Aenthar Chapter 010

Chapter 010 – Deep thinking

Old Johrgard: Boy, you are way too young to work in my smithy!!
Aenthar: With a bitter face «………………….., ha, I see… I, understand.»
Old Johrgard: «Your body is not big enough, not strong enough to handle the tools, and not tough enough to handle the amount of physical exercise required for the job. Not now.» He shot a quick glance at Yaereen and Roland, whose faces went from slightly disappointed to confused for Yaereen and understanding for Roland.
Aenthar: With a face filled with hope «… But?»
Old Johrgard: With a raised eyebrow and intimidating smirk «… But… I wouldn’t mind help with small tasks here and there. While you’re at it, I can tell you a bit about the products I work with. If you’re diligent with your tasks, and if you learn well the little things I tell you, when you’re strong enough I will teach how to work with metals.»
Aenthar: «Really?? I accept!! Let me help you!! Thank you very much!! I will do my best!!When do I start??»
Old Johrgard: «Happy and impatient aren’t you, youngling. You will start next week. You will come every day a hour after sunrise and stay until noon. After that, you’re free.» He glanced at Yaereen and Roland, who gave a slow nod with thankful smiles.

Aenthar’s days started before dawn with his physical training, then cleaning himself and eating his breakfast. At dawn he would take care of the Jakka, then go to the village with his mother. He would spend half a day at Johrgard place, mostly doing some cleaning, tidying, and making small deliveries. And listening to the old Thoreim’s little lectures about some items, from time to time.

After that he would spend a bit of time with either Namir or the lycans, then go back home to receive short lessons from either Roland or Yaereen on leather working or herbalism until dusk. Then eating dinner, going to his room and train his mana perception before going to sleep.

Aenthar added some variations to his daily training. Sometimes he would juggle to increase his hand-eye coordination, sometimes he would do some jump rope. He had asked his mother to tie a thin rope slightly above the ground between short poles so he could train his balance, by walking on the rope without falling.

I think I learned quite a bit about this world. Not much about its history since I’m not really interested in it, but I have the basics about the geography of the world and some of the differents races. I also have a basic idea of their technological level. I’m not that knowledgable in history, but overall I would say the technology, along others things like morale, ethics, society and economy, are akin to what we would find on Earth Europe between 1000 and 1500 after Jesus Christ.

Now, what would I want to do in such a world? No, what I want to do shouldn’t be the first question to ask myself. It’s my second life. I had a life before. How do I truly feel about it now? What did I truly enjoy? What did I truly miss? What did I truly regret? If I don’t answer these questions now, at least partially, it is bound to bite me back later, and maybe quite hard…

Let’s start from the beginning. I was born in a little african country, in a small coastal city, from african parents. I had an elder sister, a big brother, a little brother and a little sister. My parents were average people with average jobs. There were money problems, but they were not big. There were couple troubles between my parents but they weren’t that big. My parents were christians, so us children became christians as well (at least I was for a while, for me religion and faith weren’t convincing in front of logic, research and facts). So we were taught to be good to others, kinda.

The local tv programmes sucked, we children liked the foreign channels with more interesting films, series, cartoons and animes. Watching all the cool items and other nice things the ‘white people’ had made me very envious. Add to that the fact that when any of the adults I could hear talking about politics hated the president, how the corrupt government was, and the state of the country.

So I didn’t get much attached to the things of our country and africans in general. Don’t get me wrong. I loved a lot of things about Africa and my country, but they weren’t the things I loved the most. Seeing their nice tools, vehicules and other objects raised my interest in science and other scientific stuff. I loved planes and spaceships the most. I loved the idea of exploring space, of making inventions.

In my house we had an encyclopedia titled ”what is it?”. I read and reread it a lot, especially the human body part, the physics part, the astronomy part and the planetology part. I only glossed through the animals and plants sections. Whenever I would find a book about science somewhere I would read it. More than once if possible.

