Almighty Student – Chapter 14

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Chapter – 14 Once a Month

The nights of Jianghai City, known as a city that never sleeps, were beautiful. Some people even said that in Jianghai City, you should struggle for life in the daytime and enjoy yourself in the evening. Lights shined in every corner of the city.


This city was a world of rich men. As long as you had enough money, you could make everything in your imagination become reality. Hence, it was also called “The City of Dreams”.


“Xu brother, thank you for today! ” said Xia Tian in the BMW car Xu Dechuan drove.


Only now did Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin realize Xu Dechuan was driving in front. As Ye Qingxue was going to ask what happened to Xia Tian, she realized that all this was related to the person in front.


“No need to be polite with me, where do you want to go next? “Xu Dechuan smiled.


“What is going on? Here, Xia Tian, take the bracelet back.” Ye Qingxue knew that Xia Tian had no money, such a valuable thing was probably borrowed. Even though she liked the bracelet, she must give it back to Xia Tian.


“Cousin, this is my gift for you, why can’t you have it.” Xia Tian put back the bracelet on Ye Qingxue’s hand.


“No, it’s too precious, I know you borrow it, quickly give it back.” Ye Qingxue looked at Xia Tian with worries. She was very happy today and Xia Tian also succeeded in stopping the pursuit of those rich kids.


“Rest assure. I did not borrow this bracelet, this bracelet belongs to me. If you don’t believe me, you can ask brother Xu.” Xia Tian said, he knew Ye Qingxue was worried about him.


“Miss Ye, the blood jade bracelet on your hand, Xia Tian brought it from the antique street. “Xu Dechuan said, ” the uses of blood jade bracelets are many, but only when it is worn. It would spoil everything if you return this bracelet. You just need to feed the blood jade with three drops of your blood every month and a year after, the blood jade bracelets will be combined with your own blood, nourishing your body.”


“See, now do you believe me? Take good care of it. “Xia Tian smiled. ” Brother Xu, just three drops every month? “


“Yes.” Xu Dechuan said.


“Once a month?” Xia Tian asked again.


“That’s right.” Xu Dechuan nodded.


“I’m relieved now. Otherwise, if I need to see my cousin cut her hand each time, I wouldn’t bear to see it.” Xia Tian was relieved, but the atmosphere in the car suddenly dropped.


“You want beating again?” Ye Qingxue’s ladylike image volatilized and she cracked her knuckles at Xia Tian. Xia Tian was very clear that this was his devil cousin’s true nature.


Ye Qingxue was like a pure goddess outdoors, but at home, she was a violent Queen. This year, Xia Tian was no less tortured by her. She was like the reincarnation of a witch. It was also why he dared not refuse when Ye Qing Xue asked him to act as her boyfriend.


“Haha, Brother Xia Tian. You’re thinking too much. Women discharge the impurities within their bodies along with the blood released during their menstrual period. The blood jade would darken and become damaged if that blood was dripped onto it.” Old Man Xu laughed after hearing Xia Tian’s words. He had done deep research on this subject.

Ye Qingxue blushed right to her ears after listening to Old Man Xu speak. She sent a very fierce glare towards Xia Tian, as if saying that she’ll deal with him after they return home.


“Xia Tian, if you can guess what color of my undergarments I’ll make Qingxue let you off.”Bing Xin’s suddenly said she had a very mysterious feeling about Xia Tian and she intended to take advantage of this opportunity to once again test Xia Tian.


Xia Tian had been thinking about how to deal with his cousin. After hearing Bingxin’s words his X-Ray vision savvily triggered and without thinking, he said, “Pink and Pikachu.”


Xia Tian regretted thinking about what he said, and this time Bingxin wearing clothes more conservative, let alone that cute Pikachu even pink undergarments are unlikely to saw.


Both Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin weirdly looked at Xia Tian, Ye Qingxue did not understand how Xia Tian did that, and Bing Xin seemed as if confirmed something, mysteriously smile.


“Oh, can not even guess it.” Xia Tian embarrassed smile, quickly explained: “Bingxin sister seems to likes to wear the cute stuff like that.”


If he does not say that, then it will cause other people’s doubts, although they’ll never guess he has x-ray vision, guesses he had fetishes are also not good, he was very clear what kind of terrifying person his cousin is.


“You guessed!!” Ye Qingxue felt relieved, she had believed their something between Xia Tian and Bing Xin. Hearing Xia Tian, she didn’t know why she was so happy.


Before, she had found the way Bing Xin’s looked at Xia Tian peculiar. She even had doubts whether they have any special feelings for each other. Now that she thinks about it, her worries were absolutely ridiculous. These two only met each other twice.


