Almighty Student – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Using Money to Strike me?

Beautiful. This was the first impression that Xian Tian had. He disliked women who wore too much makeup. The woman in front of him did not use much cosmetics, and this actually served to make her beauty completely come out. Although a rose was beautiful, if there wasn’t any greenery in the background its beauty wouldn’t completely come out.

The beauties in those so called dramas didn’t hold a candle to her.

You can’t compare her with others. Including her silhouette, that was also perfectly incomparable. She was different from the female nurse. The nurse’s clothes wrapped her, but this woman exploited her clothes to show her perfect body.

The cosmetics and clothes all just enhanced her radiance.

Not only Xian Tian, even Dr. Lee’s eyes were staring straight at her, but he immediately lowered his head. He didn’t dare to look at her anymore. “Mrs. Zeng, you came.”

“Hm, many thanks Dr. Lee.” Mrs. Zeng voice sounded just like a yellow oriole, as if it was able to pull out your soul.

“Mrs. Zeng, you came right in time. This student wants to be discharged. I advised him against it, but he doesn’t want to listen. So I was about to call the president.” Dr. Lee did not dare to raise his head. He knew that he was unworthy of looking at the beauty as the two of them were in completely different worlds.

Mrs. Zeng was a legendary figure. At 18, she entered the business world, making her business grow with each passing day. At 25, she got married, but her husband died in less than half of a month. This year, she turned 30 and was one of the top players in Jianghai city.

“Your wounds didn’t heal yet, why do you want to leave the hospital?” Zeng Rou asked Xian Tian with a puzzled look.

“I have some matters to deal with. Moreover, university entrance exams are in half a month.” Xian Tian did not use the X-ray ability to look at Mrs. Zeng, her clothes were already irresistible.

“University entrance examination? Don’t go, you have to heal yourself here. After you are fully recovered, I will arrange the best university for you and I’ll also give you a considerable sum of money to express my gratitude.” Zeng Rou said unemotionally. She was not a philanthropist, you could even say that she was the opposite, an evil woman, otherwise it would be impossible for her to set foot in the business circle. In her eyes, everything can be traded. Xian Tian saved her daughter so she was really grateful to him. Arranging the best treatment for him and giving him some money was her way of giving thanks.

What Xian Tian disliked the most was when other people utilized money to speak with him. In fact, his girlfriend left him was because of money.

“I don’t need it.” Xian Tian complexion immediately worsened. Although he did not have money, it was absolutely impossible for him to take money from others. He had voluntarily saved the girl regardless of whoever she was.

This is what his father taught him since childhood. His father once told him to never use strength to bully the weak and that if he wanted to bully, then he should bully those with power.

Seeing the way Xian Tian reacted, the others in the room were startled. For them, this was an extremely good deal.

“One million.” Zeng Rou also saw it, but she did not believe that in this world there was a person who didn’t love money. She was used to see gentlemen who, at the end, would just disappoint her. They always wanted more, saying that the initial sum was insufficient.

“Hmph!” Xian Tian snorted coldly, but he didn’t overdo it. He continued walking towards the outside. Although he was not walking quickly, his pace wasn’t slow either.

“Two million. ” Zeng Rou raised the amount once more, but she couldn’t find any joy or anger in doing so.

Xian Tian this time did not speak, reaching the entrance at last.

“Five million. ” All of a sudden, Zeng Rou raised the price to 5 million. At this moment, Xian Tian stopped walking and turned his head around.

Seeing Xian Tian turn his head, disdain appeared on her face. The female nurse and Dr. Lee also nodded. In their opinion, nobody could reject such a sum.

“I will make people deliver the money to you and I will also arrange for you to enter the best university in Jianghai City.” Zeng Rou appearance was full of confidence. In her eyes, Xian Tian aloof attitude was nothing more than an act to raise the price.

Xian Tian walked step by step towards Zeng Rou. When he arrived in front of her, he suddenly turned his head towards the female nurse. “Can I borrow 100 yuan? I will certainly return it latter. ”

“That amount!” The nurse became slightly startled, then she gave him what he wanted.

“Thank you, I’m called Xian Tian. ” Xian Tian smiled slightly to her. Afterwards, he turned around and left the hospital. The three people inside the room stared blankly, even the beautiful and incomparable Zeng Rou. She had only guessed the beginning well, but she could not have imagined the end.

When she had seen Xian Tian turn his head, she was sure that she had won. Now she felt like she was unexpectedly defeated.

Who could have known that Xian Tian turned his head, not because of the five million, but rather to borrow 100 yuan from the nurse. Zeng Rou face was red. Xian Tian left the hospital without stopping. This was the first time that she had ever seen this kind of person.

