Aenthar Chapter 006

Chapter 006 – Finally outside

I’m 11 months old now. It’s the middle of winter now. I still haven’t been able to go outside yet, I was too young during the warm times, so I’m still stuck at home. My understanding of the language has improved a lot these past 3 months. But I still talk like a child for appearances. In the near future, I will ask my mother to teach me the elven tongue and my father to teach me how to read and write.

Speaking of him, he is an alchemist. One of the rooms on the groundfloor is his workplace, and it’s connected to another room, which is his store. He showed it to me a few times while teaching some words. It’s a good thing for me, because I’ll be able to learn a lot about the herbs and the differents materials of this world. Knowing their use and their worth will definitly be a bonus for me. Maybe more than I imagine right now.

My mother isn’t just a simple huntress. She raises some poultry for their eggs and meat. She can also make bows and arrows, and she makes a decent profit thanks to the adventurers that regulary pass through our village to explore the Frontier. And while she hunts she can gather some of the ingredients my father uses to make his products. She sometimes acts as one of the village guards too. She was an adventurer before marrying my dad. She is strong.

Oh, I started to walk around a month and half ago. No need to tell you how happy my parents were. They must have told Nany because the next day, she came to visit, she stayed at the door and told me to come to her. My parents had big smiles on their faces. Bragging about me to others, eh. Well, I didn’t disapoint her. And unlike the day before, I didn’t fall. But there were too many close calls. I decided to use the walls for support for a while.

I also practiced feeling the magic, the mana. It’s easy to feel when it’s in move because someone is casting a spell or a magic item is in use (my father showed me one once). But when nothing or no one is using magic near me… It was very aggravating at first. I didn’t know much about meditation, so I tried like I read in other novels, and realised I’m really bad at it.

After around a month I finally started to feel it… Barely. It took a lot of time and concentration to feel it more clearly. Whenever I relaxed a bit, I would lose track of it, and I would have to start again. Now it no longer requires a lot of effort to feel it clearly. In fact, now, even when I don’t concentrate, I can slightly feel it, like seeing something at the edge of your eyesight. A little focus and it becomes clear.

Finally! Winter is gone, along with the previous year. It’s a new year it’s spring again, and my birthday is coming soon. And with that, I will also be able to go out of the house! I’m getting excited like a little kid… which I am, literally. Who cares, men never lose their childlish spirit. In fact, I think I will enjoy playing like a kid again. I had a 4 year old niece before, it was often fun to play with her. Now I’ll be able to get myself dirty without shame.

Today is my birthday. I already expected to see Nana, but there were a few new faces. A middle aged couple, which happens to be the village chief, Lucas, and his wife, Isabel. Along with them, a family of 4. They settled in the village at the start of the year, and my parents helped them quite a bit in various parts. And one of their children is just a year older than me. But most importantly, they are lycans.

The father, Erik, is a tall, strongly built man, with black wolf ears and tail and short black hair. He has deep blue eyes. He looks cool. His wife, Jenna, is a cute petite woman with nices curves, golden eyes, red hair, and red fox ears and tail with a white tip. The eldest child, Arren, is a cute 5 years old boy with green eyes, light brown hair and fox ears and tail. The younger child, Kerrina, is a cute 2 year old girl with dark brown hair, saphire blue eyes and wolf ears and tail.

Nana aside, they were quite surprised and pleased to hear me talk so well for a 1 year old child. Lucas and his wife didn’t stay long, just chatting a bit with my parents, congratulating me and giving me a cloak with a hood as a gift. It’s a little big but it means I’ll keep it longer. Then they left. The lycan family and Nana stayed for the rest of the evening though. By the way, Nana gave me a shirt she made herself, I gave her little hug. She reminds me of my former grandmother. My mother gave me a toy bow and my father a pair of shoes. Both hand made. What great parents!

Erik was once more surprised when I asked him what are the different kinds of lycans, but he happily gave me a little explanation. There are five types. The hototos, who are canin-like (wolf, fox, dog..). The tulas, who are felin-like (cat, lion, tigre…). The niamhs, who are rodent-like (rabbit, mouse, squirrel…). The ornats, who are bovidae-like (cattle, goat, and other animals with horns). The honanis, who are primate-like (gorillas, monkeys…). So those 4 are hototos lycans.