She did not know why she had an inexplicable feeling toward Xia Tian. He was obviously her cousin.


“Really!! You guessed it?” Bingxin showed a faint smile. She did not believe Xia Tian. Last time she had checked and this time too, it was absolutely impossible for Xia Tian to have seen her undergarments, but he was somehow able to tell precisely.


This makes Bing Xin more curious about Xia Tian.


Xia Tian was afraid, so his eyes kept wandering outside the window. Suddenly, as he saw a car, X-ray vision involuntarily activated. When he saw inside the car, he was slightly surprised. The Mother-daughter duo from the hospital was hijacked by four black people with guns.


“She’s last time with me, let her fend for herself.” Xia Tian remembered the things that happened in the hospital, but then again, children were innocent.

Xia Tian’s heart struggled for a moment, then his eyes lighted up spiritedly. He shouted at Old Man Xu, “Old Bro Xu, pull around and chase that minivan with the plate 542B!”

You have to say that Xu Dechuan was really a skillful person. After heard Xia Tian’s words, he took a direct U-turn without stopping even with a red light in sight. He could hear the anxiousness in Xia Tian words.


“Xia Tian, what’s going on?” Ye Qingxue held a bemused expression. Right now, Xia Tian expression looked very dignified.


“Brother Xu after this, turn back and bring the two of them to a safe place.” Xia Tian did not explain anything to Xu Dechuan.


“Arrange some people for me quickly? “Xu Dechuan said on telephone.


“Don’t worry, you better leave quickly.” Xia Tian frowned deeply.


Ye Qingxue did not know what had happened, but she also guessed that there was a danger, “No, you can not go.”


Deep inside, Xia Tian also had no confidence in himself. Although his body has become stronger, he was no martial arts master. The opponents each held a gun. There was no chance of winning if he fought them head on. No matter how strong his body was, it could not block bullets. No matter how fast he was, he could not be faster than the projectiles.


But to watch the lovely little girl die was absolutely impossible. Although he does not like Zeng Ruo, there was no hatred between the two of them.


“The chances will be a little bit greater if I go alone. If you tag along, we’ll die for sure,” Xia Tian looked towards Ye Qingxue gravely and said, ” Brother Xu, you call the police and report the incident, tell them Zeng’s group Zeng Ruo and her daughter were kidnapped.”


“What?!” They finally understood why Xia Tian was an anxious moment ago.


Zeng Ruo. There was no one who did not know this name in Jianghai City. She was the idol of every woman. 30-year-old Zeng’s group had become an indestructible business empire. Although when compared to the four major families in Jiang Hai city, she was still unmatched, in the business community, she had a great prospect.


“Xu master, use an anonymous public telephone to warn them.” Xia Tian didn’t want to get in trouble after saving Zeng Rou and her daughter. He did not want the police to know about him.


“It’s too dangerous, I don’t agree with you.” Ye Qingxue knew the seriousness of the matter and she just didn’t want Xia Tian to leave.


“Cousin, believe me.” Xia Tian embraced Ye Qingxue into his arms. Ye Qingxue whole body went numb. This was the warmest embrace she’s ever felt. She just wished Xia Tian was not her cousin.


Meanwhile, inside the minivan with a 542B license plate.


Zeng Ruo at this time felt very terrified. She did not know these people. She just took her daughter out to play when suddenly, these people kidnapped them. Her daughter was her spiritual pillar, she was most afraid of her daughter having an accident.


From a bystander point of view, it seemed as though she was a strong woman, but only she knew how many hardships she had gone through year after year. She pretends to be strong in front of outsiders, not letting anyone see her in a vulnerable state.


When they were kidnapped, she felt hopeless. No one would come to her rescue. Those old fogies in the family would not wish for anything more than her early death in order to divide the family property. There held no real concern for her.


She was not afraid of death, death was even a relief for her, but she can’t die. She has a daughter. If she died, her daughter will become orphan to be bullied by others.


“Who the hell are you people? I’ll give you money, just let us go.” In Zeng Ruo eyes, everything can be solved with money. No matter who caught them, as long as she could give them money, she did not believe that there would be anyone who would refuse.


She suddenly remembered the odd man she met in the hospital.


“Maybe only he does not like money.” Zeng Ruo did not know why she thought of that man right now. She shook her head to come back to reality.


“Mrs. Zeng, I know you are rich. We will certainly take money, but before, we have some things we’d like to do.” One of the black people glanced at the Zeng Ruo body, not hiding the lust in his eyes.


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