Aenthar Chapter 002

Chapter 002 – Alive again

 He regained conciousness… Barely. His mind was devoid of any though. There was just the awareness of being in a warm confined place. And he fell into unconsciousness shortly after. This patern repeated itself countless time. But each time it happened, his mind slowly gained more clarity. He now knew he was in a small, comfortable place, in a warm liquide. He knew that his body was extremely weak. He knew he was supposed to be safe, but felt something amiss. But he never kept his conciousness long enough to put his finger on it.

He can feel his body now. He can also hear a regular, kind of familiar sound. It seem abnormal. Something is wrong. Yet it also seem completly natural. His situation is weird, he knows that he is missing something. But each time he tries to think about it he feels weird and it makes his head hurt. And each time that happen he feels something hot growing in him. And this patern repeated itself numerous times.

He can move his body a bit now, but never for long. The sounds he hears are a bit more clear now, especially the regular, or not always regular beating near him. He knows what this sound is. He also knows what it is he feel each time he tries to understand what’s happening to him. It’s fear. Why? Thinking about it always make him more uncomfortable and makes his head hurt. And each time his head hurt, there is this hot feeling, like something is growing in him, and that also makes him uneasy. Thankfully he never stay concious for long.

He can tell something is going to happen soon. He knows it will be important for him. He knows he will leave the place he is currently. He knows he will be able to understand all those things that he feels he knows, but keep evading him. He no longer tries to get the answers, because they will come to him. He also dread this moment, he knows he won’t like everything about it. So he is just waiting, moving a bit from time to time, listening to the sounds (some of them made him very uncomfortable), waiting for the event to take place.

It’s here!! The warm liquid that gently envelopped me is leaving. There are small tremors from time to time, more sounds beyond my nest, and the beating next to me has a faster rythm, and the beating is stronger. I know I’m going to see the world soon. It feels both right and wrong, like always. I feel more and more uncomfortable in here. I am pushed in a particular direction. I can hear screams, and that greatly unsettle me. Slowly but surely, I’m pushed outside, I feel something softly but firmly grabing me.

A few instants later I’m completly out, something is holding me. No. I know it’s not something, it’s someone. The screams I heard are no more. I instinctly too a breath. It hurts, I cough and leak a long painfull moan. It’s the first time I hear my voice. It’s weird, I don’t recognise it. There it is again, this mixed feeling of wrongness and rightness.

I hear three people talking. It feels a little different, but I’m sure I heard two of those voices back in my nest. One of them is the one who was screaming earlier. A woman. The tone of her voice feels weak. The second voice belong to another woman, but it sound older than the first. The third voice belong to a man. I have an idea of who the weak woman and the man are.

There it is again, this damn mixed feeling. It makes my head hurt again. I leak another painfull moan before slowly falling into unconsciousness. Before falling asleep I can still feel that I’m given to the weak woman. She is holding me with great care and gentleness. I can feel the man next to her gently pating me. The three are still taling. Weird, I don’t understand what they are saying. I’m tired…

Older woman: «I can see his head, just a little more efforts!!»
She is quite tired, and in pain, but still has some energy to spare.
Man: «He’s almost there honey, almost! You’re doing great honey!!»
He was completly pale, deathly pale… And sweating almost as much as the woman whose hand he was firmly holding in his.
…A few instants later…
Older woman: «Congratulation Yaereen sweety, it’s a boy!!»
Baby: «Ghu!! Unuaaaah…»
Older woman: «That’s all?? He isn’t crying much… He is breathing normally, everything looks alright»
She was a bit worried for the baby. The pregnancy period had not been that smooth for Yaereen. There had been a few tense moments.
Yaereen: «Awww. My little baby!!»
Man: «Hahahaha!! You did it honey!! Look, it’s our son!! You’re the best wife, I love you!!»
The young boy turned his head a bit toward the parents.
Older woman: «Hoho, it looks like this little guy is eager to be in the arms of his parents!» she said with a slight smile.
The older woman, after cuting the now useless life line and warping the newborn in a cloth, give him to his mother.
Yaereen: «Thank you Nana. Hello there little Aenthar, I’m your mommy!! Welcome my cute little boy»
Man: «Aenthar eh, that’s a nice name you choose for him. Hello Aenthar, I’m your father, welcome.»
Nana: «Really, congratulation you two. And well done Roland» she said with a slight smirk. «I didn’t think you would be able to bear it. You’re quite pale, I though you would faint!» she added with a little chuckle at the end.
The young man, Roland, quickly had his face turn from deathly pale to bright red, up to his ears. He stayed silent, and that made the two women smile both warmly and mischievously.
Nana: «Such pretty deep black hair! On that part he doesn’t really take after any of you two. However his skin tint is a nice mix between the two of you. I wonder how his eyes are like. We will see later. As for his face we can’t really tell yet who he takes after.»

Yaereen and Roland looked extremely happy, satisfied. Their child was finally born, and he seemed to be perfectly alright. But they couldn’t spend their time oogling him. Yaereen had to take a rest, and there was some bloody cleaning to do for the other two. Roland finally fainted when Nana told him to take care of the placenta. She leaked a tired sight but looked at him with warm eyes. That man has always been a softy. She then shifted her gaze to Yaereen, who just rolled her eyes with a wry smile.

Some time later, Aenthar woke up. He opened his eyes and was almost blinded by the light and closed his eyes shut while groaning. He cautiously opened them again later. That caugh the attention of his mother, who then proceed to breastfeed him. Nana and Roland are soon at her sides.
Roland: «Look at his eyes, they are silver. It looks kind of cool. Hmm, silver is closer to blue than green, so I guess he takes after me for his eyes, hahahahaha!» He said while grinning at hos wife.
She just gave him a quick flat stare, with a slight blush on her cheeks, then redirected her attention to Aenthar. That made Nana chuckle.

Aenthar was still quite tired. While drinking the milk from his mother breast, he though about his current situation, and looked a bit at the three people present there. He knew he was a new born. That felt wrong, again this mixed feeling. And then those three people. The most striking was his mother. When he saw her it felt like he was struck by a gong. He knew what she was, but it felt unatural. His father and the old woman looked normal, though the clothes they were wearing was kind of odd. The fact that he was a baby was the most unsettling part.

He felt that he shouldn’t be baby, he should be an adult. And it struck again. The fear he felt when he was thinking in her belly. A distant feeling of terror and helplessness. The memories of excuriating pain through his body. He shivered. Good thing he finished his meal, as the headaches assaulted him again. While he was drifting back into sleep, he began to understand. He had died. He was sure of it. He had died a painfull death, and has been reincarnated. He fell asleep with an increasing headache, while feeling a mixture of great horror and great joy at his situation.

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