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Chapter – 11 Birthday Party

The TianHe Hotel in Jianghai City was very famous, holding a banquet or a reception here required one to make an appointment at least one month in advance and even then, there may not be any venue available. The venue Ye Qingxue decided on for her birthday celebration was the 11th floor.

The whole 11th floor was built with glass. From the outside, one can only see the colored lights inside and the crystal clear external decoration. Looked like a huge crystal palace.

Each layer had a unique theme, one’s status could be defined by how high he can climb within. Although the TianHe Hotel is open to all, but ordinary people simply cannot afford to set foot on 11th floor.

TianHe Hotel’s layout was very interesting. The first to third floor are living rooms where decorations are very elegant, all kinds of drinks and so-on are free of charge. Many rich people like the environment here, sitting here to look at some magazines or newspapers. There are also some people who came to make some useful friends here.

The fourth floor is a banquet hall, but is was the most common banquet hall of the restaurant. Although it was ordinary, but the decorations are still quite luxurious.

The fifth floor to the ninth floor are rooms, where the price vary from 998 to 9998. The environment inside were completely different and the services are very complete.

The tenth floor was a gym. It was usually more lively.

Xia Tian clothes were very casual and other people here are dressed more sharp in contrast.  Others wore a dress or a suit, as such, what Xia Tian had put on was quite bad compared to them.

The security agents and the waiters did not stop him, despite Xia Tian’s dressing being strange., After all, only on 4th and 11th floor where you not required to pay to enter the floors. However, if it was found that you were not the host’s invited guests, then you would be directly kicked out of the building.


Ye Qingxue was very happy today. Today’s her 20-year-old birthday, so her mother had reserved the 11th floor of the TianHe Hotel for her to celebrate her birthday party. She had invited her good friends. Of course, there are some uninvited people and there were also the children of her mother’s business partners.

“Qingxue, this is Chanel perfume. Happy birthday. ”

LV bag, happy birthday.”

CL high-heel shoes, baby. Happy birthday.”

Ye Qingxue friend’s offered their gifts. There were some ordinary gifts given by some of her classmates who did not had a lot of money. They send gifts of only a few dozen or a few hundred, but Ye Qingxue still felt very happy.

Ye Qingxue was wearing a white dress today, looking like a fairy descended from heaven, pure and refined, attracting everyone’s eye. She was every man’s ideal woman and the womenfolk exposed different expressions of envy and jealousy. She was an unattainable beauty!

More and more people came to offer gifts, Ye Qingxue also gently thanked them, but she seemed to be absent-minded. Since the start, there has been dozens of men coming forward to express their love for her.

However, she was waiting for the someone’s emergence.

“Miss Ye, you are so beautiful, would you give me a chance to pursue you?” A second generation rich kid* came forward very elegantly and said softly.

Seeing the kid’s directness, the people present were all feeling envious and jealous.

“So beautiful, if she can be my girlfriend, i would die without any regrets.”

“You, do not daydream. How could we be with woman like her? Look at all the people pursuing her. Who did not come from a rich or powerful background? The competition is very intense.”

“Look! Someone is coming.”

Everyone looked toward the door, as an elegant man wearing a suit came in holding a bouquet  of roses in his hand. Seeing his appearance, everyone sighed.

“Wang Nianlin, one of Jianghai four young masters, Jianghai University students, but also Jianghai University Student Union’s vice president.”


“Its him, I heard he had been pursuing Ye Qingxue from the first day of semester in Jianhai University.”

“I do not know what new trick he will use this time.”


Seeing Wang Nianlin’s arrival, even those rich young men could not help, but be jealous of him. Although Wang Nianlin was also a rich second generation, his father’s company was listed in the stock market. Moreover, it’s their family business.

It can be said that wherever he go in Jianghai City, there are countless people who would came to flatter him.


Originally Wang Nianlin’s walk was very smooth, domineering, but as another woman came in from the door, her arrival attracted more attention. The woman did not wear any fancy dress however, her beautiful appearance did not lose to Ye Qingxue in any way. Ye Qingxue looked pure and gave off the feeling of a fairy, but this woman had a kind of simple beauty.

