Almighty Student – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Huo Lajiao

After a night of rest, Xian Tian felt completely refreshed. Not only did he wake up at six in the morning, but he also intended to jog right away and then go to school. After changing into a relaxing gym suit, Xian Tian went downstairs.

His cousin and her friend next door were still sleeping.

After having been treated by the necklace, Xian Tian felt that his body got lighter and a lot stronger. Before, he could only do twenty push-ups while using up almost all of his stamina, but now he went and did one hundred without any fatigue.

After arriving at a park not far away, Xian Tian started doing simple exercises. He discovered with amazement that whatever movement he did, it no longer required him to put in strenuous effort.

At this moment, he noticed an old person staring at him from far away.

The old man looked at Xian Tian, smiled and nodded. Xian Tian did the same in response, then continued exercising.

“Young man, your constitution is good. Have you served as a soldier before?” The old man arrived at Xian Tian’s side and asked.

“Never been, I’m only 19 years old.” Xian Tian answered, but he did not stop moving.

“You were not a soldier and your fitness is already so good, that’s not something easy to do.” The old man nodded in praise. Afterwards, he started shadow boxing besides Xian Tian. His actions were not fast, but it actually gave off a mysterious feeling.

“Young man, do you have any interest in comparing your martial arts with mine?” The old man opened his mouth and suddenly asked.

“I don’t want to.” Xian Tian knew that since his body became strong, if he exchanged blows with an old man, it would be easy to wound him.

“What? Are you afraid of hurting me?” The old man showed a faint smile, kicking a carved stone block beside him. The carved stone flew in a straight line for five to six meters before stopping moving.

Seeing the old man’s action, Xian Tian was immediately surprised. That stone block probably weighed over a hundred jin (50 Kg), but this old man, with only a lightly kick, sent it flying. An average person would absolutely not be able to achieve this.

He had heard about martial arts experts before, but as he grew up, he deemed it all as fiction. However, now he thought that the old man in front of him was definitely one of those.

In fact, this should be a very normal thing. He even had the X-ray power, so there should be nothing strange for martial artists to exist!

Xian Tian had never fought with another human, but even without fighting, he came across a legendary martial arts expert. His hands were itching.

“I will ask senior to instruct me.” Xian Tian said respectfully.

“Good. Free from arrogance and rashness, quite a rare thing.” The old man nodded in appreciation and soon after, he assumed a stance.

Xian Tian had not learned martial arts, so when he sent a punch, the old man did not move his legs, but only used both of his hand to throw him out. Xian Tian had not expected to be sent flying so easily, but since the overall quality of his body improved, he simply flipped in the air and landed with his two feet on the ground.

“Good skills.” the old man said in admiration, seemingly pleased.

Xian Tian did not dare to underestimate his opponent again. This old man had not moved half of a step, yet had blocked his punch easily.

This time, Xian Tian made a feint and attacked towards his lower body, but his actions had not deceived the old man’s eyes. Using his right leg, he blocked Xian Tian’s sweeping attack while at the same time used his right hand to grab Xian Tian’s arm. Xian Tian’s body was tossed backwards.

“Very fierce.” Using his right hand to support himself, Xian Tian made a somersault and fell to the ground. His body seems to have no weaknesses. No matter where I attack, he can perfectly deal with it.

Unexpectedly, Xian Tian X-ray eye activated on its own. In his mind, numerous line paths were presented. These paths were all of the old man’s possible attack trajectories. Seeing those, Xian Tian smiled and threw out a punch. The old man retroceded hurriedly as if that attack had found a blind spot in his stance.

Once again, in his mind appeared severals attack routes. If the old man’s taichi was motionless, then his flaws would be few, almost impossible to discover, but if he moved, numerous openings would appear.

Xian Tian seized the opportunity and went on the offense. The series of attacks thrown by him made the old man confused. He felt as if he was constantly in a state of crisis.

“Don’t hit, don’t hit.” The old man quickly waved his hand and Xian Tian stopped his fist.

Xian Tian felt his whole body comfortable. Just being able to fight with the old man made him happy. Although he did not practice any martial art, with the X-ray ability, he was able to find the weaknesses in his adversary. Before it seemed as if he was not able to penetrate his defense, but just now, he found one of the his openings.

At this moment, the old man was startled. He understood his taichi clearly. Although he was not a martial art expert, an ordinary person couldn’t hope to get close to his body. Even if he went against 3 or 4 veteran soldiers, he would be able to handle them with ease.

He could see that the young man in front of him did not learn martial arts, but he actually could break his taichi.

“Little brother, how can I call you?” The old man opened his mouth to ask.

“Xian Tian.” He said.

“Xian Tian. Good. You can call me Old Fan. I don’t know how this little brother managed to break my taichi a moment ago.” Old Fan was very curious. At the beginning, Xian Tian was the same as an ordinary person, unable to do anything to him, but later on, he suddenly attacked his weak points.

