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Chapter – 12 Birthday gift

After arriving at a banquet hall on the 11th floor, Xia Tian saw how big it was. To build the mushroom shape the environment here had to be unparalleled. All of the surroundings are glass made, but it is not ordinary glass. If an elephant were to walk on this glass there would not even be the slightest damage.

Standing here as he glanced outside he could clearly see the loveliness of Jianghai City, thanks to the geographical location of TianHe hotel. The banquet hall layout was very beautiful, and standing in front of him was his cousin Ye Qingxue.

Today Ye Qingxue looked very beautiful. Even if Xia Tian was able to see her often, today he was deeply attracted by Qingxue’s beauty.

Little Aunt was very beautiful. When Xia Tian was young, he thought that his little aunt was the most beautiful person in the world. However, it was little aunt’s gorgeous way of carrying herself, her nobleness and refined virtues. Ye Qingxue was completely different. Ye Qingxue’s beauty was more like the beauty of a goddess.

The fairy in heaven was mediocre in front of her.

“How come you arrived so late?” Ye Qingxue smile tenderly. She then went to Xia Tian, her action caused the people on the scene to stare. All the time people came to congratulate her, but now she actually took the initiative toward the man standing at the entrance.

When Wang Nianlin and Huo Wennu appeared, Ye Qingxue did not personally go to meet them. Yet now Ye Qingxue actually came to meet such a person.

Xia Tian’s attire today is the first casual wear. Even if Ye Qingxue’s other friends and students, who had no money, were to attend they would each have worn their most neat and expensive clothes. But, Xia Tian’s attire, up and down, add up to no more than 100 yuan.

Wang Nainlin’s face darkened as he felt a strong sense of crisis. Although Ye Qingxue had not agreed to his pursuit, Ye Qingxue was also cold to others. But this time Ye Qingxue actually laughed at the man sweetly and took the initiative to meet him.

“Some things along the way have caused a delay.” Xia Tian smiled, then Bing Xin and Huo Wennu also came over.

“At least you have a conscience.” Bing Xin stared at Xia Tian and whispered. Her words engage in some confused Xia Tian, but he did not say anything, after all, he was wrong, who let him use X-Ray vision to see people, but spoken out.

“Qingxue, this is?” Huo Wennu saw Xia Tian was familiar with Bing Xin and Ye Qingxue, therefore, she asked in the presence of everyone to understand their relationship.

They did not know what kind of status this kid had, but he appeared when the Wang Nianin just proposed. Wang Nianlin stood there very embarrassed, holding a rose bouquet, not knowing whether to stay or walk.

“He is my boyfriend, he’s called Xia Tian.” Ye Qingxue said softly, but her words made everyone who was present shocked. The goddess Ye Qingxue actually had a boyfriend, that’s big news.

Wang Nainlin just vindicated by her confession, and now that her boyfriend appeared, was simply slapped on his face.

At this time, Wang Nianlin face turned green and red as he felt as if all five of his inner organs were crushed and felt very uncomfortable in the heart. He’s now in a very embarrassing situation looking for an opportunity to get away.

“Miss Ye, how come we did not know about your boyfriend? Ah, if I knew about the campus belle’s boyfriend, then I, Sun Fu, would not have made a move on you just a moment ago.”

The rich second generation kid who pursued Ye Qingxue at the start of the party directly remarked. His words directly resolved Wang Nianlin’s embarrassment. Now his words indicate that the presence of everyone (men mostly) like Ye Qingxue, and that Wang Nianlin should not feel embarrassed.

Wang Nianlin nodded to Sun Fu. Sun Fu noticed Wang Nainlin liked his action for him, and immediately continued: “Miss Ye, why not introduce your boyfriend to us. What does he do? His father must be of a very high status, we might know him.”

His words pointed toward Xia Tian, not give him any leeway. He saw the clothes Xia Tian wore and he naturally knows that Xia Tian is certainly not a rich lord, therefore, he spoke about this sensitive topic.

Wang Nianlin heard his words and was very satisfied with him and will remember this. Other people also joined in to divulge Xia Tian’s identity.

“You do not need to meddle in my affairs.” Ye Qingxue’s face turned ice-cold. She knew what these people were intentionally doing, so she allowed Xia Tian to pose as her boyfriend to let these people give up. But she did not expect them to actually use words to put Xia Tian in a dire situation. She knew Xia Tian better than anyone.

“Qingxue, I do not know where Xia Tian brother just come from, ah, why he wear so casually to attend your birthday party.” Wang Nianlin was originally hostile towards Xia Tian. When he saw what Xia Tian wore, it made him even angrier. Because he is very rich, even if he sent a sportvilla to Qingxue he wouldn’t care.

Usually, in the eyes of others, he’s one of the four young lords of Jianghai City. Today he carefully prepared so he chose the rose bouquet to hide the diamond ring because it is so romantic, with that Ye Qingxue might receive the ring.

