Almighty Student – Chapter 15

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Chapter – 15 Being Hurt

“Mom, I’m scared.” The sweet voice of her daughter made Zeng Ruo’s heart melt completely.

“Do not worry. No matter how much money you want, as long as you do not hurt my daughter, even all of the company shares can be given to you.” Her daughter was most precious to her. Money can be earned, but if her daughter had an accident, how would she continue to live?

“Mrs. Zeng, don’t worry, we’re not gonna hurt you. As long as you cooperate with us, I assure you both you and your daughter will be fine.” The man in black clothes looked evilly at Zeng Ruo alluring figure.

Her supple body could only be said to be the best of the best. Her bursting figure was wholly revealed by the clothes she wore.

Some people wore good clothes to look beautiful but became an ordinary person when wearing cheap clothing. However, Zeng Rou was different. It was exactly because it was her that her clothes’ regality was brought out.

Xia Tian looked surprisingly at the direction of the car in front. He finally knew where these people were heading. If he continued to drive in this direction, they would arrive at the suburban area. If one had to ask him why he was familiar with the road, to put it simply, that was where his home was.

“Brother Xu, give me your coat and hat.” Xia Tian was very clear that the people from Quicksand were tailing him. If he went out directly, he would surely have them stuck to him. That’s why he had to do a switcheroo in order to get rid of Quicksand’s tracking.

“Be careful.” Qingxue worried about Xia Tian.

The car slowly parked on the side of the road, Xia Tian got out of the car. As the car drove away, he quickly hid. He saw the people from Quicksand, driving a very ordinary car, directly followed the BMW. If not for his X-Ray Vision, he would not able to detect them.

Quicksand’s tracking method was amazing. Although he was aware that they were tailing him, he had not been able to find them until now. Clearing his mind, Xia Tian arrived at the bridge. Directly running down from the slopes was a shortcut to the suburban area.

No one was more familiar than him about this area. He has lived here from a young age and knew all shortcut like the back of his hand.

The huge iron gates made a chirping sound and wind blew through the dilapidated warehouse, making a wailing sound.

People brought here would feel helpless. Zeng Ruo was no exception.

“What do you want? Now you can say it.” Zeng Rou hugged her daughter tightly. Her greatest fear that these people might suddenly snatch her daughter. Although she was afraid, she forced herself to be strong.

“It’s nothing. I just hope that Madam Zeng can play something out with us. This show is going to be the most liberal and direct one. I am the male lead and you are the female lead.” The black-clothed person looked at Zeng Ruo, his eyes kept shifting around on her body.

The remaining three men black took out cameras and Zeng Rou realized what they were planning to do.

“I’ll give you any amount of money you want.” Zeng Rou tightly held her daughter. She began to feel apprehension.

“As for the money, someone will give it to us. However, we need to give them the movie as insurance,” the man’s eyes scanned Zeng Ruo’s body. Step by step, he came closer.

Zeng Ruo looks at these kidnappers stand in front of her. She knew there must be someone from the family trying to hurt her. That person most likely wanted to force her to transfer the shares, using the video as leverage.

It was to save trouble. If she were to die, the cause of her death would be definitely investigated. After all, she was a celebrity and then, the company’s shares would be divided equally to everyone. Each individual wouldn’t get much.

Her death would cause the family firm’s stock to fall.

“Do not come any closer, if you do, I will bite my tongue.” After thinking through, Zeng Rou decided to threaten them with her death.

“Madame Zeng, I politely advise you to not do such things. Think of your daughter. Once you die, your daughter will become an orphan and there are a lot of beasts out there. I can’t guarantee that no one will do something to your daughter.” They were already prepared for something like that, which is why they kidnapped both the mother and the daughter.

He knew Zeng Ruo’s weakness was her daughter. As long as they had her daughter, Zeng Ruo would obediently listen to them.

“Help me, can anyone saves me?” Zeng Ruo was constantly calling in her heart. No matter how much of strong woman she was in front of outsiders, right now, she was most vulnerable. Right now, she wished that a man could stand up for her and teach these bastards a lesson they’d never forget.

But nothing changed. When men in black grabbed her arm, she couldn’t resist and her daughter in her arms was badly frightened.

The black-clothed person forcibly tore away at Zeng Ruo clothes. Zeng Ruo closed her eyes; she had already accepted her fate. A tear drop fell on the ground, immersed in the dust.

“Four men, to bully a woman?” A hearty sound came from the warehouse door.

