Aenthar Chapter 005

Chapter 005 – A few Discoveries

It didn’t take long. It’s been about 125 days since my birth and I can crawl now. My mother was very surprised, and very happy to see me crawling toward her and raising my arms as if asking ‘carry me’. She snuggled me for quite some time after that. My father also wanted to hold me but he had to wait his turn, my mother was too busy cuddling and kissing me.

They enjoyed watching me move around on the ground, and got even more surprised when I carefully climbed down the stairs. My father wanted to carry me when I reached the stairs, but my mother wanted to see what I would do. Don’t worry, they are good parents, their hands were close to me the whole time. I was showered with kisses after that. I was both happy and sad.

But being able to move by myself doesn’t allow me to go anywhere else beside the bedroom and living room. My parent made sure of that. All the other doors are locked, when before they could be slightly open sometimes. They are worried about my safety. But since I can’t carry out any exploration I have to find something else to do. I don’t know enough about this world to try more ‘advanced’ stuff, like reading. I don’t even know enough about the language.

The best way to learn a language is through practice. But isn’t it a bit too early for me to start talking? Nah. I’ll just start with papa and mama, and nana if she comes. And basically act like a parrot, trying to repeat some random words from time to time, faking to struggle a bit. Yes, I’ll do something like that. But which should I call first? My father or my mother? Oh, someone has come to help me with that.

It was shortly before nightfall, Yaereen came back home with Nana. Roland was reading in the living room while Aenthar was just randomly moving around. When the 2 women entered the living room, Aenthar did something none of the adults expected.

Aenthar: «Nana!» he said while raising his hands toward her.
The 3 adults froze, and the room became deadly quiet for 2 seconds.
Yaereen: «KYAAAAAAAAA!!!»
Aenthar: ”Wrong move!!!” he thought while mentally facepalming.
The 3 adults rushed to him, his mother first even though his father was closer. She snatched him from the ground and showered him with kisses.
Yaereen: «Kyaaa!! My little boy said his first word!! Mommy is happy!!»
Nana: «Oh, little Aenthar called me!! Did you miss me that much my little boy?»
Hearing that, Roland got a defeated wry smile on his face, but he still looked happy.
Roland: «Haaa. His first word, and it’s neither mama or papa. But it’s still amazing. He didn’t forget about you and called you by your name.»
Yaereen finally released the young boy and handed him to Nana who gave him a big hug.
Nana: «I’m just as surprised as you are. This happened about 3 months earlier than most children. But still, I’m happy he called me!! Cute little Aenthar!!»
Yaereen: «Ugh!! Come on my boy, say ‘mommy’, ‘mommy’, come on!»
Aenthar: ”Haaa, she is looking at me with so much hope in her eyes. No she is almost pleading me. Since I called Nana by her name, I’ll just do the same… I wonder… No, instead of just repeating, I’ll call her by her name.” «Yae’een!!» ”Crap, it’s harder than I though!!”
Yaereen: «KYAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!» while almost snatching Aenthar from Nana’s arms.
She then proceed to spin around while giving him a big hug and a big kiss. Nana and Roland were surprised once again by what was happening. Roland decided to have his turn.
Roland: «Oh, my little son is great!! Come on, who am I? Call daddy, come on» with an expectant expression on his face.
Aenthar: «O’and!»
Roland stopped moving, and tears quickly gathered at the corner of his eyes. He snapped out of his stupor, but the first tear streamed down his face. He turned crimson up to the ears and hastly turned around and wiped his eyes. Yaereen seeing this burst into laughter. Nana was looking the other way but her shoulders were shaking.
Nana: «Someone is so happy he is crying»
Roland: «I’m not crying!!»
Nana: «You’re the one who asked for it. Literaly.» she added while chuckling.
The 2 women laughed for a bit before calming down.
Yaereen: «Come on honey, everybody knows you’re a sweetheart. That’s one of the things I love so much about you.»
Nana: «But still, he can already associate our faces with our names. What a smart child! You should talk to him more, pointing things and tell him their names, he will learn to speak faster, and earlier.
Yaereen: «That also means I’ll be able to teach him the elven tongue earlier and faster. This is great!»
Nana: «And to think he can already move around on his own… All children grow quite curious at a point, but for you it will happen earlier as well. You will have to keep a more vigilant watch on him.»

The 3 adults talked for a bit, then Nana left them for the night. Afterward, aside from the meal, Yaereen and Roland spent the remaining time showing Aenthar many differents things, saying their names and tried to have him repeat after them. Today’s surprise made them quite eager to teach their son new words. And Aenthar isn’t about to complain, far from it.

I am now 8 months old. Thanks to my super motivated parents, I understand the languge a lot more and can speak a little. I now know that this world is called Premean. 1 week is made of 5 days, 1 month is 5 weeks, and 1 year is 16 months (80 weeks, 400 days). There are 4 known continents. The one we are living in is called Zanitras, the biggest continent, the others are called Drywumbi, Kliavren and Iazecqath.

I already suspected there would be other fantasy-like races aside from the humans and the elves. There are the dwarves, obviously. The rexons, a race who seems to have dragon-like ancestry. The lycans, who are beast people with animal ears and tails, I’m eager to see them. The andrellas, the winged people. The omdians, I think they are demons-like. The barbarians, they seem to be like the horde from warcraft. There are subraces but my parents left it for later.

The humans, elves and dwarves are from Zanitras, the rexons are from Drywumbi, the lycans and andrellas are from Kliavren, and the omdians and barbarians are from Iazecqath. There are a lot of savage, unexplored lands on each continent. These parts are all called the Frontier. The place we are living in is a village near the frontier called Argot, within the country named Tristam, apparently the name of its founder.

Not long ago, my mother showed me what I was most curious about. What I wished would be present like everything else in fantasy-like world. Magic. I finally saw magic. My mother wanted to surprise me and entertain me for a bit. I was stunned and completly captivated by my mother. That made my parents laugh, and my mother looked quite proud of herself. She told me I would be able to do that when I get bigger. Looks like people have to learn to feel magic first, and that it takes time.

Not for me. That was an incredible revelation. People must learn to feel magic before learning how to use it. But I felt it. I felt it when my mother cast the spell that made a tiny fireball dancing around her finger. I could faintly feel differents flows merging together to give birth to the fireball. Now that I think about, its not the first time I felt it, I’m sure of it. But when? The heat. When I was in my mother’s womb. Each time I got the accursed headache, I would feel something flowing in me.

I absorbed mana, probably the mana of my mother. And that was each time I got a headache. Did those headaches pose a danger for me? And did my body drain the nearby mana to heal me or something? That sounds weird. If I drained the magic of my mother, didn’t I cause problems for her during her pregnancy? I was thinking about experimenting, but I’d better not. There might be a heavy price to pay for mistakes.

But there is one thing certain. I will follow magic oriented path in this world. I already know I have aptitude for magic. I can train my sensitivity to magic. No need to use it. When I get older, I will learn. But I don’t want to be a guy that can only use magic. Whenever I would play a rpg, I would never select a class that is specialised in only physical or magical actions. Let’s learn a bit more and then plan for the training I will follow for the next years.

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