Aenthar Chapter 011

Chapter 011 – Planing

To know how the world works, how the things of the of the world react to each other. To use this knowledge to build, improve or create new items. To be able to effectively use some of those objects. To see interesting places and discover new ones. To be able to fight decently, with or without weapons, to have a good physical ability. To be able to play musicalss instruments along with singing. To be able to have fun with my friends. To be able to have fun with many girls. To able to run a little wild once in a while… That is basically what I want to do.

For that I must learn how to defend myself, learn how to maintain my equipement, learn how to survive in the wilderness. Travel around the world as an adventurer, doing some requests to earn money, exploring the Frontier sometimes. Learn a little more about magic, the crafts and engineering on the way, and throw in an idea or two to the right people and earn a nice extra cash. Build solid relationships with some people and spend some fun times with others. Then settle down somewhere and focus more on magic, crafting and engineering…

Now I have to prepare myself for all of that. For crafting, I’ll be able to learn a lot from my father and Old Johrgard. For handling myself in the wilderness, I can learn from my mother and Erik. For fighting and self defense, I’ll see if I can have Zelfron teach me. He is a barbarian, a race that values fighting ability greatly, and he is from the wildest and most dangerous of all 4 continents. I maybe able to learn a thing or two from some of the adventurers. It will be good to learn a bit about injuries and illnesses from Dumas and Ellis as well.

About fighting, I would prefer to be at the rear using magic rather than be at the front. When I started playing rpgs, I would often use a warrior with heavy armor, sword and shield, but I would sometimes use a bow or magic with the said warrior. For the only mmorpg I ever played, the character of my principal account was paladin, physically strong and able to use magic. I had other characters, a ranger and a mage, but I prefered the paladin because I was a solo player and I wanted to be durable.

With time, I got more interested in magic swordman or magic rogue rather than paladin. Either way, half of my abilities would be physical, and the other half would be magical. I guess that’s why I loved The Elder Scroll, you could create your own class, or develop your character through the skills you would use the most. It’s a little like what I’m trying to do I guess. Then again, because I would play those rpgs alone, I would want to be able to deal with anything thrown on my path.

But I know games are different from reality. I know that what the entertainment industry shows us is exagerated or diminished, that some things are over rated (like swords) and some are under rated (like staves). I know that I don’t really want to fight an enemy with a melee weapon in close range, that I don’t want to lack the ability to retaliate against long range attackers. I would rather avoid an attack rather than trying to withstand it.

I also know that it would be hard to use long ranged attack in a brawl, and I don’t want to be completly humiliated in one. And I just can’t discard the fact I can be attacked in close range without being able to use magic first. I want to attack on medium and long range with magic and protect myself in close range with my body and a defensive weapon. And a staff would be nice, I can keep it in hand while traveling by foot and reacting to an attack would be faster.

Now that I think about it, I’m quite fast at learning. That right, childhood is the best period to learn, and I’m sure assimilating the memories of my past life has made me better at learning things. Right now is the best time for me to learn theorical knowledge, as much as possible during the next 10 years. It would be even better if there was plenty of books available. That’s just too bad. I’ll have to go to the next town at some point. Maybe an academy, but that would cost a lot without help or a patron. Well, I guess I could still find a way.

I am 6 years old now, my body is like that of a 9 or 10 years old boy. A lot of things are ranked in this world. Fighters, mages, crafters, materials, monsters… Crafters are ranked as such from the lowest to the highest rank: beginer, apprentice, disciple, expert, master, grandmaster and creator. Less than 5 people in the history of the whole world reached the rank of creator. When you reach the disciple rank in a craft, you receive a card and a certificat from the crafting guild, and for each rank after that you get a star on your card.

My mother is a disciple leather worker and my father is an expert alchemist. I did learn well what my mother and father taught me about their crafts. I’m now apprentice in both alchemy and leather working. Old Johrgard said that I did well learning the little things he taught me these past 2 years, and I can now withstand the smithing training. He told me a smith is one who works with metal, mostly when it’s hot and malleable.

There are goldsmiths, silversmiths and blacksmiths. The term black comes from the metal used, the black metal, iron. Others metals like tin, silver and gold were usually called ”white” metals. The term white is used for ‘soft’ metals (tin, gold, silver) and ‘black’ for ‘hard’ metals (iron, orichalcum, ebonite). Old Johrgard is disciple whitesmith and expert blacksmith. And he will teach me the basics of both whitesmithing and blacksmithing.

I told my parents about what I want to do. About how I want to travel around the world while working as an adventurer, and learning things about crafting and magic, and then settling down once I’ve seen and learned enough, and focus on creating new things. I told them I want Zelfron to teach me how to fight without weapons, and that the first weapon I want to be able to wield is the staff. And for the second time in my life, I asked my mother to teach me about magic. They were quite bewildered when I announced all of this, and said they will be thinking about it.

As for magic, my mother decided to give me some basic explanations. In the world, there is an energy called mana, there are many kinds of mana mixed together. People with magic ability naturally gather mana in their bodies. Their magic slowly get stronger with time and practice. To learn how to use magic, you must first be able to feel the mana, then you have to draw the right kind of mana and weave it in a patern to launch a spell.

People with magic ability can’t learn magic before at least 10 years old because the mana hasn’t correctly settled in their bodies yet. Trying to use magic before the mana has stabilised always results in problems. Experienced mages can die if they make mistakes while trying some new things with magic.

I paled a little after hearing that. I was glad I didn’t try anything. So, I guess learning magic will have to wait a bit… Maybe… After all, my body is quite developped for my age. Maybe my mana will settle earlier. And maybe it’s what is preventing me from sensing the variations of mana I felt when the village was attacked. I guess my high tension and my fear, or my extreme focus in a dangerous situation kind of forced the mana in me to stabilise for a bit.

Things are starting to get interesting. I will be even more busy now…

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