Almighty Student – Chapter 13

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Chapter – 13 Most Romantic Gift

The bracelet started to emit a crimson glow when the droplets of blood touched it. Every bead became crystal clear, with a trace of blood flowing through the beads, as though they were human veins. It looked like a red string made by silk rather than blood.


“Blood Jade Bracelet! How could this be possible?! In my whole family only my grandfather has one bead of blood jade stone!” Wang Nianlin was extremely surprised to see that the bracelet on Ye Qingxue’s wrist was actually a priceless treasure instead of just stall goods.


The price of Blood Jade was not high, and with his family’s assets it was a small matter to obtain a few beads, but the most precious thing about the Blood Jade was its abilities. Therefore, whenever it appeared on the market, there would always be someone ready to pay a hefty price to obtain it.


In addition, they would not sell it to others no matter what price was offered, since the Blood Jade provided a great boost to the body; it could increase the beauty of a woman, and could boost bodily functions to strong and healthy levels and also slow down aging.


It was precisely these magical effects which made the Blood Jade such a rare treasure. After they heard the words of Wang Nianlin, everyone in the crowd begun to guess what it was. Even though they had never seen the item before, they could all see the crimson glow of the bracelet clearly.


It looked beautiful, and from the words of Wang Nianlin, everyone could naturally tell it was a treasure.


“Beautiful!” Bing Xin had a surprised look when she saw the bracelet on Ye Qingxue’s wrist. She had heard about Xia Tian’s circumstances from Qingxue before. It was quite difficult to imagine how Xia Tian managed to get the bracelet.


Before, everyone had been comparing gifts with the diamond ring. Xia Tian had sent what had seemed like a worthless gift, but the situation had immediately turned around, and now the diamond ring couldn’t be compared with the Blood Jade bracelet.


All the lights in the room immediately seemed to have dimmed and the scene was bathed in the glow of the bracelet. Ye Qingxue herself was shocked. She held the greatest understanding towards Xia Tian’s circumstances; never willing to accept her mother’s money, always studying and working hard. How did he get such a priceless treasure?


Although she was extremely fond of the gift, she was more worried if Xia Tian had done something illegal.


Wang Nianlin’s gift was inferior, and now he could only stand holding the bouquet in his hand.


Now, no one looked down on Xia Tian anymore. When they first say Xia Tian wearing ordinary clothing, they all vilified Xia Tian. In their eyes, he was just a poor boy, but now it had become apparent that he had only been acting weak to eat the strong.


A bracelet worth millions, and now flowers. “For your birthday, how could I not send you flowers?”  Xia Tian smiled. He knew what Ye Qingxue was thinking, but it was not the time to explain. He had heard the message that Xu Dechuan had left on the mobile phone.


At the banquet entrance hall, more than 10 people held large bouquets of flowers as they made a giant heart shape with the flowers, encircling both Ye Qingxue and Xia Tian.


9999 roses; before, Wang Nianlin had said that Xia Tian did not even bring flowers, but now there were so many people who brought in flowers. He had only brought 99 flowers, but Xia Tian had actually brought so many flowers. It truly was expensive.


“Qingxue, look out the window.” Xia Tian hugged her close to his bosom. Ye Qingxue did not resist in the slightest either. However, she was conflicted. She was very happy, but on the other hand, he was her cousin.


Fireworks! Someone had set off fireworks outside the window. Hundreds of different fireworks exploded in the air, dazzling and colourful.


At this moment, it wasn’t just Ye Qingxue; all the women who were present melted. If the combination of ring and flowers was considered romantic, then flowers and fireworks would melt a woman’s heart.


They were all jealous and envious of Ye Qingxue. Why couldn’t they also be a heroine? Bing Xin saw everything in front of her and was puzzled. Ye Qingxue had told her about Xia Tian’s circumstances, but this time even she was deeply shocked.


The fireworks lasted 10 minutes before they came to an end. Just when everyone thought it was over, all of a sudden the lights outside the window darkened.


Followed by four connected lights that flared.


Qingxue. I love you. (ED: Boom)



The heart shape in the banquet hall had been slightly unbiased, but this time the banquet hall was full of screaming. The women were completely conquered by the scene. Even Wang Nianlin who was a true playboy had never been this romantic.


“It’s so romantic! If only I could marry him……”

“Qingxue is really lucky! If you could let me marry him and become a full-fledged woman, I would definitely be willing.”


All the women looked at him longingly. A few of the ugly ones (dino women) had already started to drool with infatuation. The sight was hard to resist for any woman alive.


Outside, the lights had lit up again, but what had happened was clearly engraved in everyone’s minds. This kind of romance put everyone in shame, and even Wang Nianlin returned to being a face of the crowd. The capital he had been the most proud of was overshadowed by Xia Tian.


Xia Tian himself had begun to admire the service of Xu Dechuan. Old ginger truly was spicy.


He had taken him by surprise when he saw the message from Brother Xu.


