Almighty Student – Chapter 1

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Translator: Traveller2694

Editor: LightBubble/ Ken OEK

Proofreader: Rythrinx


Chapter 1 – Hello

Xian Tian was lying on a hospital bed feeling like he was having a beautiful dream. In front of him stood a female nurse and through her white coat you could see that she was wearing a blue shirt with a clearly visible black lace bra, a pair of white stockings, and pink Hello Kitty panties.

For Xian Tian, a virgin, this was definitely a dream.

“Eh? You’re awake?” She checked the numbers displayed in the equipment and lifted her head, meeting Xian Tian’s naked eyes. She felt as if he could see through everything.

Having not recovered from the beautiful dream yet, Xian Tian did not respond, continuing to appreciate the beauty in front of him.

The female nurse felt very uncomfortable, hurriedly leaving the ward while shouting, “Dr. Lee, Dr. Lee! The patient in the intensive care unit woke up. ”

“Why are you leaving? Don’t go, ah.” Xian Tian tried to sit up straight, and a sharp pain went through his body at once.

At last, Xian Tian bowed his head, puzzled, looking down at his body. It was fully bound by bandages with a few stitched places here and there. It was covered in injuries. Moreover, his hands were connected to dozens of infusion bags.

“How painful, If I’m not dreaming. Then what is happening? Why can I see what that nurse was wearing?” While Xian Tian was confused, from the door came a man and a woman. Both were half naked in front of him. Not believing his eyes, Xian Tian forcefully blinked and this time they were wearing standard white coats.

“An illusion?” Just when Xian Tian wished to ascertain whether this was his imagination or not, that scene appeared once more. They were once again half naked in front of him.

“What a surprise, this is real.” Xian Tian’s heart was pleasantly surprised, but at the next moment, his mind was assaulted with dizziness. He almost fell down.

“Who told you to sit? You haven’t gotten your stitches removed yet, so you are not permitted to move heedlessly. ” Dr. Lee looked at Xian Tian with dissatisfaction. He was a well-established doctor of the hospital, but this case was different. The leader of the hospital told him specifically to take care of him well.

Xian Tian started to remember why he was here. He was preparing for college entrance examination, when his girlfriend suddenly broke up with him. Xian Tian’s mood was particularly chaotic at the time, so he wanted to take a stroll around. However, he happened to see a little girl chasing a toy to the middle of the street just at the moment a van was passing through. At the critical moment, Xian Tian pushed the little girl off. His body was hit, flying towards a fence, wounding himself.

But why have I gained this kind of skill? He knew that he didn’t make a mistake. Being young and vigorous, how could he forget what he saw. He was looking through the nurse’s clothing directly as if he was seeing them through X-ray. However, he couldn’t use this ability all the time. The sense of vertigo that came moments ago should have been the side effects of it.


Dr. Lee called him several times, but Xian Tian did not respond. He made a solemn expression. He had no choice but to admit that his situation was not good. If it weren’t for the boy’s good luck in avoiding being injured in his vital points, he would have been dead by now.

Although his wounds were handled well, it seems as if he became an idiot1. This was not good, the president of the hospital already said that they must cure him.

“Are we still unable to contact his family?” Dr. Lee frowned. Although the fees were not an issue as it had already been paid by someone, he would still like to ask the patient’s family if he had any medical history. Otherwise, why had he woken up as an idiot?

“His cell phone broke in the crash, and even the card disappeared without a trace. Nobody knows who he is.” The female nurse shook her head.

“You handle his wounds, I’ll make a call.” Dr. Lee walked out of the ward. He could only discuss about this situation with the president. The girl Xian Tian saved was no ordinary person. She was Zeng Rou’s daughter, who was the most renowned woman in Jianghai City.

The female nurse gently laid Xian Tian’s body and carefully re-tied the now opened curative. His wounds, which were recently stitched weren’t able to handle big movements.

With a foolish look, Xian Tian stayed silent. His eyes staring unceasingly at the female nurse’s body.

Everything in front of him was changing. As long as he wanted, he could directly see through the nurse’s underwear. The beautiful woman’s body in front of Xian Tian was revealed in constant flashes.

After the female nurse had handled Xian Tian’s bandage, she left the room. She was somewhat afraid of Xian Tian unhindered gaze. Only after a long time did he return to normal.

At last, he was certain that he had obtained a superpower, X-ray vision.

“There’s still the college entrance examination. I can’t stay here for too long.” Xian Tian didn’t want to waste any time, as he wanted to prepare for the examination; otherwise, if he does not succeed, he would have to wait another year for a chance to do it…

“…If I don’t return soon, my cousin will be worried to death.” Xian Tian didn’t know for how long he had been here. Since childhood, he hadn’t known who his mother was and his father died when he was fourteen. From there on his big-sister-in-law became his guardian. When his cousin who went to college bought a house near the school, his sister-in-law was worried about her safety so she made Xian Tian live with her.