“This junior was only lucky. If this junior were to compete again with senior, this junior would definitely be unable to catch you.” Xian Tian couldn’t say that he used the X-ray ability to see his openings.

“To think that Jianghai had someone so talented, ah, and your moral character is also good. Moreover, you know how to respect your elders. When this young fellow has the opportunity, please come to Greenwood Villa and look for this Old Fan.” Old Fan showed a faint smile and nodded with satisfaction.

“Many thanks senior, this junior still have some business, so I’ll go first.” After Xian Tian left the park, he had breakfast at a nearby shop. He also bought breakfast for his cousin and her friend. After returning to the house, similar to what he thought, the two of them had not woken up yet. He then placed the bag containing food in the living room, changed his clothes and rushed to school.

The school that Xian Tian goes to was named Jianghai High School. In Jianghai City, it was the best one. Xian Tian had depended of his own skills to gain acceptance; moreover, his grades were always in the top ten.

He wanted to take the university exam right away, but he had not gone to school for half of a month. Therefore, first he needed to talk with the teacher in charge of his class. Xian Tian was a good student, so after his explanation, the teacher did not make things difficult for him and let him continue to attend normally.

The time left until the exam was 12 days, so the teacher left the students to study by themselves or to write simulation tests.

After arriving to class, Xian Tian at once noticed a girl inside a study group. It was his ex-girlfriend, Wen Ya. He did not understand why Wen Ya was together with the playboy, Xu Shaocong.

Everything was already in the past, Wen Ya had already broken up with him. She also noticed Xian Tian. After she broke up with him, he disappeared. Wen Ya thought it was because of her, so she felt very guilty. Now, seeing that Xian Tian was fine, she was relieved.

She was born in a poor family and after knowing Xian Tian, she thought about trying hard with him and that one day, everything would get better. However, after she met Xu Shaocong, she realized the importance of money. Moreover, even if the two struggled for their entire life, the amount they gained would never be able to compare with one year’s worth of Xu Shaocong’s squandering.

Before, she did not enjoy this kind of rich lifestyle, but now she does. It was absolutely useless to study, look for a good job and then strive to develop. Xu Shaocong had casually arranged her a job where she could easily earn ten to twenty thousands a month.

Once she married Xu Shaocong, she would be able live in this kind of lifestyle forever. Her parents would not have to work so hard and even her younger brother could easily marry someone in the future.

For the sake of the all these, she chose to leave Xian Tian. Although Xian Tian was very good to her and he was very hardworking, he was unable to give her what she wanted.

Xian Tian no longer thought about Wen Ya. He knew that they had taken different paths.

“Wen Ya, did you see what I brought to you? A French styled breakfast.” A person walked into the classroom. It was Xu Shaocong holding a plentiful breakfast. He placed it on a table and at this moment, he also noticed Xian Tian’s existence.

He naturally knew that Xian Tian was Wen Ya’s former boyfriend.”Ah, is this not Xian Tian? I thought that you were lovesick and committed suicide.”

“Shaocong, don’t say that.” Wen Ya said in a low voice.

“Hmph, he can’t even keep his girlfriends. What is the use of being good at studying.” Xu Shaocong threw a disdainful look towards him.

“It’s alright, Shaocong. Let’s eat, don’t mention him.” Although Wen Ya bid goodbye to him, she didn’t want Xian Tian to offend Xu Shaocong because of her.

“Hey hey, Xu Shaocong. You dare to come into this older sister’s class and act so cocky. It seems that you’re surprisingly sick of living.” In front of the classroom’s door stood a young woman that seemed like a delinquent. She was dressed strangely, it gave off a gangster feeling.

The girl was called Huo Lajiao (Hot Pepper). Xian Tian didn’t quite get it. There was someone with the surname Huo (Hot) in the hundred family surnames? However, he didn’t dare to provoke her. And it wasn’t just him, nobody in the whole school dared to. It was said that her family background was very complex, probably from the criminal underworld. Before, several people with no eyes had offended her and at the end, they mysteriously disappeared from school.

“Huo Lajiao, mind your own business.” How would Xu Shaocong be willing to lose face in front of Wen Ya? Although usually he did not dare to provoke Huo Lajiao, this time he was not willing to show weakness.

“I meddle in other’s people business whenever I want, what will you do about it?” Behind Huo Lajiao appeared two hot girls. The three of them walked to Xian Tian’s side. At this moment, Huo Lajiao imposing manner was very arrogant, as if she were some kind of legendary senior.

“Hey, you are stepping on my foot.” Xian Tian suddenly said to her.

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    Seeing the old man’s action, Xian Tian was immediately surprised. That stone block probably weighed over a hundred jin (50 Kg), but this old man, ***only lightly kicking,*** sent it flying. An average person would absolutely not be able to achieve this.

    He had heard about martial arts experts before, but as he grew up, he deemed it all ***a*** fiction. However, now he thought that the old man in front of him was definitely one of those ***experts***.

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