Ye Qingxian threw herself in directly into Xia Tian’s embrace. Which woman would not love that? However, not every woman could meet the right person. Ye Qingxue felt like she was the world’s happiest woman, but also wished that Xia Tian was not her cousin.


“In fact, he is also good.” Bing Xin secretly thought: “Oh, Bing Xin, what are you thinking? That’s really shameless….”


Bing Xin blushed. Similar to how Xia Tian first dressed, she too wore conservative clothes (Note: Read chapter 2), but Xia Tian able to tell what she was wearing, including everything that had went on today.


“He certainly has a lot of secrets. I’d like to see what they are.” Bing Xin secretly swore.



At that moment, Huo Wenmu felt as if a firestorm had went off in her. She had never loved any man or boy before. However, although she didn’t know what exactly was touching about it, Xia Tian’s actions today had allowed her to finally understand why they pursued vanity.


She could see at the genuine happiness on the Ye Qingxue face.


The banquet officially began. Today’s banquet was greatly affected by Xia Tian’s arrival, causing everyone to have different thoughts. His big show overshadowed everyone, including Wang Nianlin this super rich young master.


At the same time, Jianghai City, hospital.


“Quicksand!! This kid is definitely special! Quicksand actually came forward to protect him.” Xu Qinghua frowned and said. He really did not understand why Quicksand would act; Quicksand was nothing but a killer organization. They killed, not protected people.


“It almost impossible for Quicksand to protect somebody, unless this person is very important to Quicksand, or he is a top-seed in Quicksand, or he had some kind of treasure which Quicksand wants.” Ah San said. Xu Qinghua did not blame him, but after he came back he was asked whether he was injured.


Xu Qinghua understood Ah San, and also believed in Ah San. If Ah San did not bring people back, it definitely proved what had happened. Ah San was his most important man; he never insulted Ah San, nor treated Ah San as an outsider, and even treated him better than his own blood-brother.


“The possibility of the former is very low, so he has some kind of treasure which Quicksand wants, it seems that we look down on the high school students.” Xu Qinghua said: “You look again at his background.”


“What is the condition of young master?” Ah San said while looking at Xu Shaocong on the hospital bed.


“Ask Geezer Wang to pay, although it’s a high amount, his life is more important..” Xu Qinghua’s eyes gleamed, his motto was to never make losses with the business.


Ye Qingxue’s birthday party seemed quite lively, with all the guests happily chatting with each other. Ye Qinxue, however, seemed to have been distracted over something, being absent-minded over the course of the entire party.


After the end of the banquet, someone suggested sending Ye Qinxue home, because Ye Qingxue didn’t have a car.


“Thanks, but no need” Ye Qixue know that these people are on good term with Wang Nianlin, although Wang Nianlin in the party have been drinking alcohol shot after shot to drown one’s sorrow by Xia Tian, but after the end of the party, they still want to cause trouble for Xia Tian.


Xia Tian clothes were very simple; there was no place to put the car keys, so they all knew that Xia Tian must not own a car.


“Qingxue, ride in my car.” Wang Nianlin came to the front of Ye Qingxue very gently said.


“No, thank you, I intend to go with Xia Tian.” Ye Qingxue pulled Xia Tian arm up, and although it was not known whether it was intentional or not, the mountains on her chest occasionally came into contact with Xia Tian’s arm due to the friction.


“He doesn’t seem to have a car to send you.” Wang Nianlin looked at Xia Tian disdainfully.


At that moment, Xia Tian saw a car in the distance. He smiled and pulled Ye Qingxue, with Bing Xin also following. Huo Wennu looked at the three as they finally stopped before a BMW.


A man came out from the car wearing Chinese-style clothes. He opened the vehicle-door and Xia Tian and the others entered the car. Everything went smoothly, leaving Wang Nianlin and others stupidly standing there.


Wang Nianlin felt today was his most depressing day. Again and again he was shamed by Xia Tian. He said before that Xia Tian was poor; the results were that Xia Tian sent a gift more than ten times his value. After that he said Xia Tian was not romantic, the results were that Xia Tian sent 9999 roses, plus fireworks and lights.


And he even finally said that Xia Tian did not have a car. Even when he wanted to establish his presence, he failed. Xia Tian didn’t have keys, because he had a driver.


“Dammit! I will never let you get away with this.” Wang Nianlin glared ferociously in the direction of the disappearing BMW.

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    “Dammit! I will never let you get away with this.” Wang Nianlin glared ferociously in the direction of the disappearing BMW.Sorry readers due to some personal issues I have to go out of station for a week so for next week their will be no chapter..

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          Yes however, this is a novel and that blood jade doesn’t exist so the author can set as whatever price he likes, so say that it was real of course it would be expensive and in high demand, it is a real object to be bought with money it would have to have a cost that people would buy it for, not many people would buy it more than a certain price. And some other character buy said that his grandfather only has a bead of the blood jade but what he has is a bracelet of the stuff of course it is worth more than the diamond ring with those effects. However the point is this is a novel for all you know there could be a rock that makes you turn into a monkey.

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