Although he would normally rarely return to that house, he still goes back several times every month. His cousin’s house was not close to his school, which is why it was difficult for him to go there often.

He looked up and saw a calendar on the wall. Unexpectedly, there were at least two weeks before the college entrance examination.

“Not good, I should leave faster otherwise I will miss the entrance examination. Since childhood, my father wished for me to study hard and to be admitted into the university. I cannot betray his expectations. ” Xian Tian tried moving his body. This time, he was somewhat worried, moving it little by little to prevent the wounds from opening back.

“What are you doing? Quickly, lie down. ” Xian Tian room was monitored, so the female nurse rushed up to him right after she noticed what he was doing.

The nurse’s body was particularly splendid and her appearance similarly outstanding. Although she was not wearing makeup, her beauty far surpassed those famous women that appeared on TV. So much that after one look, Xian Tian couldn’t help but want to use his X-ray ability again.

“I want to be discharged. I have no money to pay the hospital fees.” Although Xian Tian’s sister-in-law was rich, he never asked her for a cent. His tuition fees were paid with what his father left him, and his usual expenses were paid by working part time.

“Your hospitalization has already been taken care by someone. You only need to return to the bed and lie down carefully. The injuries on your body are severe, you need to rest for several months.” Although she didn’t like Xian Tian’s gaze, she was still a nurse, moreover, a full time one in charge of him. She was unwilling to not do her job properly.

“Several months?” Xian Tian couldn’t wait this amount of time. “The college entrance examination is half a month later, I can’t wait. ”

“The university entrance exam?” The nurse was slightly startled. She had also heard about Xian Tian’s matters. Xian Tian saved the daughter of the most renowned person of Jianghai City, Zeng Rou. It could be said that he was a good youngster who acted heroically. He saved her, so it’s unlikely that Zeng Rou would treat him unfairly. She would certainly give him a hefty reward. With that money, what universities could he not get in?

“Where are my clothes? I have to leave the hospital. ” Xian Tian attitude was firm, he didn’t wish to miss this opportunity. All these years, he had been studying very hard because of the promise with his father. Although the present university student unemployment rate was very high—it can even be said that graduation was equivalent to unemployment—his father still hoped that he could go to college. Furthermore, he also had to rely on his own skill to be admitted.

Since childhood, his father’s requests were very strict. Although he cannot say to be well versed in poetry and painting, he learned almost everything within the general subjects, even the Five Elements, the Eight Diagrams as well as the Book of Changes.

“Your clothes from this morning were thrown away, you cannot leave the hospital now. ” The female nurse straightened up, puffing her impressive chest to make her determination clear.

“Size!” Xian Tian disconcerted said: “36d, black lace. ”

Hearing Xian Tian words, she was confused at first, only reacting later. Xian Tian not only said the size, which was startlingly accurate, he even said the color of the undergarment.

She quickly looked at her own clothes to check if they were proper. When she looked back up, she discovered Xian Tian having a nosebleed.

“Ah, you rogue!!” The female nurse covered her chest hurriedly. Although she was not exposing anything, she still protected herself tightly.

“What’s the matter?” Dr. Lee just came in only to hear the nurse screaming rogue. He then immediately looked towards Xian Tian because he was unexpectedly out of bed, with a nosebleed at that. “Who let you get out! You still need to rest.”

“Doctor, I want to be discharged. ” Xian Tian looked at Dr. Lee and firmly said.

“No, your injuries are too severe. You cannot be discharged. ” Dr. Lee couldn’t let Xian Tian leave the hospital. President Zeng had ordered that he must be given best service till he gets cured. If Xian Tian was discharged, he would not know how to explain himself.

“I have to be discharged, don’t tell me that you all want to put me under house arrest?” Xian Tian said firmly while walking step by step towards the entrance. His movements were soft, he didn’t dare to do anything harshly due to his wounds.

“That’s not what I meant. At present, your body is not in a good condition. You should stay here to let yourself heal completely, your injuries may worsen if you don’t. ” Dr. Lee hurriedly explained.

“I know my own body. Although the injuries are grave, it doesn’t bother me too much. I’ll stand on my own two feet in a few days.” Xian Tian needed to go back and study. Besides that, this ability that let him see through clothing perplexed him. He needed to explore it in detail.

Xian Tian attitude was unyielding. Dr. Lee was at a loss for what to do. They were in a hospital so he certainly couldn’t prevent Xian Tian from leaving.

“Alright, wait a moment. I will go and call President Zeng. ” Dr. Lee took out his phone and just at the time, the ward door was pushed, and a beautiful woman came in.

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