Aenthar Chapter 009

Chapter 009 – Instructor

Even though I’m 3 years old, my body is like that of a 6 year old kid. Besides, helping Jenna and Namir with their fields and my own personal training made me quite strong and I have a lot of stamina to spare for my age. My physical abilities are slightly better than that of the other 6 years old children. Also, I can now read and write, and I’ve gotten good at the elven tongue. Half of the time my mother talks to me in elven.

Since my body is developed enough, I asked my mother to teach me how to hunt. She doesn’t want me to go into the forest yet, however she thinks it’s ok to teach me how to use a bow. She made me a bow, practice arrows and a practice target (which is just a pole with a thick layer of straw). Every morning, if the weather allows it, she would instruct me then let me practice on my own. I’m gradually getting better. I gradually tried to hit the target while walking, jogging and running. It’s best way left for those who want to be great marksmen.

I also modified my daily physical training. I’m still very young, and very supple. I should do what I can to keep my flexibility. Every mornings and every night I would do a lot of stretching and test the limits of my flexibility. I also want to train my neck to be both strong and flexible, but I’m worried. Well, I’ll just use the weight of my head and work out while lying on my bed. This way, if I lose my strenght my head will quickly fall down on the bed. As for flexibility, I’m very slowly testing the limits, in a position that won’t allow unwanted moves.

I spend less time with Kerrina, Arren, Jenna and Namir during the day. I make it up by sometimes going to see them during the evening when Yaereen or Roland have some business in the village. As for Erik, I don’t see him much. Except when he is training Arren. Thinking about it, I often train my marksmanship with Arren when he is available. He is good. At least compared to me. But I don’t mind. Kerrina has started learning tailoring from Jenna. She is not happy about it at all. She wants to learn how to hunt, like Arren and me.

When we had time to play, half of the time Arren and I would play with some boys. We would play soldiers or adventurers with toy weapons, or play wrestling. I wasn’t the strongest kid, but I had swift reactions. As the cheat that I am, I dominated most of the time. But I also know children don’t like to lose much (my 4 year old niece hated losing, she would twist the rules of the games to win). Even if I let them win, it wasn’t without struggle. Among the kids I was a dominant. I felt a little guilty about it.

The only one against whom I couldn’t hold back was Arren. He received practical training from his ex-mercenary father. Obviously he was going to be the undisputed number 1. But when it came to targeting games (throw something to hit the target), I was the best. When it came to races, I was among the best as well. Add to that the fact that I was the youngest and that I could talk and do things well, that made me a bit popular among the little girls (A popular little kid but it will slightly change in around 10 years). But Arren was still the most popular, and I agree, he is cool (for a kid, wait when he becomes a man).

I’m 4 years old now. I want to do something I had in mind for the last 2 years. When my parents need some metallic tools or repairs, they often go to Old Johrgard, the thoreim blacksmith. Old Johrgard is a giant, with long white braided hair and beard. His hand and arms are covered in burns scars. He has deep, dark brown eyes that stare at you with the intensity of a fire. He is the best blacksmith of the village, and he traveled all around Zanitras during his youth. He has been a crafter all his life, working with leather, wood, stone and metal. This old man is an expert in all those crafts. He is a perfect choice to learn about the average crafting level of this word.

One day, when my mother was done buying arrow heads from him, I turned toward him, bowed at a perfect 90° angle, and asked him to let me help at the forge so I can learn the basic of blacksmithing. I told him I wanted to know how to craft with metal and what can be done with it. Both him and my mother were stunned by my actions. I didn’t move and waited patiently for his reply. He told me he would think about and give me an answer the next day before nightall.

My mother and I were silent during the trip home. Once inside, my mother took me to the living room and told me to sit down. Then she went to get my father. A few moments later, both of them were looking at me with curiosity and unease.

Yaereen: «Aenthar, sweety. Each time there was something you wanted to do or something you wanted to learn, you would not hesitate to ask us, so why didn’t you say anything this time?»
Aenthar: «I heard a little about Old Johrgard, that he is a skilled craftman who knows more than just blacksmithing, and who has traveled a lot. He has done it all his life, so he must take it very seriously. So I wanted to show that I was serious when I said I wished to learn from him. I thought it would be best to tell him myself rather than have my parents ask for me.»
Yaereen: ”Goddess, this child of mine…”
Roland: «Whoaa… You really though about it a lot didn’t you? That certainly was a good idea. I don’t know if he will accept or not, but I think he will consider it seriously. But still, you should have told us before. Don’t make such important decisions on your own again. Is that understood?»
Aenthar: «Yes. I won’t do that again, mom, dad.»
Yaereen: «Really, you’re one incredible kid, doing so much at only 4 years old…»
Aenthar: With a wry smile «I guess I got the best of my parents»
Roland and Yaereen: «…………………..»
Yaereen suddenly got up from a chair while blushing furiously, reached  Aenthar in a record time and took him in a long big hug.
Yaereen: «Kyahahahaha!!! That’s because your mommy is a great woman, of course you would be great too!!!»
Roland was looking somewhere else, but it was clear as day that he was blushing and keeping his emotions in check.
Yaereen: «And it looks like you’re turning into a sweet talker just like your father. You really are related.» she said while flashing her husband a charming grin… It’s super effective on him.
Aenthar: «Also, you two are on my list.»
Roland and Yaereen: «What??»
Aenthar: «I also want to learn the basic of alchemy from dad. And from mom, woodcarving and leatherworking.»
Roland: «Aren’t you being too greedy son?»
Aenther: «You don’t want to?»
Roland: «I think it’s fine. You’re a fast and diligent learner. Besides, since you’re just 4, there is still plenty of time.»
Yaereen: «I’m not that sure, but it’s true that you learn fast… Maybe, if there is time. If Old Johrgard decide to teach you I don’t want you to be distracted. Well, we will see.»
Aenthar: ”Victory!!” «Thank you, mom, dad.» ”They really are great parents!!”

Looks like I’ll be very busy for the next years. Aside from my daily training and the daily chores, most of my days will be spent learning their work. Thinking about my daily training, I should focus on my flexibility, no use tiring myself more than necessary. I will have less time to spend with the other, but it’s worth it.

I get to try my hands on differents things while learning from them. That will help me decide what I want to do with my life. And even if I don’t follow the crafting path, it will remain usefull knowledge. And if I work with Old Johrgard, I will learn about the weapons and armors, about their strenghts and weaknesses.

I’m getting excited about the future!!

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