Almighty Student – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – One versus Four

Huo Lajiao’s left foot stepped on Xian Tian’s right foot. Being replied to in such way, she hurriedly stepped aside, but she could not make sense of things. She helped him escape from this predicament, but this person actually did not appreciate her kindness and even rebutted her.

“Xian Tian, I, this senior, am saving you from your dilemma and you dare to speak to me like that?” One of the things Huo Lajiao became famous for was her bad temperament.

“You misunderstood.” Xian Tian wanted to explain at once to save himself from trouble.

“This is your territory. I did not expect Jianghai High School’s big sister, Huo Lajiao to come here and solve the problem that I could not solve.” Xu Shaocong stood up. “Little Ya, I will leave first to avoid delaying Huo sister’s family matters.”

“Xu Shaocong, I will deal with you later.” Huo Lajiao stared intensely at him , then she turned her head and looked towards Xian Tian. “It’s like they say, even if there are one hundred, scholars are all useless. What’s the use of being good at studying? You were bullied, but you did not dare to even say a sentence. I spoke for you and you still talked to me like that. ”

“Your breath stinks.” Xian Tian frowned. He avoided looking at Huo Lajiao. From what he smelled, he knew for certain that she just ate tofu.

“You… Do you want to anger me? You think I won’t dare to beat you?” Huo Lajiao grinded her teeth. Although she was in the same class as Xian Tian for three whole years, she had never spoken to him.

Today she stood up for him, but she did not expect that he would talk like that to her. Even more, he said that she had a stinky breath.

“Huo older sister, let me take care of this animal for you.” Behind Huo Lajiao, one of the two girls pulled up her sleeves, preparing herself to beat him.

Although the two girls behind Huo Lajiao were not wearing very conventional clothes, it was not good to provoke them. In the matter of grades, they had the second and third position if you counted backwards. However, in the matter of fights, even several men were not their match.

“Hold on. ” Huo Lajiao looked at Xian Tian: “We are leaving.”

Xian Tian shook his head. He understood what Huo Lajiao intended to do. Xu Shaocong intentionally made trouble for him, but due to Huo Lajiao’s presence, he backed off. Now that Huo Laijao decided to not meddle, Xu Shaocong would naturally not let him off.

“Good, class begins. Today is a mock exam.” The teacher in charge entered the classroom. At this moment, he happened to bump into the three people walking outside, but he did not say anything. Obviously, he was already accustomed to this.

“Nevermind, you two go back to your exams, otherwise I will lose my throne.” Huo Lajiao spoke proudly. She was the first from the bottom. Every time that she took an exam, she strived to end in the first place counting backwards, with her two subordinates as second and third.

“Yes, Huo older sister.” The two young girls returned to their seats, but they only casually answered the questions and then they left the classroom.

Xian Tian looked at the examination paper. In his mind suddenly appeared innumerable paths and soon, the solutions to all the questions appeared. He knew these questions, however he solved them all too quickly. He basically did not even need to calculate; his brain responded immediately.

About 30 minutes later, his exam paper was completely filled. After having examined it twice, he handed over the exam.

“Xian Tian, have you checked it? Why are you handing it over so quickly?” The teacher in charge frowned. Xian Tian answered too quickly and that was definitely not good. “You didn’t rest very well recently, but you shouldn’t forget to review. The university exams are just around the corner. The teachers are expecting great things from you.”

“Teacher, I finished answering. Can I continue with the exams of the other subjects?” Xian Tian wanted to try it again to see if he had the same feeling.

“Finished? Wait a second, let me have a look. ” After the teacher took Xian Tian’s exam, he gave a quick look. He discovered that there wasn’t any blank space at all. Not only that, the paper was very clean.

Stunned, he robotically handed the other test papers over.

Similar to before, all the answers appeared instantaneously inside Xian Tian’s mind. Basically, he didn’t need to ponder over anything. He lifted the pen and all the others subjects were also quickly answered.

After finishing all the exams, Xian Tian was dismissed from school. Because the head teacher was the one who gave the exams to the other teachers, he discovered that Xian Tian had answered correctly. To his surprise, he learnt that he was able to answer in such a short time, definitely not cheating.

