Against the Fate – Chapter 19


Chapter 19: Enter The World Of Cultivation

Damn it, why was my neighbour not only a police officer, but also a cultivator? Wasn’t it that there were only seven original cultivators in Dawn City? After deducting the three old men, North Luna and Ding Ze, that meant I encountered one of the other two cultivators? Cui Ming smiled, “I lived in Dawn City.”


“Oh?” Evelyn’s eyes tightened. “That means you are a savage.”


Cui Ming could feel the aura but could not see the aura before practicing Focus. However, he could feel the change of atmosphere. Cui Ming kept smiling and answered, “Of course not, my mentor is The Professor.” He didn’t intend to fight. After seeing the fight between North Luna and the giant worms, Cui Ming knew the gap between himself and a true cultivator was great.


Evelyn did not reply, she approached the phone, looked at Cui Ming, dialed the number, and picked up the receiver, “Professor, I’m Evelyn. Did you meet someone named Cui Ming?… Sorry for troubling you.”


Cui Ming spread his hand, “See? I didn’t lie.”


Evelyn did not speak. When she walked past Cui Ming, she said: “You should be glad to have met North Luna instead of me.”


When Evelyn reached to the door, Cui Ming said, “Wait.”


“What?” Evelyn turned to face Cui Ming.


“Do you have any money? Can I borrow some?” Cui Ming said, taking into account that not many people here were rich and the presence of the police officer, he didn’t want to pickpocket.


Evelyn took out her wallet and threw 2000 RMB on the table. She left Room 701, returned to Room 702, and called North Luna. She was very dissatisfied, “North Luna, we had an agreement. According to the agreement, Cui Ming should serve Dawn City, not remain a free person.”


North Luna asked, “You knew?”




“I didn’t agree to your agreement. I don’t need to inform you again.” North Luna interrupted the call.


Evelyn was annoyed. These selfish people, there were total of seven cultivators, including the three old masters, and among the four others, North Luna and Ding Ze were free. The only cultivator who served Dawn City was herself. Because there was 50% chance of children inheriting the potential of cultivating in Great Clans, the number of cultivators was increasing day by day. The power of the cultivators of Dawn City was stretched thin. However, these people not only did not serve Dawn City themselves, but also consumed scarce resources.


What Evelyn did not know was that North Luna originally intended to hand over Cui Ming to Evelyn, then Cui Ming and Dawn City signed a contract. After training, he would become a civic cultivator for Dawn City. However, Cui Ming was a Strategy Type cultivator, which greatly enhanced his value. After much consideration, North Luna finally decided to keep Cui Ming.




Practicing Focus was to control of the flow of aura to the parts of the body, similar to Refine. The difference was that Refine was to strengthen the body so that the body can withstand greater aura, while Focus was to use the aura to strengthen the body’s functions. For example, the aura can be condensed into the bottom of the foot, which could then carry out long-distance jumps. Condensing the aura in the eyes, allowed cultivators to be able to see fluctuations of aura. When a cultivator first began to cultivate, he need to enter Meditate state to gather the aura throughout the body and focus it in a certain part of the body. After he became familiar with the transformation of the aura, he could achieve the purpose of gathering the aura without Meditate.


In the state of Focus, the eyes could see many things, such as the flying insects in the night. Whether it was a plant or an animal, as long as it was alive, it’s vitality would release a visible aura. Hearing was also greatly strengthened. Cui Ming could hear the cries of the baby on the second floor, the sound of rushing toilets, the sound of the water rushing through pipes, and of course, the arousing gasps of men and women.


Using Focus on the ear was completely different from using Focus on other parts. For example, if you wanted to listen to the living room on the second floor, you must enter the Meditate state. In this state, cultivators were like intangible ghosts as they walked through the building, approached the living room on the second floor, and sat in the living room in order to hear the sounds within. The record also stated that the Focus of the ear was very difficult. Almost no cultivator could enhance hearing without entering Meditate state.


Null, dispersing all the aura, hides oneself, so that a cultivator would appear like an ordinary person. No cultivators could find out the cultivating status of a cultivator in Null state. But Null had a fatal weakness, that was, after the use of the Null state, cultivators would need a long time in order to restore their aura. According to Aura Alliance’s record, even if one entered the Meditate state, it would take at least five minutes for them to restore their aura to normal capacity.




Release was the purpose of cultivating, and the most important among the six Principles. It’s  type varied depending on the individual’s personality, and body, thus the variety of Release was infinite. In the historical record, within the thousands of years there were no two cultivators who had the same Release.


Cui Ming was different from most other people. He first mastered Release and then came to practice the other Principles. It’s equivalent to a doctor who first mastered the skills required to transplant a heart, and then began to learn how to use a scalpel.


Cui Ming’s decision was to cultivate Strategy Type as his primary type and cultivate Enhance Type as his secondary type. The reason he chose the Enhance Type as his secondary type was because Cui Ming, North Luna, Ding Ze, and even The Professor did not know how to practice the system. Cui Ming only had two skills: The first move, Flying Cards, enhanced the power of his playing cards, and belonged to Enhance Type. The second move, Fortune Teller, belonged to Strategy Type. The height that could be achieved was theoretically almost the same, and it needed to be improved through actual combat.


Cui Ming also understood Fortune Teller more. A gambler could improve his winning rate by some means, but he could raise the winning percentage to 100%. Fate never gave anyone everything, you had gain then you had to lose. What Cui Ming needed to do was to increase the winning percentage as much as possible, but Cui Ming knew that he couldn’t do it right now, because the improvement to winning percentage required improvement in many aspects. Cui Ming’s present serenity was a kind of obligatory peace of mind rather than a real wave of easiness. To achieve level “calm when Mt.Tai collapsed on your face” required courage, wisdom, experience, and indifference…


This was the uniqueness of Strategy Type. A Strategy Type cultivator knew his direction but did not know the final result. The more clear headed you were, the clearer the road was, although you didn’t know if at the end of the road there was a treasure or a cliff, but you knew that you would only have this one way.


Twenty days had passed. Ding Ze and North Luna didn’t appear even once, like they had been evaporating from the human world. Nobody asked Cui Ming about the progress of his practice.


After Evelyn’s case ended, she did not return to Room 702 every morning, but still returned once every few days. Sometimes she would ask Cui Ming for food. Sometimes Cui Ming would ask for a cup of tea.


Evelyn apparently clarified Cui Ming’s details, and because of her clear understanding, she felt that Cui Ming was in trouble. Cui Ming had gotten rid of his savage identity and was registered as a free cultivator in Dawn City through The Professor. Everything was legal, but Evelyn was worried about Cui Ming’s past. From the data, Cui Ming was not a good person, at least not in his childhood.

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