Almighty Student – Chapter 10

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Ah San was not an average person. Although he was crippled from the lower body, having lost one of his legs during a mission, he had unyielding perseverance. His leg techniques had immense breakthroughs and his eyes possessed naturally sharp vision.


Just now, Xia Tian’s action may seem very light, but it made use of leveraged force. This approach was a taichi inside technique (may be a usage of chi).


Xu Dechuan saw how Xia Tian threw those two black-clothed men abruptly. He now anticipated meeting Xian Tian’s Master. Because Xia Tian was not afraid, Xia Tian’s master must not only be an appraising expert, but a martial artist as well.


This taichi fist of Xia Tian was stolen from the Old Fan with his X-ray vision. Not only can his eyes see the opposite party’s weakness, they also allow him to steal techniques.


The two men quickly counterattack. Although they felt tremendous pain, but they were all fighters of Ah San’s level.


Toward Xia Tian, one from left other from the right side, they slightly bended their waist and pounced towards him.


“Definitely bad guys.” Xia Tian body kept retreating, looking for opportunities. His eyes quickly glanced around, but the two simply did not give Xia Tian any chance to keep up.


The two of them launched sudden leg attacks. Xia Tian stopped his own body, but did not retreat. His right hand grabbed one of the people around the neck, than Xia Tian quickly rushed forward to throw the black man on the ground. Bam! It was a direct hit on the face.


The other man attacked Xia Tian’s back. Xia Tian did a somersault to escape to the other side of the blow. The battle turned into a one-on-one.


Xia Tian directed his fist to hit his opponent’s thigh, then fiercely attacked his abdomen.


“Do you want to take me now?” Xia Tian looked toward Ah San. He knew Ah San still an expert, if he were to fight him one-on-one he did not had any chance of winning. Although his eyes can find Ah San weakness, but his attacks were still not as fast as Ah San’s.


“Good job, but you are too tender.” Ah San moved toward Xia Tian, his task today was to bring Xia Tian back with him. “What is your relationship with Fan Zhuifeng?”


According to Ah San knowledge, in Jianghai City, there’s only one person who was famous for his Tai chi techniques and that was Fan Zhuifeng. Fan Zhuifeng was also known for his austerity, there’s no one in the whole Jianghai City who can rival him in Tai chi Martial Arts.


“Nonsense. If you want to fight, then come already. I’d like to see if you have the ability to take me with you.” Xia Tian clenched his fist, his eyes darted around, not letting go of the most minute details. He knew if the fight prolonged, it would not be good for him. He must finish this fight quickly.


Hearing Xia Tian, Ah San smiled. Since Xia Tian did not say that he had nothing to do with Fan Zhuifeng, then even if he really had something to do with the Fan Zhuifeng, who told him to not show his identity.


“It seems that trouble has come, but unfortunately my martial arts is not good enough. That day, if I had learned more from the Old Fan, then that would be good.” Xia Tian thought in his heart, he knew that his body had become stronger after undergoing the transformation by jade, but he had not practiced any martial arts.


If he knew martial arts, then he would not be in this dilemma.


“You think you can escape from my, Ah San’s, hands. Fool! Even the god cannot save you today.” Ah san looked at Xia Tian, and then he looked in Xu Dechuan’s eyes, “It’s a shame, after a little bit, your good days would also come to an end.


Xu Dechuan had a bad feeling about this, he thought that if Ah San went back to report about today’s matter to Xu Qinghua, then Qinghua will really make sure that he would not able to see the tomorrow.


“Xia Tian you cannot let Ah San leave, otherwise you and I will be having endless trouble in the future.” Xu Dechuan knew his current strength. Although he also had his own share in family business, but compared to the Xu family it was still trivial.


“Hmm, reckless.” Ah San arrived in front of Xia Tian, “Now you are still thinking that someone will come to save you? If you bow down to me, I might go easy on you.”


Ah San did not believe that, in this place, there are people who would came to save them. Today, he will take Xia Tian with him, even Xu Dechuan, he did not intend to let him off the hook.


“Aaah.. So this is the legendary crippled king, Ah San.” At this moment, three men wearing gray clothes walked out of the alley up ahead. Their faces were covered with masks, but most importantly, their clothes had a flame cloud embroidered at the chest area.


“Quicksand !” Ah San vigilantly looked at the three people.


“I promised my master to bring him back with me, what do you Quicksand people want? As long as in today’s matter you don’t interfere, all the money you want is yours.” Ah San was clear about what kind of organization Quicksand was. Quicksand was an assassin group, so money was omnipotent.


“I am afraid today I cannot give you face, our leader’s order is to protect Xia Tian.”