“Ye Qingxue, it seems that I didn’t came late. Here, I got you this brush.” The woman did not have care for her lady’s image, took big steps and arrived next to Ye Qingxue.

Although Wang Nianlin heart is very unhappy, but he did not get in this woman’s way.

“Today is really a lucky day. We actually get to see two campus belle here. She actually came.”

“Ye Qingxue is ranked fourth. That woman’s ranking is only beneath Ye Qingxue. She is simply too strong. No one dares to chase her or her ranking would be even higher than Ye Qingxue.”

“It iss her, Jianghai University’s student president, Huo Wennu. I’ve never heard of people surnamed “Huo” before.”

Looking at Huo Wennu’s appearance, the people present started to gossip. Huo Wennu and Ye Qingxue were very good friend, she naturally came on Ye Qingxue birthday. Everyone knew Ye Qingxue was an elegant woman, her calligraphy skills were top-notch, therefore Huo Wennu gifted her a writing brush.

“From Qing Dynasty, Huo Wennu, you did not steal it, right?” Ye Qingxue looked at the brush in her hands.

Magnanimous! Gifting a cultural relic on a birthday, seeing this, Wang Nianlin’s face suddenly changed. He originally thought no other person’s gift would be comparable to his, but Huo Wennu unexpectedly presented such a thing before him.

“Do not worry, my old man’s things are my things.” Huo Wennu smiled, grabbing Ye Qingxue’s arm.

“Thank you, sister Huo.” Although the gifts other people sent her, she also very fond of them, no matter what the price, but those were not what she really want. However, this writing brush was different.

Although Huo Wennu snatched some of the limelight, but Wang Nianlin continued walking toward Ye Qingxue, after all Wennu was only a woman.

In his hand were roses whose significance are profound.


Just after that rich second generation saw Wang Nian Lin’s arrival, he had very consciously left. Although his family was rich, but compared with Wang that was trivial.


Bing Xinlooked at the door, but did not see anyone and shook her head to Ye Qingxue.


Huo Wennu did not understand Bingxin’s actions, but she did not ask. Then, everyone’s eyes once again turned to Wang Nialin. He walked step by step stopping in front of Ye Qingxue and kneeling on one knee.


“Qingxue, happy birthday.”


“Thank you.” Ye Qingxue smiled and took the roses. Although she knew the meaning of the roses was different, since Wang Nianlin said happy birthday, then she naturally had no way to refuse.


At this time, Wang Nianlin took out a box from the roses. Seeing the box, everyone knew the main event was coming. Wang Nianlin deliberately hid the box, worried that Ye Qingxue would refuse it.


Ye Qingxue has now received the flowers, so he just had to present the next gift.


Wang Nianlin gently opened the box and a sparkling diamond ring appeared in front of everyone. Everybody understood that what Wang Nianlin’s true intentions. He had gifted the flowers as a cover-up, the diamond ring was his true objective. If he had given the ring directly , Ye Qingxue would not accept it.


After all, the meaning of the diamond ring was particularly important. If Ye Qingxue accepted the diamond ring, then it meant that she accepted Wang Nialin’s pursuit.


“Qingxue, I like you very much. I hope you can accept my love for you.” Wang Nianlin put the ring once again back among the flowers.


“Wang Nianlin is Wang Nianlin. Really great, even his ability to chase girls far surpasses what we can think of.”


“It seems I have no chance of winning against Wang Nianlin.”


“That’s right, who would dare grab the woman who Wang Nianlin like. We should help Nianlin, maybe we can become friends with him.”


The group rich second generation talked amongst themselves. If Wang Nianlin did not appear, they could still fight between themselves as their family influence were still on par with each other, but now that Wang Nianlin appeared, they did not stand any chance.


In front of Wang Nianlin, they were so weak.


“I am sorry, I came so late. Qingxue, happy birthday.” At this time, from the door came a voice, the emergence of this sound suddenly attracted everyone’s attention.


Ye Qingxue’s face suddenly mouth curled into an extremely happy smile, Bingxin, although somewhat unhappy, was also relieved. As she saw the expression of her friends, Huo Wennu also looked at the door.

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