Next I asked him what their jobs were. Erik is a hunter and woodcutter but he was a mercenary before. Jenna is a waitress and a tailor, but after moving here she is starting a farm, mostly cleaning and preparing the fields. They left the city to settle here when Erik quit his mercenary job to take care of his family. Woodcutter is safer than mercenary and he is good with an axe. After a little chat, the parents talked among themselves while I was with the siblings.

Arren is a gentle, at least he looks like a gentle boy. He recently started to learn hunting from his father. Well, it looks like it’s just following him and staying quiet for the time being. He is also learning how to count and already helping with housework. He looked proud while saying all of this. I guess he wanted to impress me. He did. I should start to give a hand with housework too. I mean, I can talk and move around, and I’m getting less and less clumsy with my hands.

Kerrina. A cute wolf girl with good looking parents. Is this the appearance of the childhood friend who will grow pretty and fall in love with me? Her father is tall and handsome, her mother, even if petite, is cute and has proper curves. And they get along well with my parents.This cute little girl may very well turn into a beauty. So let’s get along for now. Maybe we will get along better in the future, maybe not. The only thing I can do is wait and see. Damn, I read to much manga and novels…

Today is the day after my birthday. My mother is taking me out for a small tour of Argot, our village. The moment I was out, I ran (?) around the house to have a good look at it. The 3 rooms of the first floor are above the living room, kitchen and storage room. The workplace and the store of my father look like something that was added to the house. There is another large building a little away. It’s the place where my mother raises the poultry. And there is also a tanning rack? So my mother also knows how to work with leather.

After that we went to the village. Now that I think about it, our house is a little away from the village, and the forest is not that far. Once again, I’m a little anxious because we are at the Frontier and it’s not as safe as the rest of the civilised lands. There are more chances of wild beasts and monsters attacks.

Oh, I didn’t tell you, there are monsters. As expected of a fantasy world. Monsters are beasts that have mutated due to an excess of magic in their bodies. That often happens due to the beast ingesting a mana crystal or by living in a place with a high concentration of mana. The beast who transforms into a monster become stronger, more tough, more agressive and can gain magical abilities. Some changes enough to gain a notable level of intelligence. They get stronger as time pass by absorbing ambiant magic, eating other monsters or eating people with magic aptitude. As for the magic crystals, there are 2 types. The first is simply crystalised raw mana. Once depleted the crystal fades away. The other is a kind of stone that absorbs and stores mana. There are differents subtypes. Thank you father for the information.

Now back to topic, we reached Argot after a 15 minutes walk. I would say the village has between 150 and 300 people living in. There is no way I would be able to see all the inhabitants during this first trip. Most of the people I’ve seen are humans, caucasians like my father, Nana and the family of the village chief. There were a few dark skinned humans, like africans, and a few tall and pale humans who made me think of vikings the moment I saw them.

There were also a few non-humans. I saw 2 dwarves and 2 elves with slightly tanned skin my mother called wood elves. I also saw a barbarian, a troll. He is one of the village guards and an aquitance of my mother. He really reminds me of the troll from Warcraft. He is called Zefron, and he has a long bow and 2 hatchets on either sides of his hips. He is wearing leather armor. He raised an eyebrow when I greeted him without hesitation, and just pated my head with a slight grin and a glint of amusement in his eyes.

From what I could see, Argot has 1 inn, 2 blacksmiths, 3 general stores, 3 bakers, 3 brewers, 3 carpenters or wood workers, 1 fishmonger (when I asked where the fish comes from my mother told me there is a large river not too far from the village), 2 shoe makes, 1 jeweler, 3 tailors. I’m not sure about the other buildings because we didn’t get inside any of them. Just that it wasn’t too hard to guess what the buildings were built for. I also caught sight of many children from different age. There won’t be any lack of playmates I guess.

Before the end of our tour, one of the building caugh my attention. When I asked my mother she told it was a small branch of the adventurer guild. It’s because our village is near the frontier, there are no settlements after us and the adventurers guild and the rulers of the kingdom (and any other large enough organisation interested in profit) are quite interested in the Frontier. Looks like there are a lot of valuable things that can be found there if you look well enough or far enough.

That is very interesting. I will be seeing that place a lot in the future, there will be plenty of informations to gains. And the blacksmiths too, to have a solid idea of what the blacksmiths of this world can do with metal. With all that and the knowledge of my father about alchemy, I will have a good idea of what the people of this world can create. That will also let me know how much of my previous world modest knowledge I can use to my advantage here. With that I’ll have a better idea of what I wish to do with my new life in this world.

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