Aenthar Chapter 001

Chapter 001 – My death

Estatic!! I was estatic!! I was never lucky with lotteries and the likes, like most people I guess. That’s why, when I won the jackpot I was barely able to contain myself. I wasn’t lacking money, but it still wasn’t easy, especially since I was unemployed. Thank you French Federation of Games!!!

Many people must have though about what they would do if they were to suddenly get a large amount of money… At least large from their point of view, there are some crazy bastards with a fuckton of money in this world.
Well, going back to topic, I though if I were to get that lucky, then I would own and rent appartments, or store buildings. Or open my own store and sell some things most likely tech things. Among other things.

I though I also use that money to travel around the world, and get licenses for planes, bikes and boat. But I can always make plans for those later. For now, I put the money on a new account and decided to go on a litle trip to england. I have an old friend there whom I haven’t seen or talked in a while. And since not long ago I heard he broke up with his lover, I think it’s a good opportunity to spend some time with him, to catch up and cheer him up.

I choose to go by boat. It’s not a means of transport I use often, and I have plenty of free time. It is around midnight now, I’m on the deck of the boat, enjoying the nocturnal scenery. The sky is completly devoid of clouds, and the full moon and the stars are shining brightly above my head, while a cool breeze caress my skin. I feel really good right now.

High above the ground, a solid mass made its entry into the atmosphere of the blue planet. The friction with the air heated it to the burning point. It made it’s way toward the boat lazily crossing the Manche at a dazling speed. But it won’t reach it… At least not in one piece. The heat and air pressure were too much, the meteorite reached its breaking point and burst appart…

I was looking at the sky when something caugh my attention. One of the stars seemed to shine brighter and brighter, and it also seemed to move. Wrong. Something alight was moving in the night sky, and it got closer rapidly. Then the light intensified to the point of being blinding, and a thunderous noise roared on this peacefull piece of sea, followed by a shockwave… and something else…

I was already underwater when my brain caugh up with what happened. It was utterly unbelievable. First thing I noticed was that I was moving underwater at an incredible pace. Second thing I noticed is that something was lodged into my chest, right next to my heart. It means that projectile struck me and is still pushing me with it deeper and deeper underwater. Third thing I noticed was the glow, and the ever growing pain in my chest.

The pain quickly overtook me. A burning and ripping sensation spreading from my chest to the rest of my body, as if infusing me with something overwhelming, as if devouring me. A pain so intense it eclipsed almost everything else. I didn’t register that I was taking in the sea water, that the water pressure ruptured my
eardrums. There was just two things I was vaguely aware of: I was going to die and I was uterly terrified. A last though crossed my mind, for a fliting instant before death took me in its impartial embrace.

Antoine was leaning on the railing, facing toward the sea when he noticed the metorite. When it burst appart, its core was released. This small object was very different from the rest of the materials surrounding it. This glowing, crystaline material struck Antoine in the chest, pushing him through several sections of the boat, from the left side of the ship to the right side and downward, and drag him deep underwater within the span of a few seconds.

Usually, a projectile this size moving at that speed would have blasted the human body in half. If it didn’t, the body wouldn’t have resisted the sudden acceleration backwards, nor the trip through multiple walls and object, not to mention the hull of a modern boat. It would have turned into minced meat, bones, organs and brain matter. And the speed underwater…

But that glowing crystaline matterial wasn’t ordinary, neither was the energy it contained. It distorted the laws of the physics known and unknown by man. It had even affected the rock that had surrounded it. Some pieces of rock were recovered on the ship, and their study would later lead the scientists to critical discoveries and mankind to a new era.

Though many people were wounded, there was only one death. A crew member had seen a passenger go to the deck. After the accident he went to check on him, but found noone, except a few drop of blood. And security cameras in the corridors and his passeport he had left in his cabin helped identify him.

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