“Fine, today I, Ah San, will not interfere with your mission.” Ah San clenched teeth, he cannot afford to offend Quicksand. There was no not need to say that these people were all experts, even if he was able to kill these people today, Quicksand would continue to hunt him down.


Xia Tian didn’t speak from the beginning till the end. He felt like today was unreal. Something like this only happen in movies. Unexpectedly, it also occurred in his own life.


At this moment, he finally understood that his world had undergone enormous changes.


Quicksand! This name has been recorded in Xia Tian heart. These people did not look like they are good people; they certainly have their own reasons to help him.


Although Ah San ws strong, but  Xia Tian was at least a clear Ah San identity. This Quicksand organisation was different, Xia Tian did not know even a single detail about the opposite party, in this world there is no such thing as free lunch, but these people did not appear to want his money.


The organization was not asking for money, then it must be something more important things than money that they wanted.


However, Xia Tian did not know what valuable he had may catch Quicksand’s attention. The ancient Buddhist relics are impossible for other people to discover. Other than that, there was just the blood jade bracelet, but, although it was precious, but they certainly didn’t lack the money, So Quicksand certainly did not come for it. Then what was the reason?


Ah San pulled his subordinates into the car and left the place.


“Who are you people?” Xia Tian asked the three people in the gray clothes.


“Xia Tian, your father left behind a relic. It is a book. Find it.”


“Do not play any tricks, we have hundreds of ways to kill you.”


“Seven days of time, if you can not find it by then, we guarantee that you will die.”


The Quicksand people use some secret method so that only Xia Tian can hear what they said then disappeared in the alley, leaving only Xia Tian, Xu Dechuan and his four bodyguards lying on the ground. Although Quicksand was a organisation of killers, they will not kill unreasonably, or else Xu Dechuan will already be dead by now.


“Xia Tian brother, where do you want to go? I will drop you off.” Xu Dechuan asked. After seeing how things turned out, he held more respect for Xia Tian and he was now sure that the Xia Tian was definitely not an ordinary person.


Even the people from Quicksand would actually come forward to protect him. It proved that Xia Tian definitely has a great man behind him.


“Good, TianHe Hotel.”Xia Tian needed to go to his cousin birthday party. He had been delayed, so he must immediately rush over. Not only that, he needed to pretend to her boyfriend.


TianHe Hotel. Is there a banquet? Do you need me to help you buy gifts? “Xu Dechuan did not mention Quicksand. In his view, this kind of thing was very secret. It is Xia Tian’s secret, the less he knows, the better.


Xia Tian also did not ask Xu Dechuan anything about Quicksand. Just by Ah San attitude, Quicksand should be a very secretive organization and the very organisation wanted some secret book from him. He did not know what book. His father never gave him such a thing.


The men gave him seven days, so he had to either find the book within seven days or acquire the ability to fight the people Quicksand will send within seven days, but the latter was obviously hard to accomplish.


“It seems that tomorrow, I should go back to the house.” After his father died, he did not sell the house, but he had also never gone back there.


“Oh, it’s my cousin birthday party. The gift I prepared is the bracelet.” Xia Tian wanted the blood jade stone bracelet for his cousin’s birthday gift to be the best. Blood jade stones are very popular amongst women, since it not only help make the skin look more beautiful, it also had an anti-aging effect.


Although his cousin was very young now, but if she starts wearing the blood jade bracelet, even after she turned 40, she would still have a 20-years-old’s appearance.


“Oh, how did I forget this, the Blood Jade Stone is truly a good gift.” Xu Dechuan shows a faint smile.


You are my~ oh my big apple~.(phone ringtone)


Xia Tian cell phone rang.


“Cousin, I will arrive in a few minutes.”


“Okay, I call you Qingxue, I will not let anyone see through my disguise as your boyfriend.


“Where can I get you roses?”


“Ok, don’t worry. I will find a solution.”


Xia Tian hung up the phone.


Xu Dechuan heard Xia Tian’s conversation on the phone and smiled. “Xia Tian brothers, leave the flowers to me. You go first, I will soon send it to you quickly.”


“Ha ha.” Xia Tian smile embarrassed, “Many thanks, Uncle Xu.”


“Uncle Xu? if you do not mind, I prefer you to call me Brother Xu.” Xu Dechuan said lightly.


“Haha, then thanks, brother Xu.” Xia Tian smiled, he knew people such as Xu Dechuan can became a great assistance to him in future.


The car soon arrived to the Tian He Hotel, the front entrance was very lively. On the doors were written ‘Congratulations Ms. Ye Qingxue! Happy birthday!’ The hotel’s decorations were also very beautiful.

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