“Who’s there?” The other three men in black-clothed pulled out their guns and aimed at Xia Tian. Everyone’s eyes were looking toward the iron gate as a frail figure appeared in front of everyone.

“It’s you.” When she recognized the person that came in, Zeng Ruo was excited and perturbed. She felt joy since finally, someone came to save her, but she was also startled that he had come alone. Would he be of any use against four men each armed with a gun?

“Who are you? Stand there and don’t move, or we’ll shoot you.” The leader of the four looked vigilantly at Xia Tian. He did not understand how this guy managed to follow them here. Although there were people living in this suburban area, this old power plant has still had some distance from the urban area. Also, it was dark outside, no one would come to a place like this at all.

“If you shoot, I guarantee that the police will get here within half an hour and you’ll probably never get away.” Xia Tian smiled, but his heart felt weak inside. He feared these people had not scruple and would directly kill him then escape immediately.

“Well, I don’t care who you are. Just stay there and I shall spare your life. Otherwise, you will die today.” The black-clothed people clearly did not want any trouble, after all, the one they kidnapped was not any ordinary person. Once things got out of their hand, they would not be able to escape at all.

Xia Tian knew he gambled right. (Note: His preconceived about they won’t kill him.)

“I do not want to die, but if you abduct my woman, then I will have to fight you desperately.” Xia Tian mouth curled into an extremely evil smile.

“Your woman?  Gibberish, she’s Zeng Rou from the Zeng group. She had always been single after her husband died, put a stop to that nonsense.” The black-clothed man looked disdainfully at Xia Tian.

At this time, Zeng Ruo felt warm in her heart. In such dangerous situation, Xia Tian even dare to say that she was his woman. This friendship let her understand that she really said too much in their last meeting. (ED: ….friendship? Do you not feel that it is wrong for her to call her his woman?)


The Xia Tian did not speak but moved forward. Seeing him come at them, the other three people simultaneously lifted their guns, but at this time, countless debris rained down from above their heads. They were prepared by Xia Tian when he had arrived. He had silently packed the limestones behind the warehouse with a plastic bag and then covered the top of the warehouse.

Afterward, he rinsed the limestones with water he had found. The limestones had a chemical reaction when coming into contact with water, which burnt through the already oxidized metal. A large amount of limestone rained down on the heads of the three black people.

Xia Tian couldn’t miss such a good opportunity. He instantly activated his X-ray vision, finding those three people most infirm places, and quickly appeared behind his three opponents to strike their coronas. Everything happened so fast, the remaining man could only take out a gun in hurry.

Xia Tian moved quickly to hide behind a pillar. Zeng Rou held her daughter and ran towards the exit.

The black-clothed man couldn’t find Xia Tian, so he directly pointed the muzzle at Zeng Ruo. Although after Zeng Ruo died, things would become very troublesome, if Zeng Ruo ran off and word of the kidnapping came out, then he would die. So he must kill Zeng Ruo at any cost.

Xia Tian through his X-Ray vision discovered the black-clothed man’s intention immediately. He ran hurriedly toward Zeng Ruo, but the bullet had been fired.


Blood came out and Zeng Ruo eyes were drawn back to Xia Tian, but his body already fell.


Such a familiar scene. Tears came out from Zeng Ruo eyes.  Seeing Xia Tian body lying on the ground, her remorse was incomparable.

Previously Xia Tian had saved her daughter’s life with no regards to his own, but she had used the money to insult his dignity. Now, Xia Tian once again used his own life to save them. She really owed Xia Tian too much.

When her daughter was most at risk, the person who appeared was Xia Tian. When she was most helpless, when she thought she would die, Xia Tian appeared.

“Ha ha!!, God is really helping me. This is the best result.” The remaining kidnapper walked towards Zeng Rou while laughing. He had assumed Xia Tian to be some powerful personage from how well Xia Tian timed his movements.

But even the most powerful person couldn’t be bulletproof. After Xia Tian died, Zeng Ruo, this great beauty, had become his again. This time, he can savor the taste of this top-grade woman and no one can stop him.

The black-clothed man held Zeng Ruo damaged cloth, “Put down your daughter and take off your clothes, otherwise, I can not guarantee your daughter’s safety.”

Zeng Ruo felt as if the sky had collapsed. The hope that she had fallen into the ravine once again.

“So careless. I dare you to learn how to kidnap others.” A voice of death came from behind the black-clothed man. The black-clothed man’s body slowly collapsed. Until the moment he fell down, his face still held inconceivable shock.

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