Against the Fate

Against the Fate

Chinese Title: 逆命
Author: 虾写 / Writing Shrimp
Novel Status: Finished
Total Chapters in Raw: 432
Translation Status: Ongoing

Authors Synopsis:
Haggling, Gambling, Bravery or Outsmarting? How to distinguish which is good and which is evil? Who is the true ruler? On the Eternal Planet, the truth only lies within the hands of the most powerful ones! But the Great Swindling Master will give them a magic show!

Author Note: Readers who not familiar with or not exposed to League of Legends (LOL), do not worry, this is an “Avengers union with X-Men” world. LOL readers are also welcome to familiarize themselves with criticism.

Translator’s Note:

This novel is similar to Hunter X Hunter with Hisoka as the main protagonist. A “good” Hisoka with friends, comrades and lover(s); but still smart, tricky and dares to challenge stronger opponents.

This novel also has a bit of One Piece, “The role of justice and evil are exchanged many times in history, because whoever wins is justice!”.

This novel also has a bit of X-Men, “Those with powers protect those who don’t.”

The novel also consists Death Gods with soul power, as well as ninja’s with chakra, so it also has a bit of both Bleach and Naruto.

Finally, this novel is based on League of Legends, that’s the reason I am translating it.


Genre: Action Fantasy Harem Mature Romance Supernatural

Tags: Cunning Male Lead, Smart Male Lead, Adopted Protagonist, Based on A Video Game, Weak to Strong