“A really strange guy.” Muttered the nurse to herself.

After Xian Tian left the hospital, he asked for a taxi, going directly towards his cousin’s house. Now that he was injured he couldn’t live in his working space. Therefore, the only thing he could do was to return to that place.

Xian Tian’s sister in law was very rich. She was actually the one that bought the house. It was decorated beautifully and had all kinds of facilities. This was why Xian Tian did not like returning to that place, because he felt that he did not belong there.

Although he usually earned more than 1000 yuan a month at work, that money was earned by him so he didn’t need to consider anything when using it.

After returning to the house, he noticed that his cousin had not come home yet. Luckily, the door was protected by a password, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to enter. Wanting to change his clothes, he opened the wardrobe and found many clothes of several brands that his cousin had bought for him, but he never wore any. In the lower part of the wardrobe were the ones bought by himself. The most expensive one had costed no more than 100 yuan. Nevertheless, after putting them on, he felt much more comfortable.

He opened the drawer. Within it, there was a small box and inside it was a blue necklace. When he placed the necklace on his palm, it began to emit a sky-blue light. This was a gift his father gave him.

“Son, if some day you meet a crisis that you can’t overcome or you become seriously injured, then wear this necklace. This is what your mother left for you. ”

Those were the words his father spoke when he gave him this. At that time, he also said that if he didn’t encounter any peculiar danger then it would be best to not wear it in order to take care of the last thing that his mother had left him.

“Father, today this child will wear it.” As Xian Tian wore the necklace on his neck, it started to shine as he fainted. When he woke up, the sky had already darkened. He discovered that his wounds had all vanished.

All of this was like a dream, but he immediately focused on the necklace. The ray of light completely vanished and it turned into a dark blue. Moreover, he looked like he shed his skin. He wiped his hand at the skin on one wound and unexpectedly, it disappeared completely.

Xian Tian continued scratching where his other severals wound were, but to his surprise, they had also disappeared. Moreover, he was also completely recovered of his paleness and injuries.

“I heard that only snakes shed their skin, so why me too?… Well, let’s first wash up and put off this matter for now. ” Xian Tian felt that shedding that layer of skin was very disgusting, therefore he headed towards the bathroom.

When he opened the bathroom door, a beautiful woman came out. The woman’s body, wrapped with a bath towel almost bumped with Xian Tian.

“Ah!!” A high-pitched scream resounded.

“What? What? ” Xian Tian’s cousin rushed out from her room and when she saw the two of them, she finally knew what happened.

“It’s alright, Bing Xing. Don’t scream, he is my cousin. ”

“Xian Tian, when did you come back? Why didn’t I know you were here when I was home all day?” Xian Tian’s cousin was called Ye Qingxue. She walked with large strides towards the girl called Bing Xing.

“All day?” Xian Tian was slightly startled and looked at the date displayed in the digital clock on the wall. Unexpectedly, he had fainted for two whole days.

Everything that happened was not a dream. He truly saved a little girl, had been admitted to the hospital and the girl’s mother wanted to give him five million, which he did not wanted, but the main thing was the X-ray power and the blue necklace’s ability.

He started thinking about it and immediately, the X-ray ability started to work.

“Winnie the Pooh. ” What reflected into Xian Tian’s eyes was Bing Xing’s underwear and this time, he absolutely believed that he did not make a mistake.

Hearing Xian Tian’s words, the two women’s complexion changed.

“Xian Tian, so you were peeping. Let’s see if I do not kill you.” Ye Qingxue pulled up her sleeves to beat up Xian Tian, but he discovered that his cousin’s speed was surprisingly slow. His eyes fell inside his cousin’s arm. His consciousness presented an inexplicable hint, as if telling him that if he were to attack there, the problem would be solved.

It was impossible for him to do that, so he dodged and entered straight into the bathroom.

He couldn’t explain this matter. He knew that no matter what he said, his cousin would definitely not believe him. However, if he said that he had the ability to see through things, then knowing his cousin’s nature, the whole world would know sooner or later .

When that time came, he would become a little white rat that people would arrest to experiment on.

After entering the bathroom, Xian Tian looked at his necklace. The light had thoroughly vanished . Before, when he picked up the necklace, it would emit a sky-blue light, but now, no matter what he does, it does not appear.

“Don’t tell me that it is related to my wounds?” Xian Tian realized at last. He made a small wound on himself and after wearing the necklace, the wound disappeared and the light on the necklace appeared and vanished once more.

“It seems that this is what my father meant.” Xian Tian’s hand clenched the necklace tightly.

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