any real bad traits. She even tried to save the MC some trouble in her own way.

        • Mimi-dono

          You’re right, i think her brain has a problem because if you want someone to support you with his money all your life and not someone else, you need to give him someone unique to you(in the mc case, his love) but the playboy only like beautiful girl, what will she do when a jade like beauty will come? Frame her?With what ? Because in this guy case, beauty is everything so unless you are miss universe, better choose the safe way.
          Well the good thing is that she told this to our mc earlier and didn’t wait when they’ll have 10 years of marriage and 2 kids!

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    I like this kind of novel MC OP as fk and take control of everything

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    Looks cool for the first 5 chapters ~~

    Thanks for the chapter ~~

  • Maria Lorenzo

    bunch of stuck up

  • BasedEwok

    What’s the release schedule?

    • Light Novels World

      After doing 5 chaps…
      We havnt heard from the TL…

      But another TL from our team will be filling up for him till he comes back..
      No fixed schedule.. but we will post an update… 🙂

      • Kanna Sivakumar

        Nice, awaiting more chaps!!!!

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