Aenthar Chapter 003

Chapter 003 – Pain and joy

“Damn it… I died… Fuck it. Damn fuck it. FUUUUUCK!!! … Damn…”
I slowly woke up in the midle of the night. I can’t hear anything, except the calm breath of my parents near. Then I remebered what happened earlier, my birth. My second birth. And before that, the time I spent in the womb of my mother. It all has become clear.

I died and got reincarnated. I vaguely remember. I was on a trip to see someone. I was on a boat, it was the night. Something fell from the sky, probably a meteorite. It burst appart and a piece of it struck me square in the chest, taking me out of the boat and deep underwater, while burning me from the inside.

I remember the surprise when I was in the sea, quickly replaced by the consumming pain. I hate that part. What kind of sick accident was that?? What was that piece of cosmic rock made off, to glow so brightly even though it was stuck deep in my flesh?? To destroy me so thoroughly from the inside?? Was it some kind of radioactive material??

Well, it doesn’t matter, I wouldn’t have survived anyway. That thing was the size of a fist, it damaged myinternal organs, and the wound was too large, I would have died shortly after from blood loss even if someone had saved me from the sea. The worst time of my life. And I probably can’t forget it. Damn. I didn’t want to die.

My life had just taken a turn for the better. I had won a large amount of money. I was about to make serious plans to do things I couldn’t do before, to get things I couldn’t get before. I didn’t want to rush it. That why I decided to go see my friend first. Why did I have to choose the boat at this time?? I like planes, why didn’t I just take one?


In the middle of the night, the new born baby started to cry, waking up his parents. If Nana was there, she would only sight with a wry smile, because the baby seemingly waited until his parents slept to start crying. Or that what she would think. But she would have been so far away from the truth. So far away.

For the first time Antoine… No, it’s no longer Antoine. For the first time since Aenthar regainaid conciousness, he cried, grieved for his lost life. Grieved for all those opportunities that were finally available to him, but got taken away from him. He cried, for he realised he would probably never see the people he cared for again.

He cried, because he knew his family would cry for his death. He cried because he knew his grave would be an empty one, and that fact would make his death even harder to bear for his family. He cried for all his friends he would never see again. He cried for all the things he loved in his former life that he would never see again.

But that isn’t everything he cried for. He may have been greatly saddened and terrorised by his death and everything he lost with it, but at the same time he coldn’t help but be estatic. He didn’t disapear in an abyss of nothingness. He didn’t find himself in a realm of unlimited boredom for the dead (well, with so many different dead people you shouldn’t lack diversity with chatting partners).

He got reincarnated. He got another chance at life. He may have lost a lot of things, but he has the chance to make up for all of those, or at least most of them. He started a new life while having the chance to avoid most of the mistakes (some can be lethal) made by younglings due to naivety, ignorance and inexperience. His new life is full of oportunities.

After crying for a while, with all kind of thoughs and memories rushing through my mind, I got a severe headache and soon fell into a deep slumber. Each time I though of his past life, I would always get a headache, and remembering my demise made it worst. Thus ended the first day of my new life in the open.

Today is a new day. I’ve calmed down greatly compared to yesterday. My mother is currently breastfeeding me. When I saw her for the first time I was greatly surprised. It also made me realise something I wasn’t complelty aware of yesterday. I really don’t think I’m in the same world I used to live in. And there are probably plenty of differences between this world and my former world.

My mother is a wonderfull woman. Truly. She has a dark skin, like an african. She looks tall, but I can’t be sure since evrything looks bigger to me now. Also, she is stacked. Yep, she is goergeous. My father made a great choice. She has a slightly heart shaped face,  a mouth with full lips, a straight nose, and almond emerald green eyes.

Ah, that’s right. She also has long pointy ears. Yes, she is an elf. A dark elf. There are no elves on Earth. That’s why I’m pretty sure I’m no longer in my former world. Also, the clothes my father and the old lady are wearing. They look, let’s say old fashioned? Now that I think about, the building too looks old fashioned, and modest.

So, yes. From my preliminary observations, I’m in a medieval fantasy world, or something like that. It feels way too crazy. I’m reincarnated in a fantasy world, where there is probably magic. Ah, I’m having a headache again. I endure it a bit to finish my meal, and quickly fall asleep again. That’s weird. Whenever I think a lot I get a severe headache. I wonder if something is wrong with my body, with my brain. I’m starting to get worried…

For a few days, the same thing happened. I would wake up, barely have time to drink milk from my mother, and fall asleep with a massive headache. On one side, I’m kinda happy because I don’t have time to get bored, cause new born babies can’t do anything at all. On the other side I’m worried I have a problem with my brain. Well, at least my parents don’t have to suffer much from me crying at impossible hours.

Parents. I used to have parents before. They were both africans, from a small country on the equador, facing the Atlantic. My mother was beautifull. Not nearly as much as my current mother, but still pretty. My father was average, or above average. They were loving parents. My father died some time ago, but I still had a healthy mother.

Now, I suddenly have a new mother. I don’t know what happened to my original mother. And it’s maddening. I have no idea of how my previous family is doing. Those new parents of mine look kind and all, but I can’t just cast aside the people with whom I spend the twenty five years of my previous life. Damn it, the massive headache is there again.

I fell asleep again, with a severe pain in my head, and also in my heart.I cried several times, like any new born would, but not quite. I cried because of the pain of my headaches, and the sadness of being appart from my former family. This patern continued for a few days. I didn’t have much time to look at my surroundings. Too much is going through my mind.

How long will this last? I don’t know. But there will be a time when it will stop. I guess I didn’t get over the fact that I died and left everything I knew. Well, getting over something that drastic isn’t supposed to be easy I guess. I found a means to lessen the pain in my head and in my heart. A song I found a few month before my death. A song I like very much, and that I find fitting for my situation. There are no lyrics, pure intrumental, a wonderfull mix of violins and piano. The title of the song is The Beginning, by a guy named Factor something. It really put my mind at ease. I start to sleep better now.

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