Just after coming out from the classroom, Xian Tian saw a familiar person, Xu Shaocong. There was four other people behind him. Each and everyone of them looked tall and strong, with glares that meant that it wasn’t good to mess with their master.

“Huo older sister, should we go over and help?” Huo Lajiao and her henchmen were looking at the situation from a certain distance.

“Don’t need to, let that arrogant guy taste a little bit of suffering. After that, we will go help.” Hou Lajiao said with an icy expression.

“Xian Tian, I heard that you didn’t even touch Wen Ya. Really a pity, she tastes really good.” Xu Shaocong said, looking at Xian Tian.

“We’ve already broken up. Whatever you all are willing to do, it has nothing to do with me and her.” Xian Tian showed a faint smile. He had already moved on. His feelings for her died in that traffic accident. He wasn’t going to fight over that woman anymore.

“You don’t even deserve to fight with me over her. Or rather, you have already lost haven’t you? But, y’know, what pisses me off the most is when someone keeps having ideas about my toy.” Xu Shaocong signaled slightly with his chin, the four men behind him rushed towards Xian Tian.

Although a mock exam was occurring at that moment, there were onlookers around enjoying the scene.

These people were watching from afar. There were many who recognized Xu Shaocong, he became famous in Jianghai High School for his character, so nobody dared to mess with his business.

These four people following him were the overlords in their respective classes and the number of little brothers under their leadership wasn’t small. However, in front of Xu Shaocong they were all docile. This said a lot about his family background.

Although Xian Tian did not want to stir up trouble, he did not show fear when already in trouble. His physique was not good before, but he never shrank back and even though he was not able to hit the people bullying him, he resisted each time.

Now that his physique underwent a sudden transformation, in addition to his eye ability, he was no longer afraid of these guys.

When the fat guy from the four threw a punch towards him, Xian Tian remembered the move that Old Fan used in the park this morning. His right hand was pulled, his left leg stepped towards the opposite party’s leg. The fatty’s body flew away.

He flew five entire meters before stopping, ruthlessly smashing down on the ground. Compared with other people, his weight was obviously greater. Adding on to being thrown all of a sudden, his fall was not light.

“Motherfucker! How dare you beat Black Mole, one of our brothers!” The other three people also had a vicious nature and were not even a least bit afraid of Xian Tian, but rather, they went together against him.

Seeing the three coming towards him simultaneously, Xian Tian did not retreat. His right leg swept directly towards their lower bodies, then a fist was thrown to their chests. This happened extremely quickly, to the extent that the onlookers didn’t know how it even happened.

Huo Lajiao and company who were watching in the sidelines were also shocked.

“Huo older sister, I didn’t see wrong, right? That scholar is fighting so fiercely.”

“Black Mole as well the the other three became famous for fighting ruthlessly, however he settled this so quickly by himself.”

“He could not be a legendary expert from the legends, right? Since long ago, I’ve dreamed of becoming a chivalrous woman. If I could learn his martial arts, then I would be able to fulfill my dream!” Huo Lajiao was fantasizing that her time as an errant knight was coming. “All of you, come with me.”

“So handsome and also dares to hit Xu Shaocong. Who is he? ”

“I remember seeing him. He is one of the good students with good grades.”

“How is that possible! A good student who can unexpectedly fight so ferociously.”

The crowd who only watched for fun started talking in succession. Xu Shaocong was the man of the moment inside Jianghai High School. Moreover, he had these four big guards known as King Kongs as his subordinates. Inside of the classes, they were akin to lord-like existences.

But today, these four were surprisingly overthrown by only one person.

“You! What are you doing?” Xu Shaocong somewhat panicked. He had never been through such a situation. The four King Kongs were all specially ruthless, but they had been defeated by Xian Tian.

He had already inquired about Xian Tian’s situation. He was nothing but an ordinary poor student without any background, so how can he fight so well?

“What do you plan to do?” He asked.

