Aenthar Chapter 004

Chapter 004 – Adaptation and Observations

Nana is an experienced woman, especially when it comes to children. She gave birth to 3 boys and 3 girls, and people often seek for her help for births and taking care of new borns. She is worried. Yaereen’s son isn’t behaving like the others one month old babies. He sleeps a lot. Maybe too much. She checks on him every few days, but there doesn’t seem to be any problem. Yet something is definitly amiss.

It’s been more than 20 days since my birth. I spend most of my time sleeping. I know babies are supposed to sleep a lot, but I think I’m breaking a record in this world. Maybe? But it’s not like I’m always tired. It’s just that when I start to think, I get headaches, and it’s like my brain needs to shut down. I wonder if I’m born as an idiot. Incapable of processing much information. Now I’m worried about my future.

Since I’m not often concious, there are a lot of things I still don’t know about this place. At least I know I’m called Aenthar, my mother is Yaereen, my father is Roland, and the old lady that often visits us is called Nana. I think that’s a fitting name for someone who is like a nanny or a housekeeper. It feels like she is worried about me. It doesn’t often show on her face, but somehow I can feel it. Is it because I sleep too much?

It’s been around 40 days now since my birth. I have less headaches now, and they are less intense. Except when I’m thinking about my past life. The pain can be mind blowing if I force it. So instead of thinking about the past, I am redirecting my attention to my surroundings, and more importantly, to the words and sentences that leave the mouth of the 3 adults that are often near me. I think I’m starting to get their language.

It’s a little weird, it kind of remind me of some latin languages and greek. It feels like it’s a mix of those two, with some differences. The way my mother speaks is a bit different than the way my father and Nana speak. I wonder if it’s because she is an elf. Maybe it’s the elven accent. Well, I don’t really care, I think it’s nice. Damn it, thinking about the languages of my former world is giving me a headache. Maybe I shouldn’t focus on the language.

Since thinking isn’t good, let’s try to do some physical ativities. To sum it up, I’m just playing with my body. I think I can move pretty well for a forty something days old baby. Seeing that I’m moving more seems to calm my parents and Nana. No, it’s calming Nana, but it looks like it’s making my mother happy. She just said something to my father with a grin, and now he looks defeated.

My mother looks quite athletic. My father doesn’t. He is slightly smaller than my mother, a little on the skinny side. He has shoulder lenght brown hair, almond-round steel blue eyes, a roman nose and a mouth with thin lips. He has a fair skin tint. I think my mother is used to physical activites, and maybe she thinks I’m taking more after her. That makes me wonder what activities do my parents for a living. I guess I’ll know in a few months.

But judging by the house we are living in and the clothes they are wearing, we must be commoners but not peasants. The house is mostly made of wood. As far as I know there are 5 rooms at least. Three of them are on the first floor, where I spend most of my time. My parents bedroom and 2 other rooms. On the groundfloor are the living room and the kitchen. I know there are more rooms but it isn’t safe for babies I guess.

The furnitures seem to be of a decent quality, not shabby. In my parents room there are 2 wardrobes, a double bed, a night table, and my baby bed. In the living room there are 5 chairs around a round table, 2 chairs near the fire place with a low table. There is a big dresser on one of the walls, with several books in it. I haven’t been in the kitchen yet, nor the other rooms so I don’t know what they are like. That too is for later.

I’m eager to get enough strenght to crawl around. Staying in the room almost all day is getting boring. Thinking about days, they are weird I think. It feels like they are shorter. If they really are shorter, then the calendar must be quite different from the one of my previous world. There it is, this damn headache again. Always there when I don’t need it. I hope it won’t follow me my whole life, else I will really be screwed. I wonder what’s wrong with my head…

My head? My memories? I just remembered this manga about two alchemist brothers. Where do memories lie? I think I’ve got an idea of what is happening to me. It’s because of my soul. My soul contains the memories of my past life, but my brain does not. When I’m thinking about my past, my brain gets flooded by a mountain of information.

I previously lived for 25 years, and my new born brain has to sort through twenty five years of informations when it just recently started to function. No wonder I get headaches. I guess the pain lessened because my brain was slowly assimilating the information carried by my soul. It does make sense, at least for me. Once again, waiting is the only thing I can do. It sucks balls to be a baby.

I think it’s been around 60 days or so since my birth. I have less and less headaches, and they get weaker and weaker. And that makes me quite happy. I can understand a bit more and more of what my parents are saying. Also, since I’m a calm baby, my mother goes out of the house more often. She never leaves me alone for long though. However, it looks like my father got more busy. Well, he has a wife and son to support. He really is a nice father.

My parents. In their couple it feels like my mother is the dominant one, but every now and then she meekly submits to my father. I guess she can’t win against the kindness and gentleness of my father. He feels even more ‘homely’ than my mother. He would make a great househusband. It looks like he is some kind of smart artisant. I sometimes see him reading books. As for my mother, since I once saw her with a bow I’m completly sure she is a huntress.

Nana rarely comes to our house now. I guess her worries about me are gone. And she must have some other things to do as well. I miss her a bit. Well, I will be able to see her again once I can move on my own. I think I’ll be able to before the end of the year. I don’t even know what a year is in this world. I have confirmed that the days are shorter than in my previous world. How you ask? By counting the seconds between midday and dusk.

There is little I can do in my situation. It was one way to spend some time productively. I counted three times, with a day of rest between each sessions. I counted up to 19800, more or less. I didn’t count straight from 0 to 19800. I would count up to 1000 and start again. I counted up to 1000 19 times, and the day would always end around 800. That makes around 5 hours and half for a quarter day, thus around 22 hours for a day. To notice a 2 hours difference… I must be quite sensitive.

I don’t know anything about the weeks, months and years, but I have an idea about the season. I think it got warmer, if not hoter since my birth. So it must be something like summer now. Since my father and Nana look caucasian, I’m guessing we are at a part of the world similar Europe, with spring, summer, autumn and winter. And I’m guessing I was born near the end of spring. Again, a fitting season for a birth.

I hope I will be able to learn more and more before the cold season settle in. In this medieval setting, winter is the most dangerous season, especially for babies. I must be able to crawl soon and learn the language. And I have to be carefull with my neck if I want to move around. When my parents are around I will do light neck exercises while trying to learn from listeneing. Outside those times I will train to crawl. Let’s do that.

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