OaZSther programs also made me like music and martial arts, but they didn’t have as much impact on me as the sci-fi programs. My mother was part of a small choir, and since I could sing well I sometimes joined them. My mother really gave me a taste for music and singing. I was also good at drawing, but I would mostly draw fighters, planes, spaceships, cars and weapons.

In school I was above average on almost every subject, that is until middle school and highschool, where I became average for some things, but I did remain good in my first language. On a side note, I saw my first porn book in middle school, it was uncensored. I also saw my first porn vid, uncensored as well. So I got quite the imagination while looking at the pretty girls from time to time, but I digress.

During middle school and high school I got more and more difficulties with mathematics as the years passed. But I still had a high interest in science, and nice grades. I didn’t have trouble with physics and biology for a while. It is said that mathematics is the tool box of physics. Yep, my poor ability with mathematics screwed me for physics over the last years of highschool. And I did repeat 2 years of highschool because of that. I still tried to follow a scientific path in college, but my motivation was long gone. I think the death of my father toward the end of middle school didn’t help.

Middle school and Highschool were still quite nice. I played basketball, volleyball and football (soccer) with my friends. I was good, especially at defense. There were also those few times when I sneaked out with some friends in the middle of the night. The times when we would drink and party, play board games (where I would usually lose). Even the time when we would argue. I even got my first girlfriend during my last year of highschool, but we didn’t stay together long. Couldn’t lose my virginity.

While I was in college, I got to live by myself. I could truly enjoy the internet. I can’t help but remeber the song ‘the internet is for porn’. And with internet I got more access to mangas and animes. With the box internet-phone-tv I got access to NatGeo and Planete. Those were the channels I watched the most. I also started playing video games more. Mostly rpg, fps, strategy games and car race games. I also lost my virginity to the aquitance of a friend that spend a night in our city after a little drinking party. It was nice but too short, she was too drunk and I was too fast.

Since college didn’t work, I went to Spain for a year. I did some voluntary work at a place called Tabacallera while learning spanish and a bit of capoera. A portuges guy gave free lessons there. I also joined the choir there, it was nice. Later I started to work, but being a call center agent and dealing with irritated or worse idiotic AND irritated customers was maddening. Working in supermarket was a bit boring. Then I became an unemployed guy, spending time playing games, watching animes, reading manga and novels, listening to music, watching action and sci-fi movies…

Then, one day, I won a lot of money, and soon after, I died.

So, once again, what did I like? What did I hate? What did I miss? What did I regret? What did I wish?

I liked science, mostly physics. I liked to know how things worked, I liked to know the physical laws of the world
I liked to discover knew things
I liked animals and flowers
I liked arts, I liked drawing and singing, I wished I could learn how to play some instruments
I liked collective sports, I liked to play in defense I prefered them to individual sports
I liked to laugh, argue and play with my friends.
I liked to play games, watch documentaries, movies and animes, read mangas and novels
I liked to drive a car

I hated complicated operations
I hated repetitive actions and tasks in certain fields of activity
I hated failing in what I really wanted to do
I hated corruption and the arrogance of those above
I hated people with a nasty competitive spirit
I hated people with no regard to the life of others
I hated people who used kidnapping and blackmail
I hated to have to do things I hated

I wanted to be able to create or build new things
I wanted to know how to pilot a plane
I wanted to travel around the world
I wanted to explore the universe in my spaceship
I wanted to have a car and a bike
I wanted to have my own house
I wanted to have some pets
I wanted to know more languages
I wanted to be more athletic
I wanted to know more about martial arts
I wanted to know more about weapons, both modern and old
I wanted to know how to play violon, piano and guitar
I wanted to know how to dance because I sucked
I wanted to play more video games
I wanted to have a lover
I wanted to have plenty of sex with more girls, even to have a harem
I even wanted to do some bad or forbidden things sometimes

This new life and this new world allows me to do most of the things I liked to do, and a good part of the things I wanted to do.

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