Xian Tian showed a slight smile while passing by him. “When you return, be careful with your diarrhea. ”

“Diarrhea? Xian Tian, what tricks are you playing? I warn you, I’m a person you cannot dare to offend. Later, don’t appear in front of me again, otherwise I will not let you off.” Xu Shaocong suddenly remembered his background. It was the only method he had left to subdue Xian Tian, so now he no longer feared him. In Jianghai High School, there was only one person who dared to mess with him and it was Huo Lajiao.

“Stupid!” Xian Tian did not look behind, continuously walking forward.

“Xian Tian, wait for me.” Huo Lajiao ran quickly, but Xian Tian did not stop.

“You didn’t hear? Wait for me.” Huo Lajiao tightly hugged him.

“What a surprise, you don’t wear bra.” It just happened that he saw through Huo Lajiao’s clothes and discovered the incredible fact that there were only shoulder straps underneath her jacket.

“Ah! Rogue!!” Huo Lajiao gave a loud cry.

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  • Cupcake Ninja

    havent even read the whole chapter yet, but i gotta say…that whole “scholars are all useless” thing…thats really just bullshit. If i were the MC, i’d reply, “Useless? Please. The world was built by scholars. Everything you see before you, the buildings, the your clothes, your phones, all built by scholars in one fashion or another. Be grateful, knave, that we allow you to enjoy the fruits of our labor”

    LIke seriously…when you get down to it, scholars run the world. Those who are smart, they get successful in life. And the REALLY successful ones even get rich and shit. Even if you aint book smart, you can be smart in other ways, and build something great. So that comment of scholars being useless…well, for example, that rich kid, if his father or whoever it was the built the family fortune wasn’t smart, then he, the kid, wouldnt be enjoying his current lifestyle.

    Like i said, aint gotta be book smart, but bein’ intelligent enough to build up a fortune and keep it, even increase it, means yer a scholar in some areas. KIds who dont do shit, dont study, end up fucked. The ones who do, and who struggle, can get a lot farther in life.

    Ok, rant over. Time to get back to readin’

    • Mimi-dono

      “KIds who dont do shit, dont study, end up fucked”
      Unless their family has money and power, lots of them!

      • Wendell Marshall

        United states president is an Idiot with alot of money who failed and lied his way upward till he got to the white house. Being a scholar is good but sometimes just having money gives you a hard advantage on everyone else.

      • Cupcake Ninja

        true. In that sentence I was speaking of those who were not already rich, though. But even so, i think that it can be true even if they are. Cuz if they cant manage their money, cant make it grow, or even keep what they have, it’ll be useless, no? Cuz they wouldnt know how to do any of those things if they arent at least moderately intelligent. Or try. Meh, but whatvs. I wont get into a long rant about it.

        • Mimi-dono

          You forget that for some reason many bad people have a guy with a brain working for them(this doesn’t the idiots who keep spending money non stop)

    • clau clau

      of course, you are right . Only few can gained money with out that prosports or start of music. until the mafia need knowlodge for scape of police XD

  • Paps

    First harem member get!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Lorenzo

    he should learn tact when comming on to girls lol

  • Lime-Kun

    Okay, what on earth did I just read? So, this mob-girl or whatever she is will start chasing the main character from the next chapter and so on, because “he might be a legendary expert from the legends.” Wow, the way the author introduced one of the main character’s harem members aggravates me and yes I’m pretty sure that she is. And, learn “his martial arts” girl he’s a bloody nineteen year old! What made her think of that in the first place yes he might be “skilled” but there is no way a nineteen year old can come up with his own martial arts. I don’t know if the author did this on purpose to show the readers the stupidity of this girl or if he’s seriously an idiot or it might be a mistake on my part since the translations are a bit “off” and are not that accurate, of course nothing is perfect or did she mean learn the exact martial arts that the main character used to beat those “men?” And did she just say “Ah, rouge!” I mean she’s the one who hugged him, he didn’t force her did he? she did that of her own accord, I admit that he shouldn’t have opened that big mouth of his, but still. Thanks for the chapter though. Kek

  • Christian Leontsinis


  • Will Rei Lee time please remind me to turn my brain off with this typical chapters
    he finish fill all the answer in 30 min, flaunting all those underwear, suddenly a kungfu master.
    in the first place we don’t know about his character before this x ray thingy, so maybe this is his original character?

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