Aenthar Chapter 007

Chapter 007 – Learning

Even though I can now go outside the house, that doesn’t mean I can do anything. I’m still a year old little child who doesn’t even know how to run. So going far from the house without one of my parents, or Nana, or another trusted adult around, is absolutly out of question. I won’t be able to go to the village often. So instead let’s stay near my parents a bit more, it definitly won’t hurt, and I can still learn a lot just by watching.

So, most of the time I watch my parents work. I watch my mother when she feeds the poultry and gather the eggs. By the way, the poultry she raise is a green bird the size of a duck, with short wings, developped legs and completly black eyes. The males, who are kept separate for the time being, have black and blue stripes on their bodies. It’s probably a fast runing bird.

This bird is called a jakka. It’s uncommon in Tristam. My mother captured and brough five of them when she decided to settle here with my father. There are around 40 of them. Overall they give between 10 and 20 eggs each day. The oldest ones end up in the village market in pieces. They are used to the presence of humanoids so I can pet them without problem. So nice. The children must be so cute, I can’t wait to see them.

Once my mother is done with them, she either go to hunt or guard the village when it’s her shift. When she comes back from her hunt, she carefully collects the leather of her prey, and we either keep the meat or sell it in the village. She didn’t let me see when she ‘processed’ the body, but I could watch her when she was tanning and processing the leather. When she is done with that, if she has time she would make arrows. All of this while teaching me the elven tongue.

When I’m not outside with my mother, I’m inside watching my father’s work. That is when he isn’t working in his little lab. I’m forbidden from going in there. When he isn’t there he is classifying the new materials he got, planning for their use, then he checks the new products he made, and carefully tidies everything up. He would also tell me the name of this material or that material that are good to make helpful remedies.

When neither could constantly keep an eye on me, my father would give me a flat wooden board and a piece of chalk to practice writing the letters he taught me, or just so I can have fun trying to draw on it. They were very pleased when I finally managed to write their names.

But it’s not like I spent all my time with them watching their work or learning from them. I would also often spend time with Jenna, Arren and Kerrina at their house. I would play with Kerrina, or try to teach her how to speak until she got bored, then try to entertain her. Sometimes we would watch as Jenna and Arren worked.

That gave me the chance to learn a little about the lycans and their land. There are a lot of forests on Kliavren, and lycans tend to like forests. There are 4 lycans countries at peace with each other most of the time. They are ruled by the hototos, the tulas and the niamhs. The honanis prefer to live outside of these countries in numerous small forest villages scattered on the continent. But they don’t mind too much other lycans visiting their places.

All lycans tend to respect strengh almost instinctively. They also respect wisdom.
Hototos like order and cooperation, and they respect hierarchy.
The tulas like freedom, and usually don’t like to create trouble. But they also act on their emotions more than the other lycans.
The niamhs are the most cunning among the lycans, they are also the most greedy.
The ornats are the most peacefull among the lycans, but they are also the most ferocious when they defend themselves against an attack.
The honanis have traits of the hototos, tulas and ornats: they like hierarchy and order, they love their freedom, they are peacefull but ferocious when attacked.

Just like I learned about the lycans from Jenna, I learned more about the humans from Roland, my father. There are 4 types of humans.
The thoreims, who live in clans in the cold northern part of Zanitras. They are tall, pale, and well built. Men or women, they are strong and brave warriors.
The yukhans, who live in the east of the continent. They are a little short, with slightly yellow skin, black hair and eyes. They are agile fighters and skilled crafters.
The kuendes, who live in the south, with black hair and dark skin. They tend to be slim and athletic. They have great stamina, they are close to nature and are the best human hunters.
The caecias, who live in the center of the continent. Appearance-wise they have a bit of the others traits, with slightly taned skin. They are the best merchants and artists among humans.

While teaching me the elven tongue, my mother Yaereen also told me about the elves. There are 4 types of elves.
The high elves, who live in a kingdom north from Tristam. They have silver hairs and pale white skin. They are the best mages among the elves. They avoid strangers.
The night elves, who live in a dark forest toward the south of the continent. They have prurple skin, and green or blue hair. They are the most secretive among elves and rarely let strangers in their land.
The wood elves and the dark elves are the most open and adventurous among elves. Their hair color range from blond, brown and red. In some rare case they are black or white. They don’t have a kingdom but independant forest towns scattered on the continent.

The most interesting thing I learned was when my mother showed me the temple of the village. There, I met Ellis, the priest of Argot. I asked him what the building was for, he told me it was for the elders gods. Zeldia the Great Mother, goddess of creation. Aerytihor, god of life. Lygtihor, goddess of death. Icthorus, god of fire and light. Voldyr, god of seas and water. Eyjilee, goddess of wind and storms. Xiana, goddess of land. Those seven gods are worshiped on all the continents. In fact, they were worshiped by all races before getting into contact with each other. I thought there would be different religions for so many different races spread on different continents. I’ll have to look into the history of those 8 races in the future, I might find something worth it.

This is how I spent most of my second year in this world. Sometimes with my parents, sometimes with the lycan family. Sometimes learning a language, sometimes watching someone else work. Sometimes being with Kerrina, sometimes being by myself. When I had some time for myself, I would try to improve my running ability. I also continued to practice sensing the magic. I would try while walking, playing, learning from the others. It was a lot harder than before. But I’m slowly getting used to it. But it still takes some time. Sometimes I think it seriously sucks balls to be a little child.

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