His method was definitely a pioneer, but also very romantic.

But it was abruptly spoiled by Xia Tian, who not only destroyed his plan, and Ye Qingxue actually publicly announced that she is this brat’s girlfriend, which he absolutely cannot accept.

All this time, not only students within the university but even big stars also were respectful towards him. Whether it is an official personnel or people in the mall, no one ever disrespected him.

‘Born with a silver spoon in your mouth,’ this idiom fit Wang Nianlin perfectly. A good-looking appearance that loses only to  Xia Tian’s skin color, it’s like comparing a brand with a street product.

But Ye Qingxue actually chose such a low-key man and did not choose him.

“Yes, Qingxue he really did not give you face. He actually dressed like this for the party.”

“Comparing him to Young Master Wang itself is absurd.”

“Whom among the people attending the party today isn’t more powerful than him? He’s just a pretty boy.”

Justice follows the powerful, and within the eyes of everyone, Wang Nianlin was the powerful one here. He’s the Mr. Perfect with great prospects ahead of him while Xia Tian was nothing more than a loser, absolutely incomparable to Wang Nianlin.

They spoke it all to be on good terms with Wang Nianlin. If they became friends with Nianlin, it would be the best for them and their family enterprises. If this matter were known to their parents, their parents would certainly praise them.

A series of contempt came and went.

“All of you shut up! What he loves to wear, he will wear! What does this have to do with all of you? I’ll tell you what, I will also wear casual so try saying all this to me!” Huo Wennu finally erupted. She’s not an affable lord. When her eyes swept across those people, everyone involuntarily lowered their head’s, afraid to look at her.

Even one of the four young masters of Jianghai City, Wang Nianlin, also didn’t retaliate against Huo Wennu.

“Well, since everyone has come, then it is time to start the banquet.” Bing Xin pulled Huo Wennu then declared to the crowd, to make the atmosphere lively.

A series of events continued, meanwhile: “Qingxue, these are your flowers.” Wang Nianlin puts the ring again into the flower bouquet and set them in front of Ye Qingxue. Everyone saw him while he placed the ring into the flower bouquet.

If Ye Qingxue took the bouquet, then she accepts his pursuit of her. But now she can not refuse the bouquet because she had already accepted them a moment ago. If she refused, it would be insulting towards Wang Nianlin, which might cause quite the trouble for her.

At that moment, Xia Tian held Ye Qingxue’s hand and declared while smiling: “Sorry, my girlfriend can only accept roses given by me.”

“Is that so? We would all like to see what kind of gift you give to Qingxue.” Wang Nianlin looked down upon Xia Tian from the start. Xia Tian’s clothes alone told him he did not bring any gift because he’s not holding any gift with him. Also, he did not hold any bouquet with him as well.

Although Ye Qingxue said that Xia Tian is her boyfriend, Xia Tian actually did not buy a single flower for her. Which allowed everyone to have doubts about the relationship between the two.

Once again everyone looked toward Xia Tian to see what kind of gift he would have for Ye Qingxue birthday, but Xia Tian didn’t take out any gift.

“He already gave me the gift, I also like it,” Ye Qingxue hurriedly said. She knew Xia Tian had no money, and even if he bought a gift it would not be suitable for such occasions. She knew about Xia Tian’s condition to the minute and that’s why didn’t say to bring any gifts for her.

Because after Xia Tian toke out the gift, he would receive discrimination from everyone. It is so unfair to Xia Tian. She just wanted Xia Tian to help stop the pursuit of these people and did not want to hurt him.

“Oh, what gift is it? No matter what was sent before, today is your birthday. Ah, not even brought a bunch of flowers along?” Wang Nianlin smiled as he ridiculed him. He sent out a diamond ring and flowers, which matches this occasion the most.

“Gift, of course, I brought it,” Xia Tian showed a faint smile. He took out the bracelet from his pocket. The bracelet itself looked ordinary like you could buy it from any street hawker for 10 yuan.

As Xia Tian took out the bracelet a series of laughter came out. Especially from those who wanted to be on good terms with Wang Nianlin.

“Ha ha ha, I would die laughing. He actually dared to bring stall goods. It would be better if he bought a bunch of flowers instead.” Wang Nianlin seemed to had seen a very funny thing. He claimed to be Ye Qingxue’s boyfriend and even brought such a worthless gift.

Ye Qingxue worried about Xia Tian and hastily said embarrassingly: “I love it, no matter what. As long as it’s you who brings it for me.”

As he listened to sarcastic comments of the crowd, Xia Tian smiled. He put the bracelet on the Ye Qingxue wrist followed by a bite on his own finger. He allowed the blood to drip onto the bracelet. The dripping blood turned into countless particles which were inhaled by the bracelet, and all blood drops disappeared into thin air.

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